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Flyers at Pepperdine University “Compare Opposing Trans Ideology to ‘Genocide'”

Flyers at Pepperdine University “Compare Opposing Trans Ideology to ‘Genocide'”

“conservatives denying that men can be women, or vice versa, is compared to people denying that a genocide (such as the Holocaust) has occurred”

Lot of people are speculating that this type of messaging may have driven the Nashville shooter to murder.

Campus Reform reports:

EXCLUSIVE: Flyers at Christian university compare opposing trans ideology to ‘genocide’

“How far has the anti-trans movement advanced along these stages [of genocide]?” a flyer posted to a Pepperdine University bullet board, called the “Freedom Wall,” questions.

Sometime between Mar. 27-28, a series of flyers addressing conservatives who object to transgender ideology were anonymously posted to a community bulletin board at the Christian university in California. The postings coincided with “Trans Week of Visibility.”

Every flyer featured one of the ten stages of genocide, relating each to the “anti-trans movement”; seemingly comparing the Holocaust to the conservative movement to oppose transgender ideology, irreversible surgery and hormone blockers for minors, and related ideas and practices.

Step 7 details how genocides are planned events. The flyer then states that “[m]any right-wing political figures share … violent views on trans people,” and proceeds to link a clip from The Charlie Kirk Show as evidence, where he said that “there are a lot of sick people in the world, unfortunately,” emphasizing that Americans need “the strength to go against them.”

Another flyer highlights alleged “dehumanization” of the trans community, arguing that such dehumanization occurs when trans individuals are denied certain kinds of medical procedures or intervention from “ill-informed medical professionals.”

On the flyer for Step 10, “Denial,” conservatives denying that men can be women, or vice versa, is compared to people denying that a genocide (such as the Holocaust) has occurred.

The Daily Wire‘s Michael Knowles is quoted on this flyer as saying, “There is, of course, no such thing as the trans community, ultimately, because the anthropology of transgenderism is false. So, the very notion of the trans community is a deception.”

Senate Bill 480 is cited as an example in Step 8 of genocide, “Persecution.” The flyer states that “this bill [would] ban life-saving medical care.” The bill itself would only prohibit “gender transition procedures for minors.”


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The trans movement serves as a constant reminder of just who the “Father of Lies” is. It also reminds us that education often shutters intelligence and common sense.

henrybowman | April 5, 2023 at 5:49 pm

The left pushes the lie that if you don’t perform “reassignment” surgery on the copeless to “save their lives,” they will kill themselves. In reality, the suicide and attempted suicide numbers among the “reassigned” indicates quite persuasively that the procedure may temporarily distract them from their copelessness, but aside from that delay, does nothing to actually address it.

NIH: Gender-affirming treatments are reported to improve mental health significantly. However, a substantial number of transgender individuals report a relapse in, or persistence of, mental health problems following gender-affirming treatments.

Heritage: The most thorough follow-up of sex-reassigned people—extending over 30 years and conducted in Sweden, where the culture is strongly supportive of the transgendered—documents their lifelong mental unrest. Ten to 15 years after surgical reassignment, the suicide rate of those who had undergone sex-reassignment surgery rose to 20 times that of comparable peers.

The Swedish study is worth a read. One of the unexpected (but totally reasonable) findings was that “Female-to-males, but not male-to-females, had a higher risk for criminal convictions than their respective birth sex controls.” In other words, testosterone poisoning. Sounds like anyone who has been in the news lately?

henrybowman | April 5, 2023 at 8:21 pm

“conservatives denying that men can be women, or vice versa, is compared to people denying that a genocide (such as the Holocaust) has occurred”

And you know exactly why they say this, don’t you? It isn’t Godwin’s Law.

No, it’s the single most famous example of “free speech” that some asshole country in Europe actually criminalized. Bingo, a breach in the dam of your rights. And now it’s used an a model to destroy your right to say everything else that the left doesn’t like.

The minute I learned that the Germans has criminalized “holocaust denial,” I knew they had started once again down the road to totalitarianism. The entire country is like a moth that just can’t fly away from a candle flame.