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(Belated) Legal Insurrection 15th Anniversary Fundraiser

(Belated) Legal Insurrection 15th Anniversary Fundraiser

“I will extol thee, O Lord; for thou hast lifted me up, and hast not made my foes to rejoice over me.”

The past two months I’ve frequently thought about Psalm 30, recited by Natan Sharansky in 1986 upon his release from the Soviet Gulag and transfer to West Germany and eventually Israel: “I will extol thee, O Lord; for thou hast lifted me up, and hast not made my foes to rejoice over me.”

The barbaric attack on Israel on October 7 changed everything. Beyond the cruelty, sadism, and misogyny of the attack was the rejoicing by Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Gaza “civilians” as they carried out butchery of Israelis and foreign workers. But particularly Israeli Jews. And particularly Jewish women.

The glee in their eyes has been described by many journalists who have viewed the non-public 45-minute compilation from Hamas GoPro body cameras and surveillance cameras at Israeli Kibbutzim. We’ve seen enough already without viewing that video. At Legal Insurrection we have dozens of posts documenting the slaughter, with videos saved to our own server since some social media platforms are removing them. We must bear witness and never forget.

There is no alternative to victory. The barbarians may have rejoiced that day, but in the end they will not rejoice over Israel, or us. Make no mistake. This is not Israel’s war alone. The 8th-century death cult members who carried out these atrocities hate the United States and western civilization. And have and would do the same crimes against humanity here, if they could. “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.”

Almost as disgusting is the embrace on campuses and some cities of Hamas. We have allowed to flourish on our campuses a deep rot that has turned a meaningful percentage – but certainly not a majority – of college students into cheerleaders for terrorism and rape deniers.

Legal Insurrection has been warning of the deep corruption of higher ed since our launch in October 2008. We have covered more extensively than almost anyone else the anti-Israel perversion led by depraved faculty, and warned of the consequences. We also warned of the Red-Green alliance between the far left and Islamists through deep research on the connections.

I wish we had been wrong, but so many people have told us since October 7 that we almost alone saw this abhorrent college antisemitism coming.

Our 15h Anniversary was October 12, just a few days after the massacre. We prepared a video of our website – and now Foundation – milestones:

But we did not have any celebration, and still will not now. I wrote at the time:

“Today was supposed to be a day of celebration of this milestone. We were going to have an online webinar and other festivities to acknowledge this achievement that so few other blogs have reached.

But we don’t feel that celebration is in order, given the brutal medieval death cult’s disgusting Nazi-like butchery of Israelis, which is not over. Our hearts and minds are with the people of Israel and with our own military which is in the region.

We will celebrate our anniversary properly and have festivities at the appropriate time, but that time is not today.

We are completely focused on providing you with ongoing and excellent coverage of the events as they unfold. We are working around the clock with all hands on deck. We are here to serve witness to these crimes against humanity being perpetrated by the enemies of civilization.

We also were going to have a 15th Anniversary fundraiser, one of our major efforts of the year. But that also is being postponed until a later date.” 


I could regale you with our many accomplishments not just in the past 15 years, but this year also. From the exceptional ‘blog’ coverage, to the unmatched tracking of CRT, to the Equal Protection Project launched earlier this year that already has notched numerous wins and narrative changes.

We are staying the course. Almost everything we do goes towards fighting the destruction and hijacking of our educational system that is the root of so many of our domestic problems. You will hear more about our expansion plans, but for now know that we are not giving up. We will not allow the enemies of this country, foreign and domestic, to rejoice over us.

I hope that you will donate generously so that we can carry on and expand the fight. In addition to year-end donations, automatic monthly donation subscriptions are extremely helpful to us.

As I wrote at the end of my 15h Anniversary post:

Whatever our domestic political differences, we are all in this together, please let’s not forget that. We are all up against a common enemy.

Thank you for the past 15 years, we look forward to many more.

Bless you, our country, and the people of Israel.


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