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Regent’s Park College of Oxford “Says Students Can be Expelled if They ‘Misgender'” Their Peers

Regent’s Park College of Oxford “Says Students Can be Expelled if They ‘Misgender'” Their Peers

“Regent’s Park College recognises the right of every individual to choose whether to be open about their gender identity and history.”

This is where the so-called slippery slope has brought us. It happened rather quickly, didn’t it?

FOX News reports:

Oxford college says students can be expelled if they ‘misgender’ peers

A college within Oxford University announced a new policy promising disciplinary action if students willingly or unintentionally “misgender” another student.

Regent’s Park College, one of the 44 colleges within Oxford University, released a “Trans Inclusion Statement” on Thursday. The statement describes the school’s intolerance to “transphobia” and was crafted with student input last year.

“Misgendering,” or using pronouns that correspond with a transgender person’s biological sex, is characterized as an unlawful form of bullying or harassment in the statement.

“Persistently misgendering an individual with the wrong name or pronoun, and claiming to have done so accidentally, might be experienced as harassment by the person concerned. People who are perceived to be transgender, including those who are intersex, are protected from bullying and harassment, whether or not the perception is true,” the inclusion statement reads.

“Transphobic harassment or bullying” is against the school’s harassment policy and U.K. law, and thus grounds for discipline which could include expulsion.

“Regent’s Park College recognises the right of every individual to choose whether to be open about their gender identity and history. Any unlawful discriminatory behaviour, including transphobic harassment or bullying of by individuals or groups, will be regarded extremely seriously and could be grounds for disciplinary action, which may include expulsion or dismissal,” the statement reads. “Such behaviour will be dealt with under the College’s Policy on Harassment and Bullying and within the relevant legislation The Equality Act 2010.”


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retiredcantbefired | June 8, 2023 at 2:49 pm

Pretty short slope…

It was really steep, I guess.

“Gays just want to be able to marry.” Welp, here we are now. This is why you don’t give an inch to the deviant brigade.

    The Gentle Grizzly in reply to Othniel. | June 8, 2023 at 7:34 pm

    Oh, yes indeed. Those of us who just wanted some formal and legal recognition of rights of inheritance and decision-making for deathly ill partners are all out there screaming for all of these new “rights”.

    Uhm… nope. The press doesn’t interview anyone but the radicals, and the news is all wrapped around the most flamboyant, screaming-faggot nellies they can find.

“Such behaviour will be dealt with under the College’s Policy on Harassment and Bullying”

Who is bullying who?

    henrybowman in reply to Peabody. | June 9, 2023 at 2:01 am

    Hey, I don’t care, as long as they fairly impose the same penalties on people who mis-Nazi others. They surely will, won’t they?

BierceAmbrose | June 8, 2023 at 6:11 pm

“…or unintentionally “misgender” another student.”

Referring to someone as they prefer is a courtesy you offer, if you like. Courtesy is earned, and reciprocated. We meet each other where they are, and cut each other some slack, so we can get along together.

Coercing someone to refer to you by your seeekret code is something else — extortionately, putting work on other people to make it harder to get along, and preemptively making them the bad guys if there’s any friction. Seems like the opposite off courtesy.


In an interesting synchronicity, just last week I spoke for a moment with a check-out clerk at the local co-op, from memory:

“Excuse me. As I recall, yesterday, I called you ‘man.’ Right now, I’m not so sure. What do you go by?”

“I’m a woman. It’s Ok; your apology is accepted.”

And then the script changed…

“Oh, I didn’t apologize. Why would I apologize for guessing wrong when it’s hard for me to tell?”

“I just realized I might have got it wrong, and it’s just polite to call people as they prefer. So, thanks.”

I didn’t set out to enjoy the expression on, her it turns out, face. BUT, that was a priceless bonus. No, I’m not the bad — er, Zer, here. And courtesy is extended, not owed.

I’m so pleased when I can be calibrated and on-point in real-time. Comes from clarity on the issue, I suppose. That and being present vs. playing out the scene you imagined in your head. (I have a bunch of vignettes in my head, myself. On reflection, I note that these universally involve gender identity established before the scenario starts. So, I’m shallow. That, and I know they’re fantasy.)

The only alumnus I recognize is Jesse Jackson, an honorary Fellow of the college.,_Oxford#Alumni

If you are neutered, your pronoun is “it”.

goddessoftheclassroom | June 9, 2023 at 3:03 pm

When I speak to someone, I use the pronoun “you.” I use the titles “ma’am” or “sir” and honorifics “Mr./Ms./Miss/Mrs. depending on how I perceive the individual.; I will happily acquiesce to a person’s preference of how I speak and address him or her.
HOWEVER, I will NEVER, EVER, use plural or invented pronouns.
Policing language is disturbing on so many levels.

I remember an episode of “Mad About You” when Paul Reiser offered a bus seat to a pregnant woman, who it turned out was just an obese man. Back then it was so funny as he tried to back out of his mistake. Today the show would be cancelled, and Helen Hunt forced to return her Oscar based solely on association.

My new response in case I am attacked for misgendering is to ask “did they arrest the person who did that to you?” and then walk away while they try to sort out that statement in their tiny deranged mind.