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The Backlash Begins Week in Education

The Backlash Begins Week in Education

Your weekly report on education news.

Lots of people, mainly parents, are starting to push back on the agenda.

And make no mistake, there is an agenda.

The left sees parents as political enemies.

They don’t want people to be able to speak.

This is a good response.

Legal Insurrection gets results!

This is not normal.

You don’t say.

Good for her!


Democrats will try to destroy him.

Beyond help.


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I want to know who is and isn’t in the “+”.

Are Minor Attracted Person’s (pedophile’s)?
Animal Attracted Person’s (Beastiality)?
Dead Attracted Person’s (Necrophilia)?

I don’t know. Do you?
Who decides?
Are they up for review in 6 months?
Are they shunned by any group?
Why or why not?

OK. Here’s my pushback. We’ve allowed education to fall into the hands of ignorant, provincial, peevish, and easily swayed nincompoops.

I’m a middle-aged male high school teacher, and I love teens. No, I am not a sexual threat to your son or daughter. I have been married to the same lady for decades, and don’t want to change it until death do us part.

If someone doesn’t love kids, he shouldn’t be in the teaching business. Period. Why do many think that I’m a lurking pedo when I say “love”? It’s because the word has been turned to mean only sexual attraction and activity. It no longer means a disposition seeking the well-being of another. I demand that we go back to the older usage.

I’m both a student and teacher of languages–my own and others. I hear my Latin colleagues starting to quietly grumble about “Latinx”. Good for you! Spanish and a number of other laguages simply don’t “work” if de-gendered. In many Indo-European and Semitic languages, the masculine gender does double duty for neuter or ambiguous. Did I attack the lady teacher who taught this to my younger self for “gelding me with grammar?” No! I was a sucker for nurturing and encouraging authority, and lived and learned.

Then I ended up with many years in the Far East. I became proficient enough in Chinese to translate and teach. That language doesn’t gender its pronouns in speech, and in writing, did so only after 1919; yet nobody can accuse traditional Chinese culture of being sexually egalitarian.

Let’s respect our language as it is; and let’s respect simple biology.

On a last note: Does anyone else get the irony that religious “funadamentalists” (traditionally devout persons whom a left-wing writer doesn’t like), long derided as “anti-science”, are now the last people who seem to believe that simple biology matters in sexual identity?