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FBI and CDC Slammed for “Dropping the Ball” on Illegal California Biolab Run by Chinese

FBI and CDC Slammed for “Dropping the Ball” on Illegal California Biolab Run by Chinese

The lab was run by a Chinese man, Jesse Zhu, and was paid millions of dollars by China while experiments were being conducted at the Reedley facility.

Legal Insurrection readers may recall that this summer, I reported on a warehouse in Reedley, California had been the site of a massive remediation project and investigation after it was discovered to be an illegal, unlicensed laboratory full of lab mice, infectious agent samples, medical waste, and hazardous materials.

There were over 20 different infectious agents that this company was working with, ostensibly for the development of diagnostic kits. The pathogens included herpes, HIV, chlamydia, coronavirus, and hepatitis.

When that report was given, there were limited details on the entire suite of pathogens, and just how connected that laboratory was to China. The House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party did its own investigation.

The 40-page report was a chilling account on the revealing serious gaps in monitoring the nature and safety of biological research, which is a serious threat to both national and global security. The Select Committee investigation also concluded the lab had very close ties to China.

The lab contained deadlier pathogens (e.g., Ebola) than the original press accounts suggested.  The lab was run by a Chinese man named Jesse Zhu, and was paid millions of dollars by the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) while experiments were being conducted at the Reedley facility

  • The illegal biolab was run by a PRC citizen who is a wanted fugitive from Canada with a $330 million Canadian dollar judgment against him for stealing American intellectual property.
  • This PRC citizen was a top official at a PRC-state-controlled company and had links to military-civil fusion entities.
  • The illegal biolab received millions of dollars in unexplained payments from PRC banks while running the illegal biolab.
  • The illegal biolab contained thousands of samples of labeled, unlabeled, and encoded potential pathogens, including HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, and Covid.
  • The illegal biolab also contained a freezer labeled “Ebola,” which contained unlabeled, sealed silver bags consistent with how the lab stored high risk biological materials. Ebola is a Select Agent with a lethality rate between 25-90%.
  • The biolab contained nearly a thousand transgenic mice, genetically engineered to mimic the human immune system. Lab workers said that the mice were designed “to catch and carry the COVID-19 virus.”
  • After local officials who discovered the lab sought help from the CDC and others, the CDC refused to test any of the samples.

One of the members of the select committee, Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA), slammed the FBI and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for their lack of interest in this case, saying Select Committee’s final report, “reads like a movie script and a horror movie script, when you detail all of those things that were missed”.

Hinson, like others, is concerned that more could be hidden across the U.S., posing a threat to national security.

“The FBI and the CDC really dropped the ball here in terms of investigating not only this illegal lab, but now we wonder how many more labs like this exist in the country,” she said.

“So clearly, we have some work to do to make sure we’re prepared, because we know China is doing everything they can to constantly undermine us.”

The House Select Committee on the PRC further claimed that both the FBI and the CDC were contacted by local law enforcement, but the agencies declined to investigate.

The report notes that FBI informed the local investigator that it had closed its investigation because the Bureau believed that there were no weapons of mass destruction on the property (despite a vial clearly marked “Ebola”.) However, The Select Committee’s assessment of the CDC is especially damning.

The CDC’s response was inadequate and raises serious questions about its standard practices. It is unacceptable that the CDC, according to accounts of local officials, refused to take a phone call from city and county officials concerned about a biolab found in their region.

…The CDC’s continuing refusal to test pathogens despite reasonable requests and the offer to pay from local officials facing a concerned populace simply does not make sense.

…The CDC’s insisted that there was “no evidence” that Select Agents were within Reedley Biolab or that Zhu and UMI imported infectious agents and “insufficient evidence at this time” of legal violations. It seems to have made this claim without conducting any investigation beyond reading the labels that were in English on a limited number of the pathogenic samples.

The CDC complete disregard for its supposed mission of protecting the nation’s public health as it relates to infectious disease…which is its core mission, is infuriating. One has to wonder what the real priorities of this particular agency have become.

One also has to wonder about the silence of California’s political leaders about the Reedley lab.

Here is a thread that pairs with the above analysis:


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Bioterrorists and serial Pedophiles had to fall by the wayside while the FBI prioritized parents complaining at PTA meetings.

Slammed, huh? That’ll show them as they move into their new HQ.

Chinese President Xi said, “In hindsight, we should’ve built our biolab in San Francisco and they would’ve cleaned it up for free when I came to visit.”

Gov Newsom agreed, “Hindsight is 20/20.”

Newsweek is reporting the “CDC” disputes the claims of the Committee:

“Speaking to Newsweek, a CDC official with knowledge of the investigation fervently disputed these findings.

Referencing the committee report, they said: “CDC strongly disputes the report’s conclusions critical of the agency. The report includes numerous inaccuracies, including both the charge that CDC did not respond to local requests for aid and the false implication that CDC had the authority to unilaterally investigate or seize samples from PBI’s Reedley building.

“Indeed, CDC has, and continues to be been actively engaged, within its regulatory authorities, in the intergovernmental efforts to address issues surrounding the facility.””

Notice that the person “with knowledge of the investigation” is unnamed. It can be concluded that this is not an official response to the Committee by the CDC.

What makes the reporting even stranger is:

“Newsweek has contacted the House Select Committee on the CCP for comment by online contact form and Rep. Mike Gallagher, its chair, by telephone and voicemail message.”

So Newsweek is happy with the statement of an unnamed source, but is asking for comment by the Committee as if the source’s statement is correct, factual and the official reponse from the CDC.


When #Reedley Code Enf. Officer Harper came upon the illegal #CCP lab in December 2022

Rochelle P. Walensky was 19th Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from January 20, 2021 to June 30, 2023, this falls in her watch.

ThePrimordialOrderedPair | November 19, 2023 at 8:20 pm

Stop the complaining. The CDC is too busy trying to force America citizens to take part in highly risky, rather useless medical experiments. Any spare time they might have outside of this they have to spend on their real estate law side-business – issuing edicts banning evictions and the like.

Give the CDC a break. This is a lot of work and they have to constantly look for new ways to violate the Constitution and enslave and endanger American citizens. They don’t have time or personnel to waste investigating dangerous pathogens being kept in conditions similar to that of an 8 year old’s bedroom. That is a job for the Treasury Department to deal with.

Dropped the ball? They looked the other way.

ThePrimordialOrderedPair | November 19, 2023 at 8:25 pm

“Listen, why don’t you guys just keep your damn noses out of China’s business!” — CDC response to House Committee questions.

CDC and DOJ have apparently share goals with President Xi.

We were subject to unmitigated harassment, censorship and even arrest over Covid19, but a illegal Chinese biological laboratory mucking around with Ebola and other incredibly infectious bio-samples doesn’t even rate a FBI investigation.

CA is infected by the newscum virus.

Symptoms are CA cities becoming 3rd world ghettos overnight with illegal aliens, homeless junkies, black looters.

Wray is clearly working to destroy all real law enforcement in America. His bizarre infatuation with conservatives has blinded him to the crime all around him. I don’t doubt for a second that 10% of the FBI is working for foreign governments, crime rings or both. In fact i think the Mexican cartels are the actual head of the DEA/FBI and China the head of the DOJ. Likely totally unbeknownst to the arrogant, dimwitted creeps that putatively direct these offices.

I’m pretty sure that the Chinese just felt bad because they had loosed covid upon the world. So they set up this lab to try and find a cure.

Just as with the story that the Mossad and the CIA had no inkling of the Oct 7 Hamas attack, I’m calling BS on the implication that the FBI and CDC “dropped the ball”, They knew, or they should have known!

    Lucifer Morningstar in reply to MarkS. | November 20, 2023 at 8:14 am

    Oh please, the incompetent leadership at the FBI and CDC and all the other agencies allegedly tasked to protect the United States and it’s citizens have no clue as to what our enemies are doing in the United States. They are all too worried about “white supremacists” and “MAGA republicans” and other lunatic nonsense to deal with the real threats. And it’s far too late now to do anything about it. There are most likely hundreds more unlicensed, CCP controlled bio-labs operating under the noses of federal and state officials across the United States for what purpose nobody knows. But one thing is for sure, the citizens of the United States are well and truly screwed no matter what happens. That’s for sure.

    Malevolence instead of incompetence?
    I’m gonna put my marker on “both.”

It’s all rather terrifying

It appears the U.S. has reached a level of unmanageable bureaucracy, and the cure is too politically toxic.

CDC, FBI etc. rejected all inputs offered to them. Why don’t we learn who issued the directives to totally ignore Wuhan West? Asking for a friend.

Are you sure that this wasn’t just another Kermit Gosnell clinic?

Should have told the FBI that the lab was a hotbed of “white supremacy “. The shutdown would have been immediate!

thousands of samples of labeled, unlabeled, and encoded potential pathogens
What are “encoded potential pathogens” as opposed to labeled and unlabeled?

    henrybowman in reply to GWB. | November 20, 2023 at 12:35 pm

    I’m assuming that means they were labeled, but with some sort of stock or index number instead of plain English or Hanyu or whatever.

“The FBI and the CDC really dropped the ball here”
“the CDC, according to accounts of local officials, refused to take a phone call from city and county officials concerned about a biolab found in their region.”

All nonsense. The 10% had been paid, as required, and everything was totally in order.

Makes me remember a ine frm in old bob Dylan song..”a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest”.

He wuz a tawkin baout gummit dweebs when he wrote that.