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House Republicans Target Pentagon Funding Over Its ‘Woke’ Policies, Political Priorities

House Republicans Target Pentagon Funding Over Its ‘Woke’ Policies, Political Priorities

Part of proposed GOP plan, “Restoring Military Focus Act,”, would be to remove Pentagon position of chief diversity officer.

Now that the Republicans are the majority in the House of Representatives next session, they are targeting Pentagon funding in an attempt to replace political priorities with military ones.

House Republicans are weighing an effort to tie next year’s funding for the Pentagon to demands that include ending the military’s vaccine mandate and increasing scrutiny of where U.S. aid to Ukraine has gone.

Conservatives in the House have pushed their fellow Republicans to punt a vote on the final version of the National Defense Authorization Act [NDAA] to January, when the GOP will control the lower chamber.

GOP congressional leaders have signaled they may be on board with the plan.

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) suggested after Republicans held their leadership elections that he would work to hold up the defense spending bill until 2023.

“I’ve watched what the Democrats have done on many of these things, especially the NDAA — the wokeism that they want to bring in there,” McCarthy said earlier this month. “I actually believe the NDAA should hold up until the 1st of this year and let’s get it right.”

There are indications that Democrats may try including the NDAA in a final end-of-year spending package, instead of allowing a separate vote on the defense bill, due to the lack of floor time before Congress leaves for the year. They would try to jam through social justice and progressive priorities onto the military before leaving in December.

…For example, Democrats have included language in the fiscal year 2023 NDAA to extend the military draft to women, prompting Republicans led by Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., to introduce the “Don’t Draft our Daughters” amendment.

“The defense bill isn’t the place for Democrats to indulge the wild ideas of their latest social experiments, like forcing women to register for the draft,” Cotton told Fox News Digital. “If Democrats want to protect America and keep our troops safe, they should agree to pass a clean bill and leave their woke pet projects out of it.”

In other cases, Republicans are looking to include language to chip away at Biden administration policies they oppose.

[Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-TN] told Fox News Digital that she is worried about President Biden’s military vaccine mandate and will work to protect Americans against the “New Axis of Evil,” such as China and other adversaries, by ensuring the NDAA “protects our troops from being fired due to Biden’s vaccine mandate.” She said blunting the vaccine mandate is even more critical as the military faces a recruitment crisis.

The move pairs with a recent GOP report on “Woke Warfighters.” Part of the proposed Republican plan, “Restoring Military Focus Act,” would be to remove the Pentagon position of a chief diversity officer.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) argued in the 18-page document Monday that the White House’s “sustained assault fueled by woke virtue signaling” is “eroding our greatest source of security” in the world.

“Our military’s singular purpose is to ‘provide for the common defense’ of our nation. It cannot be turned into a left-wing social experiment,” Rubio and Roy wrote. “… It cannot be paralyzed by fear of offending the sensibilities of Ivy League faculty lounges or progressive pundits.”

The report was meant to lay the groundwork for the lawmakers’ forthcoming “Restoring Military Focus Act,” which would eliminate the Pentagon’s chief diversity officer position responsible for implementing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in the DoD.

In a statement unveiling the report, Rubio said the military “parroting woke nonsense” was “dumb” and “dangerous.”

If the House can reverse any of these woke policies, it would truly be in the best interest of our military and the nation.


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Since Wo rld War II, the Dept of Defense has been the #1 source for acceptance of racial integration and for upward mobility of African-Americnas. All of that achievement was based upon merit and not “woke” practices or beliefs.

Republicans are “weighing an effort,” and contemplating writing “sternly worded letters,” said Kevin McCathy.

Inspired leadership.

WTF would the r move anything other than a CR to cover between the Dec 16 end of funding and the next Congress being seated? Certainly not for anything short of major concessions.

McCarthy is already backsliding into weaseldom. Why did DJT endorse this weak kneed loser for a leadership role?

So they’re ‘weighing an effort’ to start having meetings to consider forming a committee to MAYBE target them.

What a strong statement! I’m STUNNED!

Civilians: go woke, go broke

Military: go woke, ask for more money

    Tiki in reply to Paula. | November 30, 2022 at 6:29 pm

    “Everything the Bolsheviks touch dies.”

    In Denikin’s Russia and the Caucasus 1919-1920
    Copyright 1921.
    by C.E. Bechhofer.

    Some things never change.

    Arminius in reply to Paula. | December 1, 2022 at 2:57 am

    No. The armed forces go woke, troops get killed.

    I honestly don’t know where to begin considering there are so many points of failure.

    How about here. A friend of mine was medically discharged when he developed diabetes and required insulin. Because he was no longer deployable. Shipping him insulin would take up too much precious cargo space if he were forward deployed. Never mind he was an experienced salvage diver who the Navy had probably invested millions in.

    But you’re transfer? Welcome aboard the Pride flotilla! The armed forces will make room for your hormone medications even if it means mission critical supplies like, I dunno, ammo? Have to be left on the tarmac.

    aivanther in reply to Paula. | December 1, 2022 at 2:29 pm

    To be fair, DoD solution to most things includes asking more money.

    But yeah.

About time there was some accountability. This is how you get out-of-control bureaucrats running the country.

We spend way, way more on DoD than we really need to

What has happened to the push to get women in the infantry? Last thing I remember reading was more than a year ago and field exercises with mixed units ended up with poor results. IRRC, shockingly, a major problem was weight of combat gear load out. Women barely got by until they had to carry ammunition, extra ammo for crew served weapons, etc. then hopeless.

Between the time my E-6 son deployed to the Rock Pile and the time he got back to The World, his Tennessee National Guard outfit started with the woke trash that took up time properly spent on combat training. In spite of my counseling and that of his superior NCOs and officers (including the office of the state Adjutant General!) he decided to get out of the Guard. Three more years would have given him a twenty year retirement but he couldn’t stand it any longer.

Looking back, I have to say I don’t blame him. If it had been that bad when I retired from the Air National Guard, I might have been that disgusted too.

The only good thing to come out of the military going woke is that Republicans are waking up the fact that we can’t spend a trillion dollars a year on armaments and be taken seriously as anything but someone who spends like a drunken sailor.