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Sacred Heart U. Teaches ‘Transphobia’ and ‘Fatphobia’ are Products of Racism Perpetuated Through Religion

Sacred Heart U. Teaches ‘Transphobia’ and ‘Fatphobia’ are Products of Racism Perpetuated Through Religion

“Racism’s Intersectional Impact on Agency & Liberation”

This is a Catholic school. Do parents realize that the left’s agenda is everywhere now?

Campus Reform reports:

Catholic university teaches ‘transphobia’ and ‘fatphobia’ are products of racism perpetuated through religion

A Catholic Connecticut university is teaching students that supposed societal problems of “fatphobia” and “transphobia” are actually rooted in racism and perpetuated by social institutions like religion.

The seminar, titled “Racism’s Intersectional Impact on Agency & Liberation” is part of Sacred Heart University’s “Continuing Conversations in Antiracism” workshop series, which seeks to tie racism to various forms of oppression and perceived oppression.

The “Continuing Conversations” program is a monthly lecture series offered by Sacred Heart since November 2022 featuring various faculty members, community practitioners in social work, and “other advocates for social and racial justice,” according to the description page.

Those who attend the series will be able to “[r]ecognize and clearly identify institutional barriers experienced by historically marginalized and underrepresented students and faculty” and “[f]oster an environment where allyship groups, collaborative projects and initiatives may be established and potentially funded,” among other learning goals.

Racism’s Intersectional Impact on Agency & Liberation” is set to take place on Wednesday, July 26, and “will explore the ways that systemic racism creates, co-creates and perpetuates all intersectional forms of oppression and marginalization by systematically limiting access to the agency, autonomy, opportunity, health, information and even pleasure necessary to dismantle oppressive systems.” These “oppressive systems” include

The 90 minute seminar will teach students how other forms of “oppression”–including “transphobia,” “fatphobia,” ableism, and ageism– stem from racism and have been implemented through wide-ranging systems, such as religion, eating disorder treatment, and “toxic masculinity.”

Students will be trained to examine “the ways we experience white supremacist thinking internally.”


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Friends don’t let friends have anything to do with Sacred Heart University.

This place has revealed itself to be run by non-serious people. Their enrollment in September should be zero.


How can anybody send their child to this place /smh

caseoftheblues | July 22, 2023 at 4:01 pm

Sacred Heart U teaches complete horseshite….. FIFY

The Gentle Grizzly | July 23, 2023 at 8:43 am

When I was just a youngster, we had a Sacred Heart school of some sort in the neighborhood. I thought it said Scared Heart. Whole-word teaching methods were in vogue back then….

henrybowman | July 23, 2023 at 4:15 pm

It’s now official: “racism” has become the Democrat version of “body thetans” — a Prive Evil from which every other evil in the universe has devolved.

Maybe we could persuade them to build Orgone Accumulators by telling them they “produce concentrated healing wokeness.”