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The Damaging Effects of Wokeness Week in Education

The Damaging Effects of Wokeness Week in Education

Your weekly report on education news.

Progressive ideology has infected education on almost every level, as well as other areas of life. People are starting to notice and hopefully it’s not too late.

The left has gone so far that they look crazy.

The lack of political balance has led to a sort of dystopia.

This is truly Orwellian.

Is this the state of student journalism?

Because it’s like a cult.

Gender and sexuality are used to enforce an ideology and it’s working.

Not really surprising.

Of course.

Good for him.


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I don’t trust a physician under forty, maybe not under forty-five, to get away from the possibility of DEI indoctrination. And experience counts too. Call me paranoid but I prefer to think of it as caution.

I’m not going to say, but I was thinking it.

BierceAmbrose | December 3, 2022 at 4:19 pm

You’re gonna need a bigger web site.