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Alberta Including Arson Investigators to Trace Origins of Wildfires in Canadian Province

Alberta Including Arson Investigators to Trace Origins of Wildfires in Canadian Province

There are also arson reports coming from Nova Scotia and Quebec. True to form, the press is downplaying arson connection to wildfires.

I recently took a detailed look at the statistics related to wildfires in Canada, as well as reviewed assertions that poor land management practices have contributed to the wildfires now burning through several provinces.

The data just doesn’t support the climate change/global warming hysteria that the mainstream press continues to claim is the reason for these blazes. Now some Canadian political leaders are looking at arson as the potential source of some of the fires.

Alberta’s Premier Danielle Smith says the government is bringing in arson investigators from outside the province to trace the cause of the unprecedented wildfires in her province. Smith sidesteps the pseudoscience offered by the reporter who interviewed her recently on the subject.

In an interview with Real Talk Ryan Jespersen, he asked Smith how she reconciles her government’s energy policies with the fact experts have linked this year’s extreme fire season to climate change.

Smith responded that she’s concerned about arson when it comes to about 175 wildfires in Alberta with no known cause and said the province would bring in the additional investigators.

Jespersen noted, however, that the hot and dry conditions that allow fires to grow are part of a changing climate.

Smith then said Alberta needs to do a better job as government to build fireguards around communities.

Smith is acknowledging the real science: Wildfires are cyclical and better management practices would lead to prevention or earlier containment.

Meanwhile, in Nova Scotia, three separate cases of arson are under investigation amid the wildfire crisis. Fortunately, the blazes were contained before they went out of control.

In Pictou County, the Mounties are investigating three separate arson incidents in the area. Pictou County is roughly 120 km north of Halifax.

On Friday, a commercial structure fire, located on Highway 4 in Alma, was extinguished by local volunteer firefighters. A second fire was reported around an hour later on Granton Abercrombie Road in Granton.

The Mounties said the incident was caused by a green bin being lit on fire at the side of the road.

Luckily, local firefighters were able to put out the fire. Around 20 minutes later another fire was reported on Mount William Road in Mount William.

Again the Mounties said recycling bags at the side of the road were set on fire.

The Mounties managed to put the fire out.

“Initial investigation has determined that all three fires were the result of arson,” the RCMP in Nova Scotia

One fire in Quebec is also under investigation for arson.

The Toronto Sun has learned Quebec police are investigating the possibility that the smoke creating poor air quality in southern Ontario and making downtown skylines disappear may have been the result of arson.

“There is an investigation because the cause is suspect,” said Surtee de Quebec media officer Hugues Beaulieu.

…The actual cause is yet to be determined. We do know, however, that previous forest fires in places like Fort McMuray or in Nova Scotia are suspected to be caused by humans.

True to form as disinformation propagandists, the elite media accuses politicians who aren’t buying the climate change narrative of “downplaying” the pseudoscience.

Other conservative politicians have also tried to downplay the link between climate change and the hundreds of wildfires burning across Canada, which led to air quality alerts in U.S. cities such as New York and Washington, D.C. this week.

On Wednesday, Ontario Premier Doug Ford suggested the issue was being politicized when he was asked by the opposition parties to go on the record to connect this year’s fire season to climate change.

Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party, accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of lying on social media after Trudeau tweeted that Canada is seeing more fires due to climate change.

I would argue the media is downplaying the arson connection.

The climate cultists have no problem destroying iconic art and architecture. Why should they stop there?

Bravo to all of the Canadian representatives who are using real science to protect their citizens and the Canadian forests.


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The Gentle Grizzly | June 10, 2023 at 6:22 pm

Probably some purple-haired, pierced Karen setting the fires.

Subotai Bahadur | June 10, 2023 at 6:44 pm

1) Keep in mind that the RCMP’s actual function is to do whatever those in power want, unrestricted by law or Constitution, just like our FBI here. It is not beyond conception that any arson that happened was a black op in service of giving the State more powers to fight “climate change”.

2) Do not forget also, that like we do, they have entities that are “blacker” in operations, both foreign and domestic,

3) Further, the Canadian government has . . . ideological allies. . . in the quest for overwhelming State power, who are already pushing the “climate change” meme and they may be responsible for at least some of the fires.

4) If any of 1-3 in any part are true, any arson investigation can and will be falsified or quashed akin to what has happened here.

Don’t hold out a lot of hope for an unbiased investigation, once again like here.

Subotai Bahadur

Solar farms in across the North East have been operating at less than 50%.

Intentionally setting the damn forest on fire. Probably as way to seek to blame ‘climate change’. The woke weirdos who almost certainly did this, as they have in prior years, should be slammed into prison and made to pay for every damn thing impacted and dollar spent. I doubt Canada is up to meeting that. Hopefully I’m wrong.

Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom mention wildfires they associate with climate change in secular-religious tones. As if to say In’shallah. She Wills It.

Gaia’s fiery dragon-breath. She wills it. Gaia’s hot blast of desert wind off the Modoc plateau? She wills it.

And media pick it up and talk as if She wills it.

    Brown is a lunatic, who believes his crazy thoughts. And he was as corrupt as any of them:

    Newsom is an idiot, who has no thoughts other than other people tell him to think. And he is as corrupt as any of them, too.

    I don’t know which is crazier, this trans/mutilation bullsh-t or the electorate continuing to elect completely corrupt politicians.

      henrybowman in reply to | June 10, 2023 at 8:41 pm

      The media shakes their gourds and yell, “Republicans Baaaaaad!” and people vote accordingly.

      “That’s right, Joy…

      a. I’ve been diagnosed with terminal myocarditis
      b. The small business I own is in flames
      c. My son neutered himself and demands I call him Clarabelle

      …but I’m so fortunate that I…

      1. had all my vaxes and boosters
      2. live in a safely gun-controlled blue city
      3. have a governor who truly cares for us, like Gretchen Whitmer

      …or it could be so much worse!”

chrisboltssr | June 10, 2023 at 10:25 pm

Leftists are impervious to logic and reason; their religion of Leftism will not be deterred by reality.

I’m so old that I remember when “…the hot and dry conditions that allow fires to grow…” used to be called “summer”.

Steven Brizel | June 11, 2023 at 1:26 pm

Anyone who would vandalize art snd private property would probably not stop at setting fires

daniel_ream | June 12, 2023 at 3:54 am

Everyone in Canada knows the annual wildfires are set by local eco-terrorists. We have a long history of this kind of behaviour going back to eco-terrorists spiking trees in logging tracts in the 1990s, or rebellious Injuns blocking access roads to mining/logging operations because they’re not getting enough grift.

To Subotai Bahadur, above: it’s not a black op because it doesn’t need to be. The eco-terrorists and the government share the same agenda; the government just has to pretend it doesn’t. Hence the constant bollocks about “climate change” and the lack of any serious investigation of the fires. The government knows its rhetoric will spur the terrorists into action and the terrorists know they’ll face no consequences for their actions. All very pat and pretty.

What’s unusual about this is the arson in Quebec. Quebec runs Canada the way the Saudis run the Middle East, and is immune to the Bezmenovian shenanigans it promotes elsewhere in Canada. My guess is one of the government’s pet anarchists slipped their leash and went rogue. Hence the public talk about potential arson; the government is sending a signal that this won’t be tolerated when it targets Quebec,