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Virginia Family Sentenced to Prison for Conspiracy to Commit Forced Labor

Virginia Family Sentenced to Prison for Conspiracy to Commit Forced Labor

“The defendants slapped, kicked and pushed the victim, even beat her with wooden board, and on one occasion hog-tied her hands and feet and dragged her down the stairs in front of her children.”

According to the DOJ, “A federal court sentenced a Virginia family to prison for conspiracy to commit forced labor for compelling the domestic labor of a Pakistani woman for 12 years.”  Zahida Aman, 80, and her two sons, Mohammed Naumman Chaudhri, 54, and Mohammed Rehan Chaudhri, 48, were convicted by a jury in May.

Prosecutors say the Virginia family physically and verbally abused the woman from 2002 to 2014:

According to the evidence presented in court, the defendants compelled the victim to serve the family as a domestic servant, using physical and verbal abuse, restricting communication with her family in Pakistan, confiscating her immigration documentation and money and eventually threatening to separate her from her children by deporting her to Pakistan. The defendants slapped, kicked and pushed the victim, even beat her with wooden board, and on one occasion hog-tied her hands and feet and dragged her down the stairs in front of her children. All of these coercive means were employed by the defendants to compel the victim’s labor in their home.

The evidence further showed that the defendants required the victim to work every day, beginning early each morning. They restricted her food, forbade her from learning to drive or speaking to anyone except the defendants’ family members and prohibited her from calling her family in Pakistan.

The family was forced to pay $250,000, but that doesn’t seem like it would be enough for the 12 years of forced labor and abuse the victim received. Zahida Aman was sentenced to 144 months, Mohammed Rehan Chaudhri to 120 months, and Mohammad Nauman Chaudhri was sentenced to 60 months. 



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If their names were Ethel, Douglas and John Earl McLane it would be headline news…

Clearly a case of white supremacy.

How long were the criminals in America?

We’re they natural born citizens or as often, the 3rd world countries sending their best to the US?

Seems ‘forced labor ‘ is a nice way to say slavery.
Going rate for reparations should apply, isn’t that $1M

I’m sure this is all just a mistake. Intersectionality analysis shows that both the family members and the Pakistani lady are oppressed. Therefore it is impossible for one to be abusive of the other. And you are a racist for buying into this white patriarchal narrative.


The Gentle Grizzly | January 28, 2023 at 7:32 pm

Way back in them-thar olden days before Hart-Sellout, we admitted people with education or skills useful to our nation, and that shared our Western / Judeo-Christian values and traits.

Now: admit the third world, GET the third world.

Shades of Leona Helmsley.

The perps thought they were still in PakiLand. Big mistake.

Dolce Far Niente | January 28, 2023 at 10:43 pm

Boy, these white Christian slaveowners are a disgrace, aren’t they?

Andrew Tate did enslave dozens of women and girls, using the lover boy method sex traffickers prefer than after they came to Romania accepting his marriage proposal forced them into prostitution.

Andrew Tate’s total number of victims however pales in comparison to MS 13

Here is an interview with an escapee from MS 13 slavery warning it is hard to watch

Perhaps leave Islam and ethnicity out of this story? The most prominent recent arrest of a slavery is of an American with dual citizenship (British) who went to Romania because he thought they would tolerate his sexual slavery operation, and the leading enslavers in this country would be MS 13, and the runner up is the Russian Mafia.

Modern slavery is an important story, please don’t use rare examples of Arabs being involved in it to be a bigot unless you intend to tell the female victims of MS 13 they were speaking Arabic.

    guyjones in reply to Danny. | January 29, 2023 at 10:16 am

    “Perhaps leave Islam and ethnicity out of this story?”

    That’s simply a ridiculous statement. Why? Slavery is an extant reality where the ideology of “Submission” is practiced in Africa and in Southeast Asia — to demand that that reality be sanitized for public relations purposes is morally obtuse and contemptible. Why are you expressing a misguided concern about damaging Islam’s reputation? I’d be more concerned about the pathologies intrinsic to that ideology and the behavior of many of that ideology’s adherents.

      Danny in reply to guyjones. | January 29, 2023 at 5:33 pm

      If you want to discuss modern slavery in the United States as an Islamic thing you might as well discuss our national security issues are alien invasions.

      I just went over the sources of almost all of the enslavement of free people in this country (MS 13, the Russian Mafia and various pimps across the nation).

      There are small numbers of Muslims who are psychopaths.

      Judging Islam based on them would be like judging Christianity based on this woman

      Every religion produces it’s psychopaths.

        BobM in reply to Danny. | January 30, 2023 at 11:05 am

        There’s an old joke this defense reminds me of.
        Q : What’s the difference between most Muslims and Muslim extremists?
        A : Muslim extremists believe they should kill you for “defaming their faith”.
        Whereas regular Muslims believe Muslim extremists should kill you for “defaming their faith”.

        Unfortunately, surveys of “most Muslims” don’t belie that meme,
        Taken at their words, the scriptures can be argued to defend both religion-based killing and enslavement – and in sharia countries and sub society’s such practices are not uncommon / defacto legal.

        Your non-Muslim neighbor has something you want?
        Claim you saw them burning a Koran or saying Islam is not all that and you can kill them and take their stuff. Bonus points – as a non Muslim any testimony to the contrary is legally worthless.
        Daughter doesn’t obey you? Kill them.

        Don’t pretend “all societies and customs are equally valid and good” for the sake of “tolerance”. If you wouldn’t want to live under a custom don’t be racist and pretend it’s OK for “them” because you hold other races to lower standards to avoid being racist.

        In India supposedly when a Brit official outlawed burning live widows alive when the husband died locals came to him to complain it was their “custom”.

        He responded “very well, you follow your custom and I’ll follow mine. My custom is to execute those who burn a widow as murderers.”

          Danny in reply to BobM. | January 30, 2023 at 7:58 pm

          Oh for the love of god just stop

          When you feel like being racist just stop

          When you feel like sounding like you are in Anton Denikin’s army in 1920 just stop

          When you feel like alienating a group of hard working middle class socially conservative Americans in order to engage in bigotry nobody in this country believes in just stop

          When you feel like continuing the George W Bush’ crusade STOP

          JUST STOP IT

          When you feel like continuing the George W Bush era JUST STOP

          In this country slavery has an MS 13, Russian Mafia, and local home boy pimp source not an Islamic one.

          If you want to burry your head in the sand and focus on a tiny number of Muslims who are criminals (while ignoring American Christians who are equally deranged like Mrs. Knotek who I have already linked a story on as an example) fine

          Just admit your agenda is not “I want people to be free” (If it was you would CARE ABOUT THE REAL MAJOR SOURCES OF ENSLAVEMENT IN THIS COUNTRY SUCH AS MS 13 AND THE RUSSIAN MAFIA AND YOUR LOCAL PIMPS) admit your agenda is “I hate Muslims”. Muslims are not a major source of crime in this country, (all of America’s worst hell holes are Muslim free zones).

          There was no reason to make this about race or religion and frankly if a Muslim read this threat congratulations on being a recruiter for the Democratic Party you likely made him a reliable Democrat voter for at least 50 years of his life and he is right to be so because minorities have a right to expect a bare minimum in not being dehumanized.

          Nobody will support a party that routinely dehumanizes them without a reason and searches for the most deranged psychopaths from their group and claims that is how they all are.

          You do not find that attractive from the Democrats when they dehumanize you why the hell would Muslims find your treatment of them acceptable?

          I will frankly not discuss dehumanization by taking a few passages from the Quran, there are plenty of controversial passages from the Bible I don’t like when leftists do that to us.

          The George W Bush years are over. We will either win as a religion coalition that will include non-Christians of all kinds (i.e. Jews and Muslims) or go extinct.

    CommoChief in reply to Danny. | January 29, 2023 at 11:15 am

    If being deliberately less than completely honest in order to influence the choices of others is in your view the equivalent of being enslaved you might want to stop by a military recruiting station. Those dudes use all sorts of deceptive and high pressure tactics to get young people to sing up for years.

      Andrew Tate according to Andrew Tate did not allow the women he tricked out of the house, and made them feel they had no choice and chatlogs confirming they weren’t allowed out confirm this.

      Andrew Tate according to his victims had their passports confiscated.

      Andrew Tate lured them to Romania by claiming he was going to be their husband.

      Chatlogs showing threat of violence to them if they don’t prostitute themselves.

      A woman literally had to physically escape and beg the American embassy to be protected from her enslaver.

      Now lets also remember at least one of his accomplices has squealed.

      Lets also add in that what he describes in his self snitching series is a full confession.

      The evidence Romanian police released to the public in the form of chat logs + Andrew Tate’s own confession in his videos, alone would convict you all 50 American states and all territories and in D.C.

      Romania has more evidence it has not shared with the public (obviously).

      Andrew Tate’s sex trafficking yes is enslavement. He moved to Romania (again according to Andrew Tate) because he knew doing the same thing in the U.K. would be a one way ticket to jail and he believed Romania to be corrupt enough that as long as his sex trafficking raised a profit he could bribe the police to be left alone.

      His 7 passports won’t help him out of a Romanian prison.

      In the military whatever lies they give you about your benefits you will be trained for the job you sign up for and you will do that job. They are open about it, they are getting you a job and it is your responsibility to negotiate for yourself. I can also confirm that if you do especially well at the math portion they give you an extra math test and if you do well at that to you will be offered nuke school so it isn’t a if their self interest always moves in one direction it could help you to if you are someone with value to them.

      This isn’t to say the military doesn’t trick people (especially about their benefits) but it is to say that the comparison is absurd.

    MosesZD in reply to Danny. | January 29, 2023 at 5:44 pm

    They’re not Arabs AND it’s vastly more common with Arabs, Blacks and Asians than Whites. Slavery, or forced labor in this case, gets you thrown in jail. In Africa there are open slave markets and chattel slavery. It’s terrible in Arab countries and even in Asia, especially in China which enslaves the Uyghurs.

    So get of your high-horse.

      Danny in reply to MosesZD. | January 30, 2023 at 12:03 am

      Nothing you said changes that the source of enslavement in this country is actually sex trafficking by mafias like MS 13, the Russian Mafia, and forced prostitution enforced by pimps, with tiny numbers of other deranged incidents.

      If you want some context of how large a problem modern slavery in the United States is from slavery globally fine, it changes nothing whatever about what is happening in this country where the oppressors are groups like MS 13.

    henrybowman in reply to Danny. | January 29, 2023 at 8:56 pm

    Please explain to us all why the alleged criminality of a British kickboxer in Romania has any relevance to the discussion of contemporary slavery in the United States of America.

      People who wanted to draw attention to the ethnic and religious background of the perps in this case made me do it.

      Andrew Tate is a dual citizen American/British citizen which should put blaming these crimes on ethnic background well not possible.