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Columbia Prof Wants Education System to Pay $2 Trillion in Reparations for Blacks

Columbia Prof Wants Education System to Pay $2 Trillion in Reparations for Blacks

“school reforms punish us for being Black”

Every time we hear someone talking about reparations, the number keeps going up.

The College Fix reports:

Columbia professor wants more than $2 trillion in education reparations for blacks

The education professor who believes the American education system engages in the “spirit murder” of black children says the price tag for this “hurt” is more than … two trillion dollars.

The “award-winning” Bettina Love (pictured), now at Columbia University’s Teachers College, says her generation — “the Black children of the 1980s and 90s” — had to deal with “education reform merged with crime reform” that “put targets” on their backs.

Love says these education reforms include standardized tests, No Child Left Behind, school closures (presumably COVID-induced) and “book and curriculum bans.”

Politicians, police, the media and even first ladies referred to black kids as “crack babies” and “superpredators,” Love says, and these labels led to this demographic being “punished […] inside the walls of our own public schools.”

(Interestingly, it was an academic at Princeton who coined the term “superpredator” but it arguably was most famously used by Hillary Clinton in 1996 in a speech in support of the 1994 crime bill which her husband, President Bill Clinton, supported and signed into law. Also interesting is how NBC News complained that of the total 281 media mentions of “superpredator” in five years — between 1995 to 2000 — three out of five allegedly went unchallenged.)

After several anecdotes regarding the travails of black students from back in the day, Love claims schools were “never designed with [black] interests in mind.” (Her friend Zakia was “body-slammed” by a teacher and a cop threw her against a locker when she was 11 — apparently for no reason at all — and allegedly no one cared about a boy named Rob’s excessive absences when he skipped school during standardized tests. Rob also didn’t have a black male teacher throughout his 12 years at school.)

“Instead of creating better learning conditions for Black children,” she says, “school reforms punish us for being Black.”


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Suggested response to Bettina Love: “Hahahahahahaha. NO.”

The Gentle Grizzly | September 11, 2023 at 12:03 pm

The only conclusion one can draw is that by and large, the American Negro is incapable of doing anything for themselves and all they do is beg for yet still more further different handouts.

Unlike the Vietnamese, indentured Europeans, Japanese after the camps, Jews after the holocaust, and, likely, our new Afghanis.

I heard Ms. Love speak at a higher ed conference I attended a few years ago. She is passionate and articulate — but there was no love in her presentation. It was all bitter hatred with demands for retribution and reparations. The entire world, she seemed to be saying, must be reorganized around her grievances.
What about that thing called love? “God is Love,” said the Apostle John. Jesus said to “love your enemies.” I heard none of that in Love’s address. But I think that’s the only way forward.

Relatedly, the new Mayor of Chicago, elected with support and maybe ballot-stuffing by the Chicago Teachers’ Union, says in a recent interview (can’t find it at the moment but saw it yesterday) that the measure of public schools should be the amount of money spent on them, the more the better. And that this is an issue of “black liberation” i.e. it means liberating as many resources from others that they didn’t earn as possible. Spend lots of money, amenities for students and staff, not too much testing because it’s too rigid and standardized.

Kept wondering why the “black liberation” folks didn’t just set up their own communities, build their own cities, and run things their own way with their own resources. Apparently that’s not “liberation” in their minds.

The main reason that the education system has been so bad is: schools of education, led by the Columbia University Teachers College. If you look at student affairs officers, almost all of them have E.D. or M.S. in Education degrees from some Education School (mostly from second-rate universities,) If you want to match the reparation with the source of the problem, liquidate all of the education schools and send the money to be distributed as reparations for all of the problems in education.

    Durwood in reply to lawgrad. | September 13, 2023 at 12:07 pm

    We laughed at anyone pursuing a higher ed degree in education. Not exactly a rigorous academic field, and it shows. It really was the bottom.

Abolish public education, that would be the best reward

Standardized tests punish blacks? It says something, but what that says is probably not what the professor wants repeated.

Professor of education is synonymous with idiot

School reforms punish blacks. Perhaps the professor of education should study the history of black education during the separate but equal period.

Another example of the phrase just because you have a degree doesn’t make you smart.

Don’t forget the $2.5 trillion whining tax

Concerning this matter of reparations, have any of its proponents considered that every last black person conveyed to the New World was originally captured and sold by another black person – usually via an intermediate Arab slave trader – and despite the trade to the East being at least an order of magnitude greater than that to the West and starting centuries earlier there is no evidence whatsoever of any residual diaspora of black Africans in the countries to the East in any comparable to the well-established ones in the West, and just why that should be?
Also that it was black African Barbary Corsairs that pillaged the west coast of Europe as far north as Ireland, taking up to 1.5 million slaves, depopulating many of the coastal villages of Cornwall and Ireland and there is no evidence whatsoever of them remaining in North Africa – for obvious reasons.
Also worth remembering what Cassius Clay said after he returned to the USA after fighting Liston in Zaire: “Thank God my granddaddy got on that boat!”

Her last name is quite discordant with her outlook.