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George Soros, Rich Leftists Outraise Conservatives for Critical Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

George Soros, Rich Leftists Outraise Conservatives for Critical Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

The election determines the majority on the court in the swing state for the next two years.

George Soros, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, Tulsa philanthropists Stavy and Lynn Schusterman, and California physician Karla Jurvetson have poured a ton of money into the critical Wisconsin Supreme Court race, which takes place in three weeks.

The election determines the majority on the court in the swing state for the next two years.

The liberals have thrown money at Milwaukee Circuit Court Judge Janet Protasiewicz, while conservatives ignore former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly. She received $12.4 million between February 7 and March 20, and Kelly only received $2.2 million during that same time.

Soros, Pritzker, and the Scustermans have given $1 million each. How important is the race? The Schustermans previously gave the Democrats $40,000.

Jurveston donated $500,000 to the Wisconsin Democratic Party. She gave almost $15 million to Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 presidential campaign.

The Republicans got $500,000 from Liz Uihlein to the Wisconsin Republican Party, and that’s the most the party has received from one person.

However, Liz’s husband, Richard Uihlein, gave $4 million to a super PAC that has shelled out $5 million “on ads to boost Kelly” in 2023.

Overall, Protasiecwicz raised $14.5 million. The Wisconsin Democratic Party sent her $8.8 million. Kelly? Only $2.7 million. The Wisconsin Republican Party gave him $500,000 “and nearly $50,000 in donations from county Republican parties and the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee.”

The money allowed Protasiewicz to get a head start over Kelly:

As of March 22, her campaign had bought or reserved more than $10.1 million in ads, while Kelly had spent about $460,000, according to a tally by the Brennan Center for Justice.

Over the most recent six-week reporting period, Protasiewicz spent more than $8.3 million on ads compared with roughly $364,000 by Kelly. Third-party groups have helped Kelly narrow the gap, but Protasiewicz’s side still had spent more on TV and radio ads, based on tallies by the Brennan Center and others.

All of the spending, estimated at more than $30 million and climbing, has made the race the most expensive for a court seat in U.S. history. The prior record high was $15.4 million spent on an Illinois Supreme Court race in 2004.

Protasiewicz has focused on abortion, an issue the Supreme Court could decide on. When SCOTUS overturned Roe v. Wade, Wisconsin used an 1849 law banning abortion in almost all cases. Gov. Tony Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul want the law overturned, and the lawsuit will likely go to the state Supreme Court.

In April 2022, the conservative majority voted in favor of a redistricting map drawn by Republican lawmakers. If someone files a lawsuit, it could make it to the state Supreme Court. With the majority changed, the court could trash it. Protasiewicz already described the map as “rigged.”

Then we have the 2024 presidential election. In 2020, the Wisconsin “Supreme Court came within a vote of overturning President Joe Biden’s victory.”


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Looks like WI is going to get a lot more drag queen shows and voting anomalies.

It’s their money. A better message from the right could overcome it.

    Abortion is suicide by proxy. You may steal the life of the child but not its soul, which is immaterial and indestructible. You put your soul in jeopardy when you kill.
    It’s simple enough – the blind leading the blind.

    And the Innocent martyrs pray ceaselessly for their mothers and tormentors because that’s what innocent martyrs do!
    Mortal sin kills souls.
    No peace, no justice.
    My Soul, My Choice!

Everyone knows the Abortion vote will win.

It will be grassroots, get out the vote

Unfortunately Madison will beat that abortion drum and Milwaukee, besides all the cheating in those 2 cities

Always the cheating in those 2 cities

Halcyon Daze | March 28, 2023 at 6:46 pm

Meanwhile, the GOP are having conversations in their Cone of Silence.

Out of the jaws of winning, the Republicans will pull out defeat

Hey Ronnda, got any money? Any big names to beat the drum?

Actually Trump and DeSantis need to be there next THIS is a most important race

    So what are you doing yourself about this, gonzotx, except telling other people what you think they should be doing? So far all you have done is spend 10 seconds of your life to post a comment here. You have given no money, no effort, no nothing to make any difference in this election. Is that all you plan to do? Post comments here? Talk is cheap.

      mailman in reply to JR. | March 29, 2023 at 3:35 am

      Bless your heart JR 😂 I feel much safer in the knowledge the internet police like your good self are out there holding the line for us mere rubes 😂😂

There is no hope left for a 50 state Union. And that’s not a bad thing anymore.

Justice for sale???? What do you bid????

BierceAmbrose | March 29, 2023 at 12:33 am

If you can’t buy a winning team, buy the refs.

If you know that’s what they are doing … ? I’d expect a competent political operation to have an answer, so of course The Feckless R’s do not.

How much can you afford to drop in a hole when the other side outdigs you by cheating with power equipment?

Tomorrow (Wednesday), James O’Keefe drops a bomb about Democrats funneling huge and hugely illegal campaign contributions to their candidates, by attributing them to registered Democrats who don’t have two nickels to rub together.

In other news, the Claremont Institute leadership announced recently that they opened an office in Tallahassee. Vice News is reporting CI, formerly DJT’s favorite think tank, is dumping Trump to support DeSantis.

If you want to contribute money, as I just did, or volunteer for Daniel Kelly, the link is at