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University Centers Funded by the Government are Pushing Anti-Semitism

University Centers Funded by the Government are Pushing Anti-Semitism

“It’s increasingly difficult to see how these federal programs are achieving their mission.”

Do you wonder where all the anti-Israel and pro-Hamas madness on campus is coming from? We’re all helping to pay for it.

Adam Kissel writes at the Daily Signal:

Why Are Federally Funded University Centers Pushing Antisemitism?

The federal Department of Education spends $75 million annually on foreign language and culture educational programs in the United States, but much of that funds academic centers that side with America’s antagonists and enemies.

Just look at funding to study the Middle East.

Beginning Oct. 20, university Middle Eastern studies centers have co-organized a weekly “Gaza in Context” series.

The sessions accept the premise of Gaza’s alleged “structural subjugation and apartheid existence” caused by Israel’s “settler colonialism.” The most recent session on Nov. 20 recasts the Hamas-Israel war as a war on the “children of Gaza.”

The list of co-organizers has grown and now includes centers or programs at George Mason University, Georgetown, Rutgers, Harvard, Brown, Columbia, the University of Chicago, CUNY, University of Illinois Chicago, George Washington University, New York University, and others.

At least five of those universities have recent grants under the Department of Education’s National Resource Centers Program to promote study of the Middle East. The same five—Chicago, Columbia, NYU, Georgetown, and George Washington University—also have recent grants to give fellowships under the Department of Education’s Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships Program.

It’s increasingly difficult to see how these federal programs are achieving their mission.

The law establishing international and foreign language education programs emphasized the importance of educating American experts in order to protect the “security, stability, and economic vitality of the United States.”

That goal does not seem to be in the mission statements of Middle East studies centers.


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Learn this about the left: They want the money. They don’t care in the slightest about the strings, rules or even laws that come with it. Once they have the money they will use it for

1) Personal enrichment and
2) Pushing the agenda.

They really hate you.
They really, really hate you.

No problemo. Nothing to see here.

Why would any parent pay money out of their own pocket to any of these places?

    Because a child has a gift and wishes to become a doctor and our society has structured itself to make that impossible without going through college first? Same with law, biology, chemistry, engineering, and even some things that should need zero credentials.

On behalf of the American chapter of the International Antisemites Society , we thank you American families for continuing to support our work at these colleges — the money really helps us fulfill our mission.

We especially thank those who might read an article like this one (above) and go on about your life thinking that this is normal and everything’s fine.

You stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid childish fools.

Those programs are achieving their goals.

The goals are simply not what their charter says.

The lesson here is to do your research before sending your kid to college, Avoid colleges with large Middle East Studies departments.