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Washington College Students Successfully Shout Down Campus Speech About Free Speech

Washington College Students Successfully Shout Down Campus Speech About Free Speech

“among the nation’s most high-profile opponents of same-sex marriage”

Another campus mob claims a scalp. Apparently, no one is allowed to be a critic of the LGBT crowd.

Inside Higher Ed reports:

A Speech About Free Speech Is Shouted Down

A conservative Princeton University professor tried to give a speech this month at Washington College centering on the need for campus free speech. Students disrupted his talk and succeeded in ending it.

It was another example of what are often called student shoutdowns or “heckler’s vetoes”—though the meaning of that phrase is contested—disrupting conservative speakers. Perhaps most prominently this year, in March, Stanford University students disrupted a talk by Judge Kyle Duncan of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

This month’s Washington College incident, first reported by The Star Democrat and later by The Chronicle of Higher Education, featured Robert George, who didn’t respond to Inside Higher Ed’s requests for comment Tuesday. He’s the McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton and directs Princeton’s James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions, which recently released a new set of proposed academic freedom and free speech principles.

As a founder of the National Organization for Marriage, he was among the nation’s most high-profile opponents of same-sex marriage. He has also opposed abortion access and criticized the concept of someone being transgender.

These positions drew student opposition to his Sept. 7 speech at Washington College, a private university in Maryland. Brian Speer, a college spokesman, said it enrolls 916 students.

According to Speer and a transgender student who said she wished to remain anonymous, “out of fear of being doxed by fascists nationally,” it was specifically the disruption by two people—the anonymous student herself and a former student who joined the protest—that managed to cancel George’s speech.


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Apparently, no one is allowed to be a critic of the LGBT crowd.
Well, duh. You’re never allowed to criticize the king’s government’s religion. And hedonism is a primary pillar of progressivism, which is definitely the state religion now.

So the college, and the fellow students who wanted to hear the speech, were shut down by 2(?) people (one of whom wasn’t even a student)?

Then THEY are the cowards and the problem.

It’s even worse. Washington College’s President Mike Sosulski sat in the audience while the whole shout down happened, and did nothing. The cancelled speech’s topic was “The Truth Seeking Mission of the University.”

Has president Sosulski abjectly apologized to Professor George, and invited him back to make his speech in a civilized and respectful environment? Have the anti-1st Amendment agitators been identified and permanently banned from campus? If not, has President Sosulski resigned?

Is there any reason to not deny federal funding to anti-1st Amendment schools like Washington College? Civil Rights lawsuits anyone?

Here is the email address for Washington College’s President, Mike Sosulski, who sat through the whole thing. [email protected]

Mailing address:
Mike Sosulski
Washington College
300 Washington Ave,
Chestertown, MD 21620

And once again, the Left has no sense of irony.

Well, it’s not like Washington College is a real institute of higher education. They proved that.