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Mayorkas Admits 600,000 ‘Gotaways’ Illegally Crossed the Border in 2023

Mayorkas Admits 600,000 ‘Gotaways’ Illegally Crossed the Border in 2023

Mayorkas: “In fact, it is a powerful example of a broken immigration system.” Me: “No way!”

Department of Homeland Security admitted that there were over 600,000 “gotaways” in the fiscal year 2023.

Those are the people the border patrol saw but couldn’t or wouldn’t apprehend:

Mayorkas disclosed the number during a hearing on national security on Capitol Hill, in which he insisted the gotaways have been a problem at the border for “decades.”

“The phenomenon of gotaways is something that has been a challenge for the department of homeland security for decades,” the Biden-appointed secretary said.

Astonishingly, he added: “In fact, it is a powerful example of a broken immigration system.”

Customs and Border Protection figures released since the financial year ended on Sept 30 showed 900,000 migrants had been allowed into the country legally along the southwest border under humanitarian parole, allowing them to pursue asylum applications.

No way. You mean we have a broken immigration system?!

This falls on the Democrats and Republicans. Both parties have held exclusive control a few times, and neither one did anything about immigration.


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“ . . . in 2023 . . .so far . . . that we think we know about.

    JohnSmith100 in reply to Owego. | October 31, 2023 at 9:33 pm

    There needs to be an online database for citizens to report potential illegals, pictures and any other information they have about them. That is the only way to mitigate Biden’s Admin bad conduct.

    That information could be crucial to identifing terrorists and spies.

Now I have a question. are the “Got Aways” different than the “Purposely let go with a pinky promise to show up for court”?

600,000 is more than the population of my States 5 biggest cities added together.

The ‘immigration system’ isn’t broken nor do we need ‘comprehensive reform’. All we need to do is secure the border, refuse to admit asylum claims until adjudicated while denying any claims not made at a US Consulate or Embassy, begin ruthless deportations and hold those who employ illegal aliens or facilitate their stay accountable. IOW enforce the damn laws and take prudent steps to do so.

FWIW at 600K that’s 50K per month or 11,538 per week. There were 19 people who carried out the 9/11 attacks so we have enough ‘gotaways’ to provide the personal for over 600 9/11 attacks each week.

    not_a_lawyer in reply to CommoChief. | November 2, 2023 at 1:58 am

    That’s exactly right CommoChief. The laws regarding immigration that have been passed by our legislature are perfectly rational and conform to most other country’s laws.

    What is ‘broken’ is merely the executive branch refuses to enforce the laws.

    This Mayorkas fellow is one of the most disgraceful cabinet members I can remember in my decades of following politics.

    The federal courts will rule against any attempt by the states to enforce the international border. I’ve seen it time and again.

    TX and perhaps AZ need to purchase all land within 40 yards of the border with Mexico, allowing the border patrol to maintain their roads. Then build their own wall that far inside, and the courts will allow that, as the feds would have no standing. Have the state national guardsmen patrol the state wall.

    Then those state legislatures need to pass trespassing laws that provide serious penalties for illegal aliens breaching their state wall and other state laws forbidding the employment or housing of illegal aliens.


Probably way more than that
It’s a government lead invasion

600,000 is obviously a conservative estimate. How did they arrive at such a low number? Here’s the math:

The number of people who can get through a given hole in the fence during a 24 hour period x 365 days x 1,000,000 known holes divided by x factor of 1 trillion = 6oo, ooo.

And they smirk about the destruction of America

They are paving highways and landing strips , they want over 100 million illegals

I bet they make it

It’s certainly 40-50 million already and will be a war to get them out

But get them out we must

“ . . . Gottaways has been a challenge for decades,” thus absolving himself of any responsibility for the immigration and border disasters they have created.

My question, and amazement, is how and from where did the Bidens manage to find so many vacuous, immoral incompetents as they have done? Do the people he has surrounded himself with represent the class, intelligence, and integrity of the mass of amorphous invisibles who populate the vast bureaucracies of our government, the “Swamp?” To think that Mayorkis and his like will retire with fat pensions and life long medical care is nauseating. And they talk of how to save social security.

“This falls on the Democrats and Republicans. Both parties have held exclusive control a few times, and neither one did anything about immigration.”
Um, no. We have perfectly good immigration LAWS. What we don’t have is faithful enforcement. That’s an executive branch problem. We had one executive (R) who did a reasonably good job of keeping them out. Then we had the next executive (D), who screamed, “COME ON DOWN!”

    This wasn’t happening with Trump

      CommoChief in reply to MarkS. | November 1, 2023 at 8:34 am

      The problem isn’t just at the borders though. About 1/3 (-/+) of those illegally in the US are Visa over stays. These folks entered legally on a student Visa, Work visa, tourist Visa or whatever and didn’t leave when the Visa expired like they were required to do.

      It’s gonna take a commitment to ruthlessly deport all these folks. More/less that’s gonna be dozens of events each day that produce images like Elian Gonzalez. Not gonna be very pretty. Some of these folks will self deport when the raids on homes and employers occur. Many won’t so they gotta be tracked, found and rooted out.

      markm in reply to MarkS. | November 2, 2023 at 4:34 pm

      Except for Mexico and Canada, back when Americans didn’t even need a passport, every country I’ve ever been to had a system in place to identify overstays and send the police looking for them as soon as they were late. E.g., when I flew to Singapore, I had to have a reservation for a hotel room, a plane ticket back, and state when and where I would leave. When I went from Singapore to Malaysia, same thing. Coming back, they checked my papers and checked my name off a list, so they knew I left on schedule. At the Singapore airport, same thing.

      Why isn’t the USA doing the same? My guess is that it’s because INS is and always has been stunningly incompetent, so it can’t make this work.

That’s called a failure to do one’s job.
Resign (he won’t); fire him (they won’t).
I would also call it aiding and abetting.
Charge him.

The Capitol Police held the door open and people “illegally” entered and were arrested for trespass.

Seems to be a pattern with this administration, no?

And, in light of this administration’s policies, which produced this, and given that they do not in any way intend to change these policies, why give them more money to implement this disaster?

Long story short, the terrorists are already inside the country.

Open borders biden is smiling.

Leather trade?