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Dartmouth Student Workers’ Union Collective Demands Minimum Wages Over $20 an Hour

Dartmouth Student Workers’ Union Collective Demands Minimum Wages Over $20 an Hour

“We are simply taking back what is ours. It is us who run this school.”

The important aspect of this story is the language used by these students. Pay close attention to the quotes.

The College Fix reports:

Dartmouth student union demands $27 per hour for late-night barista jobs

Students at Dartmouth College are demanding a number of benefits, including an increased minimum wage of $21 per hour for campus jobs to $27 per hour for late-night shifts, including for those who work at a campus coffee shop.

The students, members of the Student Workers’ Union Collective, have held protests, circulated petitions, and used email and social media to push for their workplace demands throughout the past year.

Among their demands articulated at a November 3 event attended by The College Fix were higher wages, the removal of an unreliable espresso machine, and free meals for workers, as well as a schedule that better fits with their life as a student.

The students held hand-painted banners and signs that said, “Pay your f***ing workers,” “Support our struggle,” and “Listen to student workers.”

Kaya Colakoglu thanked his “fellow student workers and comrades,” and said that the protest was about a “class reality.” He criticized the “rich, white administrators and trustees who rule our university under a dictatorial austerity regime.”

“We are not asking for $21 [an] hour. We are demanding it,” he said. “We are not making a case for handouts for being looked after better. We are simply taking back what is ours. It is us who run this school.”

Colakoglu added “a man-made system [that] has made [it] so that even though it is us who makes the world spin, it is you who enjoys the fruits of our labor.”

He continued, “F*** that! We want it all! We don’t want a few dollars more. We don’t want your pity. We don’t want your handouts. We want the whole fucking world and we will settle for no less.”

“We have tasted power,” he said.

Colakoglu, who called himself a communist, is a Turkish international student and attended Uskudar American Academy, a private high school in Istanbul, he said.

When asked by The Fix to clarify who specifically he considered to be part of a “dictatorial austerity regime” at Dartmouth, Colakoglu declined to give any further comment.


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They are Real Snowflakes!

Fire them all and than hire people who really need a job to support their family!

    Though, admittedly, the college has obviously done them wrong, since they failed to educate them out of this idiocy or to teach them why they’re at university.

Seems like Colakoglu, a “communist and Turkish international student,” needs a hasty expulsion from the country and returned to his own. It’s not like there aren’t issues that need to be dealt with in Turkey, but the gutless coward wouldn’t dare say things like that there. It would be like our greenies going to China to protest; they only do it in the freest country in the world because they can, not because they need to.

Nobody is forcing him to go to college here or work at the college.

He spouts all the right commie terminology. I only wonder if he got that here or in the posh private school in Turkey.

“We are simply taking back what is ours. It is us who run this school.”

We will see the truth of that statement depending on how Dartmouth responds.

    jmireur in reply to Dimsdale. | December 13, 2022 at 2:14 pm

    Dimsdale, thank you for your quote about Mr Colakoglu saying ‘It is us who run this school.’

    So, problem solved! Just a matter of dropping by the proper office and advising the staff therein of the required changes.

    Hope we won’t have to listen to Colakoglu complain about increased taxes being withheld from his pay.

Well, somebody took An Intro History of the Labor Movement course. Or are they “trained Marxists?” When do the riots start, and who are they going to “mostly peacefully” burn down to make their point?

“It is us who run this school.”
Paging Elon Musk.

Is this where comedy writers lean their trade, Dartmouth? HILARIOUS..