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U.S. Navy’s Priority in 2023? Climate Change

U.S. Navy’s Priority in 2023? Climate Change

While Biden Administration’s new budget request actually shrinks the size of the fleet in the face of threats from China, Russia, and North Korea, the Secretary of the Navy says climate change is one of the Navy’s “top” priorities

Fox News Digital is out with a new story entitled “Navy secretary cited climate change as top priority as Biden proposes shrinking the fleet“:

Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro said he sees fighting climate change as a top priority for the Navy as the Biden administration proposes shrinking the fleet by two ships and worries grow about how the U.S. Navy stacks up to China’s.

“As the Secretary of the Navy, I can tell you that I have made climate one of my top priorities since the first day I came into office,” Del Toro said March 1 in remarks at the University of the Bahamas.

Del Toro said he met with Bahamas Prime Minister Philip Davis during his visit and spoke “at length” with him about the climate crisis and focused the bulk of his remarks on climate.

“We view the climate crisis much the same way as damage control efforts on a stricken ship. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment,” he added.

Meanwhile, “the Biden administration released its proposed budget for 2024, which calls for shrinking the Navy fleet even though most military experts and senior Navy officers have called for more ships to deter China’s larger fleet.” “For several years now, the Navy has set a goal of having 355 manned ships. But, for the last three years, the Biden administration has proposed shrinking the fleet below the roughly 298 ships it has available now, instead of increasing it toward a 355-ship goal.”

Senate Armed Services Committee members are not impressed:

“No matter the favored phrase of the day — ‘divest to invest,’ ‘strategic pause,’ ‘capability over capacity,’ — the president’s defense budget is, in practice, sinking our future fleet,” said Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee. “A strong naval footing begins with readiness today and a plan to grow our battle force and command the seas tomorrow. President Biden is risking our maritime security by declining to work toward either of these goals.”

But, Secretary of the Navy Del Toro dismissed Senator Wicker’s concerns:

“There is not a trade-off between addressing climate security and our core mission of being the most capable and ready Navy-Marine Corps team,” he said. “The exact opposite is true. Embracing climate-focused technologies and adopting a climate-informed posture strengthens our capability to stand by our partners and allies.”

Del Toro said worrying about climate change would lead to new technologies that the Navy can use to create a “virtuous cycle of energy efficiency, cost savings, maritime dominance and climate security.”

Of course, Del Toro was a little short on details on exactly how focusing on climate change would lead to maritime dominance. Rather, he “noted that Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry was just in the Bahamas and that he was going to meet with Kerry in Panama at the ‘Our Oceans Conference.'” And, he “said the chief of naval research would host a conference in Florida in April that will focus on how to “address climate change and marine pollution” as well as “renew[able] and hybrid energies applied to the naval field and integrating unmanned systems.”

As a 31-year Navy veteran, all I can say is that even if you buy the climate change hysteria, if the Secretary of the Navy of the Navy cannot succinctly explain how making it a top priority for the Navy will produce maritime dominance, then focusing on it is a mistake.


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Wait . . . aren’t we forgetting what’s most important??

How do Hunter and the Big Guy get their cut of Climate Change? C’mon people . . . let’s get our PRIORITIES straight!

    The bigger picture here is not only to cede control of the oceans to Biden’s bribers (Red China), but to purge the ranks of our military of patriots and fill the ranks with low-IQ problem types, who will be happy to turn our military’s guns on your and I.

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”

Is there anyone in this administration that this does not apply to?

    “Is there anyone in this administration that this does not apply to?….”

    Absolutely! The ones giving the orders (Susan Rice, Obama, Jill Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, Kerry, etc) are getting rich, living very large and are happy to see our country destroyed for their own vanity and the money they get in the process.

I agree that the flag officers are producing far too much hot air and that many of them should be cut from the budget.

It strikes me as odd that so many higher ups are talking this environment nonsense? Not just this Navy Sec but the Pentagon spokesman last week talking about the careless manner the Russians downed our drone over the Black Sea, in part because of environmental damage it may cause. The statements are laughable of course and maybe others are laughing too. Sand bag our enemies into false confidence.

I am am willing to believe the worst about our current C&C and many top officers, but only so far.

Good to the services are addressing the recruiting and retention shortfalls. /s

Climate change: is there anything it can’t do?

Yes. Save our asses when our enemies take advantage of how weak this administration is.

Wokeness = weakness

How do you go about fighting climate change? The sun controls the earths climate with solar flares. It is a proven science. What do these dipshits think they can do? I am amazed at the dumbassery of those that spew the Climate Change mantra.

I would also bet they got the jab and boosters.

“U.S. Navy’s Priority in 2023? Climate Change”
Here’s why.
They’re not big on wheels.

    artichoke in reply to henrybowman. | March 20, 2023 at 7:08 pm

    What does that mean, the world will all turn to desert? It’s not happening. Some areas get dryer, some get wetter, most stay about the same.

      henrybowman in reply to artichoke. | March 21, 2023 at 1:26 am

      In the world of you and I and science.
      In the world of Algore and Milley and Greta and the EPA, it’s full-on Dune.

The military is now run by Kindergartens or Marxists, you decide

Steven Brizel | March 20, 2023 at 6:09 am

The quasi religious agenda of climate change has zero to do with protecting America and projecting American power

This is why we can’t have nice things (like a military that can actually fight and win wars).

In Affirmative Action world, proficiency can be mediocre and, presto, the job is yours. The rival can outmatch and operate without restraint. You, however, spend valuable training time on pronouns and other non military subjects.

William Downey | March 20, 2023 at 10:12 am

Rather than winning, the USN has decided that climate change is a top priority.

The climate change lunatics are in charge of the Asylum.

Time to learn Mandarin.

If you ever visit Rome be sure to take a side trip to Antonio Gramsci’s grave and water the flowers.

With this being the Navy’s focus, I wouldn’t trust them with more money. They might build ships for ESG purposes or to bring in migrants more efficiently. With these people in charge, I want to trim as much money as possible, starve the beast.

With the assistance and leadership of the ObaMao Perpetual Regime Term 3, Kim Jung Un is now smarter than the entire officer 🧟‍♂️ corpse (Hat tip to Chairman ObaMao) of the U.S. military … including Admiral Rachel Levine.

My opinion is the Church of Climate Change is a sect or Marxism, pushing climate as a means to power

End of empire.

today’s naval brass make Kimmell look absolutely brilliant

BierceAmbrose | March 21, 2023 at 5:43 pm

People get promoted all the time by chattering up thieir boss about the boss’s job. That works when the boss is a bit of a noodle; and they both believe that the underling’s job will get along well enough without attention.

Jobs awarded as patronage in return for flattery or therapy works while there’s enough surplus. Under pressure the system fails.

Somehow, this f___nuttery in the US Navy reminds me of today’s announcment of expanding mutual-protection pact among Western Pacific countries. Seems, they have assessed our sea and trade support operation as … not necessarily sufficient.

I look forward to paying carrying charges to Japan per container ship safe arrived in San Diego. Being more at risk, I suspect we’d get more for the buck that way, than our own curren grift and graft system.