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Anti-Israel Activists Disrupt Televised Australian Christmas Fundraiser for Blind Children

Anti-Israel Activists Disrupt Televised Australian Christmas Fundraiser for Blind Children

How deeply psychopathic do you have to be to disrupt a televised fundraiser to raise money to help blind children? BLIND CHILDREN.

It’s bad enough that anti-Israel activists have decided to disrupt Christmas celebrations and to dangerously block major roads and bridges.

But how deeply psychopathic do you have to be to disrupt a televised fundraiser to raise money to help blind children? BLIND CHILDREN.

Fox News reports:

Pro-Palestinians ambushed a Christmas community fundraiser for blind children in Australia as a stage for their anti-Israel activities.

The event, Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight, had 10,000 people in attendance and was broadcast live on Channel 9 as the crowd booed. The protesters raised Palestinian flags as they trampled across the stage and screamed about Gaza before they were dragged away by security.

It’s OK, everybody, we are actually fine here. … Everyone’s allowed to have their … moment. … It’s a very hard time in this world … There’s a lot of pain out there that people are experiencing,” another host said.

“Well, it is the climate, isn’t it?” a female host said….

“Carols by Candlelight is the largest annual fundraiser for Vision Australia’s children’s services, with all proceeds from the event supporting services for families and children who are blind or low vision,” the program’s description said.

“Your donations directly contribute to Vision Australia’s children services and Life Ready Program. This program is designed to encourage and support childhood development and the education of children and young people who are blind or have low vision, like Lucy, so they can form strong foundations for life, true meaningful participation and lifelong employment,” the Vision Australia website said.

Sky News Australia reported:

A live broadcast of Melbourne’s Carols by Candlelight event has been disrupted by a pro-Palestinian protest.

Activists were seen ambushing the stage interrupting the family show, causing chaos on Christmas eve.

The moment a protester ambushed the stage was captured during the live television broadcast and has been slammed by viewers online as an ‘utter disgrace’.

Carols by Candlelight is an annual Christmas celebration run by the Vision Australia charity.

The broadcaster of the event, Channel Nine, cut away from the scenes of the protest in the live broadcast but the audio was still transmitted.

Here’s the video:


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These reprobates are demonstrating, by their evil and vile behavior, that none of this is about Israeli Jews’ alleged transgressions against allegedly victimized Arab Muslim “Palestinians.”

This is about obnoxious, bullying and fascistic Muslim supremacists, terrorists and Islamofascists — whose evil behavior has been enabled and empowered by useful idiot, dhimmi and Dhimmi-crat allies — throwing their weight around in typically belligerent fashion; showing that they’re incapable of peaceful co-existence with non-Muslims, and, showing that they’re incapable of adhering to civilized norms of behavior in a secular democracy.

Muslims have their own charities, and they don’t support non-muslims. When non-muslim charities bring foreign aid to muslim nations, they are required to re-brand such as Red Cross to Red Crescent, otherwise the islamofascist governments won’t allow it to be distributed to muslims. Billions in foreign aid have disbursed to palestinians, that disappeared into black hole of swiss bank accounts controlled by yasser arafat, and never reached the people in the street. Now its disappearing into qatar bank account. The US has funded $7B in humanitarian assistance for palestinians. Why don’t muslims take care of their own, and fund their own charities? I don’t recall any muslim charities providing support to help americans rebuild after 9/11.

Just offhand it sounds like youth. They’re not the bright demographic, politically speaking.

I’m done wondering how low they can go. Bottomless is the answer. Absolutely disgusting.

Are there any more righteous and compassionate people on the planet? Those that “bleed” for Palestinians must make sure everyone can see it, especially their fellows in the intersectional cause. The reality is they are heartless, wittingly or unwittingly, and their farts smell no better than the terrible Jews.

The Jew-hatred in this world is beyond comprehension, and I very much fear for Israel’s continued existence, and wonder if Israel will exist in 50 years. We are living in a period of sheer madness.

Michael Gilson | December 25, 2023 at 1:47 pm

Whenever they call Jews (or us!) colonists who only deserve to die, I want to treat them to a Gundam anime style colony drop.

Fire hoses, attack dogs and batons would be in order.

“Hey, Johnny, what are you rebelling against?”

“Whatcha got?”

You answered your own question: they are deeply psycopathic.

Won’t be long before they interrupt surgical operations or interfere with firefighters.

1) call them Hamas- or terrorism supporters.

2) arrest them all for “lack of permits” or just uncivilized behavior (accessories to terrorism?)

3) Just call them out for being the Jew hating Nazis that they are.

Judge them, shame them, ostracize them. Put their faces on the sides of trucks. They are vermin,

Sounds like Carols by Candlelight was invaded by Karens by Candlelght.