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Indiana Republican Rep. Victoria Spartz Tears Into Merrick Garland, Compares DOJ to the KGB

Indiana Republican Rep. Victoria Spartz Tears Into Merrick Garland, Compares DOJ to the KGB

“I just want to make sure, if you’re not aware that you are — and this is a big problem when people are afraid of their own government.”

Indiana Republican Rep. Victoria Spartz leaned into Attorney General Merrick Garland during a recent hearing involving the J6 cases, saying that many American citizens now live in fear of their own government.

Spartz even compared the DOJ and FBI to the KGB and she knows something about that, having grown up in the former Soviet Union.

Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

VICTORIA SPARTZ: Let me talk about January 6th people.


VICTORIA SPARTZ: Yeah, there are — some people came on January 6th. There probably was some people that came on January 6th here, you know, that had bad intent. But a lot of good Americans from my district came here because they are sick and tired of this government not serving them. They came with strollers and the kids.

And there was chaotic situation because the proper security wasn’t provided. That’s a question that was answered, really why, why we debated for 45 minutes on the floor and didn’t stop the debate after the people broke in into the Capitol. But these people came. They were throwing the smoke bombs into the crowd with strollers with kids.

People were showed up — you know, FBI agent to people’s houses. You had in my district, in my town, FBI phone numbers all over the district, please call, call them. People are truly afraid. I just want to make sure, if you’re not aware that you are — and this is a big problem when people are afraid of their own government.

And I’ll share some other things. We’re talking about justice system. I don’t question — you’re probably not a bad person. I don’t know you. But what I’ll tell you, you are in charge of the department. And people right now feel — you know, I look at Durham report. And I called on the FISA violations of various of millions of Americans, right?

It’s like KGB. But when I read Durham reports, we have this — you have a nice, you know, playbook. First, let’s have a special counsel and then you don’t have to answer any questions here. Then let’s extend slow walk investigation on Hillary Clinton, on Hunter. Everything is slow walk. We were very quick on Donald Trump, but you were very slow walk.

Then by the time, you know, that investigation ended, statute of limitation expired, and all of your agents need to be tested for amnesia.

Watch the video below:

Spartz mentions her background in this tweet:

Spartz has already announced that she will not run for reelection after her current term, which is a shame. Can you imagine if the entire House GOP had her passion?

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More eloquent words were never spoken-perfect!

She’s not wrong and he… is.

He couldn’t give a flying fuck. There is no downside here for Garland and with each passing day he looks more and more like a little man out to settle scores with those who kept him out of the Supreme Court.

I bet that put a smile on Garlands face for two reasons: 1) He wants us afraid of the government, particularly the FBI and DOJ 2) Of course Garland has nothing to fear, does anyone really think that he would allow his DOJ to open a prosecution of himself?

I’m in the exploratory phase of forming a PAC entitled “The Society to Legally Prosecute & Execute Politicos (either elected or appointed) Who Enact Blatantly Anti-Constitutional Laws or Policies which Aggressively & Egregiously Attack the Plain Enumerated Civil Rights of U.S. Citizens.”

A bit wordy, to be sure, but your thoughts?

The Gentle Grizzly | September 22, 2023 at 3:27 pm

We need a bunch of immigrants (real ones) to be in the houses of Congress. Americans by choice, not an accident of birth.

Special prosecutor. Slow walk. Statutes of limitation. Amnesia.
She lays out the entire ballet, clearly and incriminatingly.
Unfortunately, unless the culmination of the speech involves shackles and a firing squad, she’s being no more effective than the most contemptible of her RINO colleagues.

She’s my congresscritter. Really wish she wasn’t leaving

I love hearing her talk!

So passionate and real. Just the kind we really need in congress

I’ve watched this 3 times now since yesterday

Must See TV

Sounds nice, enjoyable watch, but ultimately the stuff that makes me loathe Washington. Here you have a witness who you really, really want to either testify and nail on either admitting something or perjuring self. Instead, in typical DC fashion, you get a really good sound clip that makes the news, gets you voting and attention, and accomplishes very little. I’d much prefer politicians who relentlessly push the witness to talk, not one that goes off on a rant.

Sad that she is leaving the seat. She is probably tired of trying to do good only to be slapped down by her fellow republicans who should be helping her.

For Garland and the Dems…. real oppression under communism is just “theory”… that they are actually doing it to Americans here in the country escapes them. So Garland’s grandparents emigrated from Belorus… fine. That doesn’t give him real experience with communism…. it’s an on the job training for him now. If he embraces his Jewish heritage … it;s the Trotsky side of the tribe.

It’s too bad that the people most passionate about freedom are the ones who escaped tyranny to come here