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UMass Boston Hosts Speech by ‘Abolish the Family’ Scholar

UMass Boston Hosts Speech by ‘Abolish the Family’ Scholar

“Let us overthrow, in short, the ‘family’”

This concept is one of those things that the left will call a conspiracy theory, right up to the point where they admit that it’s real.

The College Fix reports:

Scholar’s ‘Abolish the Family’ speech hosted at UMass Boston

Hillary Clinton once famously wrote a book titled “It Takes A Village.” One feminist scholar is taking that argument one step further, arguing children should be raised by society rather than just their parents.

An expert on “feminist, trans and queer politics and philosophy,” scholar Sophie Lewis on Nov. 16 spoke at UMass Boston at an event named after her October 2022 book, “Abolish the Family: A Manifesto for Care and Liberation.”

Lewis has said in her various writing and interviews that her goal through “abolishing the family” is to reimagine the notion of the family past fatherhood and motherhood into a more universal sense, where children are not “property” of parents, but raised by society as a whole.

She spoke at UMass Boston at the invitation of the Center for Humanities, Culture, and Society.

Lewis, in an interview with The College Fix, said the center invited her given her “fearless and rigorous work breaking from traditional ways of thinking about institutions such as the family.”

flier for her UMass Boston event touted her August 2021 book: “Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family.”

“Let us overthrow, in short, the ‘family,’” its online description states.

Lewis has become something of an expert on the “Abolish the Family” concept.

“I suppose that I’m called to the challenge of thinking about these really difficult questions of how those intimate spheres are affected by capitalism and how they are political,” she said in an interview with Ben Smoke of Verso Books.


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Beehive society is great for the queen bee, and the soon-to-be queen bees. Not so much for the born-sterile, expendable workers, or the drones who are only tolerated until they mate with the upcoming queens, then are unceremoniously dumped out of the hive before winter.

Isn’t that what all tyranical (read it: socialist/communist) societies do, take and brainwash the children?

Look at our public schools and how children are being indoctrinated into CRT and groomed into the “joys” of transgenderism.

And you know it is already in effect when the schools hide this information from the parents.

This guy was cribbing from the BLM main org web site? I thought they scrubbed that right after people noticed.

They’re cribbing it from Brave New World. There’s no end of cautionary stories that the left misinterprets as user manuals.

    BierceAmbrose in reply to henrybowman. | November 23, 2022 at 1:21 pm

    That cautionary tale / user manual riff is way too on point any more. When a bald Dr. Evil lookin supervillian who’s launching a penis-rocket, n builds himself a yacht they have to take down a historical bridge to get to sea … satire is dead, too.

I’ll bet Sophie Lewis’s cats would like to overthrow her.

This is yet another example of American Marxism on display