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The Civil Rights Issue of Our Time Week at Legal Insurrection

The Civil Rights Issue of Our Time Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

Professor Jacobson has been doing a lot of media lately on the issue of DEI as it pertains to civil rights.

How do you like that?

We get results!

Joe Biden had a totally normal week.

Fetterman needs to resign and his wife should not get the job.

Buttigieg should also step down.

You don’t say.

The media sure is quiet about this story.

What a shame.

Of course she does.

Who could have predicted this?

So it can be done.

This does not make America safer.

World news.

The liberal media is just gone.

As predicatable as the rising sun.

OK then…

Most people already believed this.

Grifter says what?

No surprises here.

Interesting stuff from Leslie!

He is still missed.


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And you forgot President Trump gave an uplifting 2 hour speech at CPAC and won the straw poll, over second place DeSantis ( Who did not show up) by 42%!

This after setting an economic plan for America this week that will certainly MAGA!

BierceAmbrose | March 5, 2023 at 5:37 pm

I don’t care why he does it; so long as he does the right stuff. Kinda the opposite of the current regime: doesn’t matter what you do, or how it comes out, so long as you do it for the right reasons.

“We are the folk song ar-meeee. Every one of us cares….
“We all hate poverty, war and injustice. Unlike the rest of you squares.”

“Remeber the war against Franco. That’s the kind where each of us belongs.
“He may have won all the battles, but we had all the good songs…”

They should maybe wear matching costumes to a state of the union, again. Loooookiing-goooood! Meanwhile, The Donald will do a ton of stuff that needs doing just out of spite. So. Much. Winning.

/Now, I don’t want to get off on a rant here, but…

The Donald is the same feral-brilliant, self-aggrandizing opportunist he was when he granted himself that title. His ego got pricked when The Wan mocked him out loud at that press dinner. (Of course The Wan figued he could do that — such class.) So, The Orange Crush decide to step on that guy’s crowing, crowning life achievement, because he’s a jerk, sometimes. Down the elevator of his own building, with his model wife to proclaim he’s coming. Then snarks about whether Air Force ‘One is a downgrade from his own plane. The absolute most insulting thing he could do to The Grifter Class who’s only shot at opulent living is their govt con.

I’m Ok with all that. I only wish the guys before and after set higer bars. If they did better, he’d have to do better to spite them. Moving the Embassy to Jerusalem like every candidate promised for decades, shouldn’t be a win. Yet, his doing it was a win because they didn’t. AND he bragged about finding a better location and remodel — remember, that? Should the president be paying attention to details like this? With this one, to make clowns look foolish, a world of yes. Oh, god of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims, the pettiness. I Love It.

If those other clowns had done better in the Middle East, President Trump — hurts to read that, doesn’t it, suckers — would have had to do better than The Abraham Accords. (Shuttle diplomacy by Jared(tm).) One wonders what wasn’t done just because the Parade of Clowns were so easy to beat. Like don’t start an unwinnable war in the Middle East. That’s a low bar the other guys keep managing to get under not over. Not clear on the concept.

What is wrong with any of that? Do we have presidents, politicians, or even public figures only of sterling character and pure motives? Why do we care why, as long as they do the right stuff?

Prezzy politicians get led around by their brittle needs: Obama to feel superior, Biden for the grift, Slick Willy his … appetites. And The Donald: petty, self-aggrandizing, and sometimes mean. Again God Emperor, he’d step on The Screaming D’s rake-offs and assaults, The Apparatus’ cons and criticisms, and the World Govts encroachments n follies, just to make them wrong.

The only way to top the first term is get elected again, and spite them more. So. Much. Winning.