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I Have A Dream

I Have A Dream

On election night, what is best in life?

I have a dream.

That late in the evening in 11 days I will be able to play this video.

Wording allegedly from Genghis Khan:

[What, in all the world, could bring the greatest happiness?]
“The open steppe, a clear day, and a swift horse under you,” responded the officer after a little thought, “and a falcon on your wrist to start up hares.”
“Nay,” responded the Khan, “to crush your enemies, to see them fall at your feet — to take their horses and goods and hear the lamentation of their women. That is best.”

As quoted in Genghis Khan: The Emperor of All Men (1927) by Harold Lamb, Doubleday, p. 107.

But who cares about the provenance? It’s the thought that counts.


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Whoopee Peabody | October 28, 2022 at 9:10 pm

After they are crushed, I do not wish to hear their lamentations. I just want to see the look on their faces.

Close The Fed | October 28, 2022 at 9:11 pm

Indeed, indeed…. Warm and welcoming sentiments indeed.

Let us celebrate when all is said and done.

Subotai Bahadur | October 28, 2022 at 9:17 pm

And if the Left steals power again, probably permanently this time, what then?

Subotai Bahadur

Given the power, let’s hope they hear the voices and let the counterculture take full force. While there is still time. It’s past time to clean house.

But how are we going to tell if they are women????

“Nay,” responded the Khan, “to crush your enemies, to see them fall at your feet — to take their horses and goods and hear the lamentation of their women. That is best.”


disagree with gk–the highest goal of any warrior is peace–violence, as the last resort of good men, is unleashed with fury but applied as necessary only till peace is restored–not beyond so as to satisfy some personal (or national) desire for vengeance or revenge or retribution

Colonel Travis | October 29, 2022 at 12:58 am

Love your attitude, prof. I hope the losses for these jerks are great and painful.

I am worried about 2 things, though, which are related.

1.) Our side wins and does nothing of significance. Not really talking about the next two years. It will be easier in that time to stop bad things from happening vs. turning America around, with a (R) president and control of Congress. History in my lifetime has proven the (R) party to be mostly (not entirely) useless. New blood would certainly change that.

2.) The left, not just officeholders but media, pop culture, academia, legal, etc., turns more vicious and bold with tyranny, while our side just sits there and takes it instead of beating these people into the ground. I find nothing admirable about the left except their tenacity.

    The double-edged scalpel of conservativism: go along to get along until an intolerable progressive condition forces catastrophic anthropogenic climate change.

    JohnSmith100 in reply to Colonel Travis. | October 29, 2022 at 10:44 am

    “I find nothing admirable about the left except their tenacity.”

    It is important that they be held fully accountable for every one of their disreputable acts, every last one. retribution should be concentrated within one year.

    I want to see everyone who was persecuted made whole with perps’ assets. Everyone who was falsely imprisoned should be freed and given a role in holding their persecutors accountable.

That moment will come in 2024 when after 9 years of unrelenting politically corrupt persecution, Trump returns to the White House. That would represent the high water mark in US history for the power of the US Constitution. A resounding thunderclap to Franklin’s “Miracle of 1787” quote “A Republic, if you can keep it”.

This will be known as the Trump Era and MUST be capped by Trump emerging victorious. It just wouldn’t be the same were anyone else to win and claim we survived the Trump debacle. Trump was the savior, not the problem. Stories like this are what build a nations’ mythology and mythology is a critical part of building a lasting cultural foundation. Let’s leave behind a an epic story for the ages. We stared into the abyss and almost fell into it but turned it around just in time to begin the next leg of the great American story. Then, we can celebrate like never before.

“Enough is finally enough. Soon, you will see progressives and conservatives vote together to tame and then constrain the forever-war lobbying machine that has turned back the clock to a time when nuclear conflict is an incipient reality rather than an impossible nightmare.”

Be sure to get out there and vote! And don’t spoil this by making it a “conservative” victory. It won’t be. It will be an AMERICAN victory. It will take plenty of non-conservative Americans to make this Red Wave succeed. We are not aiming for a conservative takeover. We are aiming for a restoration of the US Constitution and that is the sleeping bear that is awakening. Celebrating those rare moments is what has made America great. Let’s add one more.

    Progress is an [unqualified] monotonic process. Progressives support the wicked solution, transgender conversion therapy (e.g. conflation, corruption of sex and gender), diversity [dogma] (e.g. racism, sexism), redistributive change, [catastrophic] [anthropogenic] immigration reform, etc.

    That said, yesteryear’s liberal (i.e. divergent) is today’s conservative.

      We are constitutionalists. That includes many “liberals” and most “conservatives. That is who Trump appeals to. It’s a large base of people that constitutes “the bear that has been awakened”. We must get out of our own echo chambers. The new “we” is much larger than the old “we” and stands on more solid constitutional ground. That’s new foundation this election will establish to launch the next assault on the Republican wing of the Uniparty. This is why we need all hands on deck…. Trump, DeSantis, Lake, Vance, and more and more others. And now Tulsi Gabbard draining the Democratic Party of their constitutionalists. The Venn diagram that redefined the Trump base is now becoming the de facto ruling party. So long Uniparty!

I would love to see Trump walk into the White House carrying a sink.

    Whoopee Peabody in reply to Pasadena Phil. | October 29, 2022 at 9:32 am

    It’s beginning to sink in that Trump would be much more careful whom he hired this time around.

      JohnSmith100 in reply to Whoopee Peabody. | October 29, 2022 at 10:49 am

      He was conned by RINOs and bureaucratic swamp critters.

        That’s hardly an excuse or a recommendation.

          JohnSmith100 in reply to txvet2. | October 29, 2022 at 6:35 pm

          I have commented before about over 20 years of grass root lobbying. I thought I understood the swamp, as it turned out it was orders of magnitude worse than I thought. I don’t think any of us understood the scope of the problem. That includes Trump. How could we. Trump forced them to show their hand. I think that Trump has the best chance of laying waste to the swamp.

          It is an excuse, a good excuse, and his knowledge of the problem and general tenaciousness is a recommendation.

      He’s going to have more to choose from and they won’t be in disguise wearing masks next time. That is another reason why DeSantis has to keep doing what he is doing. His moment is coming if he resists the siren’s call to his ego and decides to challenge Trump. He needs to be a key part of Trump’s return. By 2030, Trump will probably have accomplished everything he set out to accomplish. Hello DeSantis!

        “”By 2030, Trump will probably have accomplished everything””

        If he’s still President in 2030, he’ll have staged a real coup bigger than the Dems did in 2020.

          A bit clumsy wording but I expect it will take longer than 4 years to crush the Uniparty and a follow-up victory by DeSantis in 2028 to finish the job would be spectacular. Of course, were Trump to decide he’s done everything he can an so step down to hand it to DeSantis after two years, that would mean 10 years of DeSantis. I expect Trump’s six years (plus the four years in exile which were well spent) would have cleared the landscape of most of the problem and assuming DeSantis is the real deal, just imagine what a young President could accomplish.

Does anyone really think we will have results that night? PA is already sounding the alarm.. All it takes is a couple of “swing” states to screw things up to a fare thee well. I already voted… my $.02 is in a computer file somewhere,,, in a Dominion machine. So be it.

Question:. Is the thing in green male or female or is the point that we are not supposed to be able to tell any more?

Here lies Tamujin
The Kha Khan
The power of God on Earth
The Emperor of all Mankind

Victor Immature | October 31, 2022 at 4:53 am

Yeah, people felt that elation back in 2016 and look where we are now…
That was just a bump in the road. The thing is they own the media and “education” and thats what matters, Republicans didn’t stop that and now they’re can’t get anything consequential done.