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Nothing To See Here: Democrats Confused and Bewildered by Actual Americans’ Response to Evil Hamas Invasion of Israel

Nothing To See Here: Democrats Confused and Bewildered by Actual Americans’ Response to Evil Hamas Invasion of Israel

And other things the media under-reported last week.

All eyes are, of course, on the horrific Gazan invasion of Israel–organized by Hamas via Iran and carried out by Hamas terrorists with the clear assistance of some Gazans. The Democrat hacktivist media’s coverage has been disgraceful and unAmerican.

But it’s also been rather illuminating as Americans are finally seeing who these people really are, what they really champion and go to great lengths to defend. As such, even MSNBC viewers are tuning out the coverage of some of the worth defenders of baby beheadings, rape, slaughter, and hostage-taking.

That’s all for the good. LI has, of course, been providing excellent and detailed coverage of both the atrocities and the propagandist Democrat media’s response.

We are watching something pretty great happen, though, as donors, board members, and law firms are pushing back against the antisemitism that has long festered in academia as it raises its evil head for all to see.

You can almost imagine Newsweek scrambling to recast its “We’re all Hamas Now” headline nod to its “We’re All Socialists Now” cover to “Gee, that was pretty bad . . . but not as bad as Israel existing” to “Yeah, okay, we’ll stop at ‘Gee, that was pretty bad.'”

Of course, some of the die-hard outlets are convinced that Americans would love to see Hamas beheading babies, raping women next to the dead bodies of their friends and family, smashing in the skulls of wounded civilians, and abducting grandmas . . . if only there weren’t so much, you know, disinformation. If only we would listen to ::: checks notes ::: Hamas on how fabulous all this evil really is, we’d readily get on board with their unbridled savagery.

But Americans are repelled and appalled, and no amount of insanity from the anti-American hacktivist media can change that. That’s all to the good.

The United Nations is very serious . . . about promoting propaganda. We know this because they have deleted an X post about Gazans looting humanitarian supplies. Can’t disrupt Teh Narrative, after all.

Nothing To See Here.

Meanwhile, Joe “I am the Democratic Party” Biden appeared in a shockingly bad interview with the hyper-sympathetic 60 Minutes. It was . . . illuminating.

Watch Biden explain why he’s running for reelection (note what he does NOT mention, i.e. America or Americans).

Twitchy: “WOW: Biden SUCH a dumpster fire on 60 Minutes they did damage control before and DURING interview (watch)”

Democrats love them some wars. So much so that they (almost, but not quite) put the Bush-Cheney neocons to shame.

Trump-backed GOP hack and neocon progressive Ronna Romney McDaniel attempted to steep herself in glory, but she was seriously checked by amazing grassroots activist Scott Presler (who does more for the GOP while sleeping than Ronna does wide awake). Via Twitchy.

Definitely Nothing To See Here

Former South Carolina governor and current GOP presidential hopeful Nikki Haley does what she always does and says we so should be welcoming Gazans with open arms.

Have I mentioned that I cannot abide her?

The Democrats have so “empowered” everyone (except normal white people) that students are perfectly comfortable behaving like this in the classroom.

Meanwhile, Florida governor Ron DeSantis is rescuing Floridians from Israel. Despite the leftist tears of fake Republican and CNN hactivist Adam Kissinger.

Meanwhile, Biden’s U.S. State Department is . . . horrific.

This was noteworthy, or it would be . . . if only former CIA Director Hayden suggested that a Democrat be “removed from the human race.”

And Finally . . .

This is SO good. Notice how casually the dude munches on his apple (?) while throwing crazy journo into fits of cognitive dissonance. Chef’s kiss!

More feel-good reports:

Bearing Arms: “Woman’s first time shooting her gun was in self-defense”

And finally Bearing Arms with my favorite Darwin Awards nominee so far this year: “Carjacker Kills Himself With Shotgun As He Attempts To Break Window”


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Ron DeSantis on the Outrageous Anti-Semitism We’re Seeing on College Campuses After Israel Attack

Look at potential immigrants with a jaundiced eye? Perish the thought.

Israel has always been a good litmus test for whether or not someone carries evil in their hearts.

Why the surprise at the insanity known as the Democratic Party (although the Republicans have earned their position there as well)? This is the party of science that tries to convince us that 2 + 2 does not always equal 4, that men can become pregnant, that there are 127 genders, that global is certain to destroy us all in ten years (as told to us every ten years since 1980), who have no clue as to the definition of fascism…. Making this worse is their arrogance where, evidently, being elected to Congress makes them omniscient on subjects such as global warming while completely invalidating any voter’s opinion or knowledge who might have a Ph.D. in Chemistry or Physics. We long ago ceased being a Democracy and have instead become a kakistocracy.

MoeHowardwasright | October 18, 2023 at 8:46 am

Citing Hamas as a credible source? You might as well cite Xiden as a credible source on foreign policy. FJB

Re Nikki Haley

Have I mentioned that I cannot abide her?


AF_Chief_Master_Sgt | October 18, 2023 at 8:55 am

Of particular note:

Biden is running again because he believes he can achieve world peace.

What BullSchiff!

Look grandpa shower with your child, when you give away billions of dollars of our arms to the Taliban during an ineffective withdraw from Talibanistan, followed by billions of dollars to Ukraine, followed by untold billions of weapons to Ukraine to the point of depleting our entire stockpile, followed by depletion of our oil reserves, followed by astronomical inflation, followed by usury interest rates, followed by unlimited invasion of military aged males from Venezuela, China, El Salvador, Pakistan, and lord knows where else, followed by incessant riots, murder, and assaults on our streets – you cannot get world peace.

The US is no longer a major world power. We are on the verge of a world war, we are on the verge of losing the dollar as the prime currency, and heaven knows what other things you have done to move us away from world peace.

You are not a beauty queen contestant. You are the Commander in Chief.

Act like it.

p.s., You aren’t even on the level with Barack Obama, who got a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing.

    Biden is running again because to leave office is to lose the protection he and his family gets from being in office. This is especially true now that the Democrats have decided that we will use the DOJ to hound former presidents with every charge they can come up with.

      AF_Chief_Master_Sgt in reply to Martin. | October 18, 2023 at 4:15 pm

      I just hope a Republican administration is willing to use the same tactics against democrats. But I doubt it. They are all in bed together.

      Even Trump decided not to “lock her up” and the woman screwed him like Bill Clinton screws 24 year old women.

“Trump-backed GOP hack and neocon progressive Ronna Romney McDaniel attempted to steep herself in glory, but she was seriously checked by amazing grassroots activist Scott Presler (who does more for the GOP while sleeping than Ronna does wide awake)”

Weird how McDaniel gets called ‘Trump backed’, but the fact that Landry is Trump backed and endorsed just gets left out.

OR that the Trump backed Landry DESTROYED the nevertrumpers in the election. DESTROYED them.

    gonzotx in reply to Azathoth. | October 18, 2023 at 11:00 am

    Not surprising at all

    I applaud Gov DeSantis on sending planes to rescue all those terrified people. It was wonderful

    I hope we don’t see ads with him and his family greeting them, then we would know it wasn’t done for the right reason, but regardless of the reason, we’ll done ron

    And F the American State Department, or better known as the commie institution

    Yet 40% still back Biden?

    Please Israel, keep biden there

While horrific, I would argue Hamas’ actions against Israel were more of a “raid” than an invasion. They didn’t, evidently, plan on holding any territory taken – just to inflict pain, take prisoners, and loot.

    gonzotx in reply to GWB. | October 18, 2023 at 11:01 am

    WTF, go away

      Why? Are you reacting to the idea that somehow that word change lessens the emotional impact, so it must be wrong?
      I’m simply pointing out that it didn’t appear Hamas was trying to push the borders back directly by this action, but simply trying to inflict pain and suffering on Israel. They didn’t hang around to keep any ground covered. They raided and took their loot and prisoners back to their own territory. Like the Viking raids on England (where the actual invasion came later).

      If Israel had simply laid down over it, a real invasion would have shortly followed – most likely from the north, where more commonly recognized armies exist.

      I’m not being pedantic here, but trying to get someone to use a better term because it better represents what actually happened. Also, it should better support the right response to the action – in this case, repelling an invasion is considered “enough” by the Progressive West (like “Strategic Stop”), whereas a “raid” can be punished with enough force to ensure it never happens again. It also makes it less legitimate, really, in the eyes of “just war doctrine.”

        retiredcantbefired in reply to GWB. | October 18, 2023 at 5:13 pm

        How do you know Hamas didn’t intend to occupy Sderot and the various kibbutzim close to the border?

        Israeli forces arrived before Hamas’s goons could try to hold any of those places.

    Dolce Far Niente in reply to GWB. | October 18, 2023 at 11:48 am

    Hamas is not an army. By definition, terrorists do NOT conduct military operations like invasions; they inflict terror and pain upon civilians to create political pressure in order to achieve political ends.

    Hamas’ political ends are the eradication of Israel and the death of every Jew, reiterated many times. And all their actions are toward this end.

      I would disagree they are not an army. They are not a “regular army” like the Progressive West would define it. But they are definitely an organized force for conducting war.
      However, you are correct in saying they do not conduct war in the sense the Progressive West defines it.

        Morning Sunshine in reply to GWB. | October 18, 2023 at 12:07 pm

        And the American Revolution was won by an “irregular” army that did not stand and fight in straight lines like the traditional European troops.
        Just cuz we don’t fight like that, does not make it unorganized or not an army.

          Exactly. Hence my repetition of “Progressive West”. These were the people who dreamt up the concept that treaties would limit warfare to a “civilized” realm where countries aren’t destroyed and peoples crushed by wars. You know, they were going to remove human nature from warfare and make the world a nicer place, while really just handing it over to those who won’t obey their rules.

        CommoChief in reply to GWB. | October 18, 2023 at 12:22 pm

        They are terrorists who commit acts of terrorism just as Pirates commit acts of piracy. Neither of those is ‘warfare’ and we should make sure maintain the distinction between them and legitimate Soldiers.

Mental delusion is a symptom of advanced dementia.

At the risk being accused of ass kissing, I really like this weekly roll up of events/articles.

So DeSantis flies Americans out, friggin Carnival Cruise Lines shows up and takes a few thousand but Brandon can’t figure out how our military with multiple bases within reach can’t get it done so leaves our citizens hanging much like Afghanistan. Hell, even Glenn Beck has planes inbound.
If your American choose your foreign destination wisely, our government will not support you in any way

Top Law Firm Rescinds Job Offers to Ivy League Students Who Signed Anti-Israel Statements

The crying will be monumental I’m sure.

Once again De Santis shows how he gets things done-as opposed to the Swamp