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‘Remove the Pregnancy Tissue’: California has a Taxpayer-Funded Website Detailing Abortion Services and Resources

‘Remove the Pregnancy Tissue’: California has a Taxpayer-Funded Website Detailing Abortion Services and Resources

The website confirms females of any age, including those under 18, can get an abortion without consent in California.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom bragged about a new website from the government promoting the state’s abortion services and resources.

Bragging about using taxpayer money for a website to promote the murder of unborn human beings. Classy. Spending millions on a website because California has no other problems, right?

The state budget includes over “$200 million in additional funding for” abortions, including $1 million for the website.

Will California put this much effort into women who want to keep their baby or put the baby up for adoption? Or is it all about helping women kill their unborn babies?

Thank you, Gov. Newsom, for proving you are pro-abortion, not pro-choice. informs you that children “have the right to independently consent to their own abortion care.”

Yes, California will allow anyone under 18 from the state or any other state to get an abortion. A 10-year-old can walk into a clinic and get an abortion. No questions asked.

I wonder if a nurse at a school can give a child a Tylenol without a parent or guardian’s permission. Probably not. lists all 166 abortion clinics in California. You can view the whole list or search in a specific city.

Officials warn you of those awful Crisis Pregnancy Centers, too:

Someone, please inform the officials that a lot of those clinics offer information about abortions along with adoption and keeping the baby.

The website also tells you what types of abortions you have. The disregard for human life makes me so sick to my stomach.

“Aspiration” abortion up 16 weeks: “Your provider uses gentle suction and sometimes a small medical tool to remove the pregnancy tissue from your uterus. The procedure usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes.”

Pregnancy tissue? You mean baby. They suck and dig out your BABY. Women can feel their baby move between 14-16 weeks.

Dilation and evacuation (usually after 16 weeks): “Your provider will dilate your cervix and use small medical tools to remove the pregnancy tissue from your uterus. The procedure usually takes 10 to 20 minutes.”

To remove the BABY.

I forgot that they call his wife “First Partner.” Leslie, I don’t know how you survive in this state:

“Abortion is legal, safe and accessible here in California – whether or not you live here, know that we have your back. As Republican states continue rolling back fundamental civil rights and even try to prevent people from accessing information online or crossing state lines for care, you’re welcome here in California and we’ll continue to fight like hell for you,” said Governor Newsom. is available in Spanish and will be translated into several additional languages. The website includes an interactive Find a Provider tool for users to search for health care providers throughout California, as well as information if you live outside of California about the legal right to an abortion in California and traveling here to get services.

“In California we’ve made it clear that we trust women and respect every woman’s right to make decisions about their reproductive health and future,” said First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom. “We know that when those rights are taken, it can have grave consequences on women’s health, safety, economic security, and ability to live and thrive. So as other states seek to limit and fully strip their residents of these basic rights, we’re taking real steps to make it easier for those here – and out of state – to access care.”

Disgusting. Appalling. It’s like putting a sign outside announcing you’re a gun-free zone.

A resource for the Epsteins of the world to get abortions for their victims, especially since a parent or guardian doesn’t need to consent to their child getting an abortion.

Again, so much for being pro-choice. It’s all about hyping and promoting abortion.


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It makes one wonder why lefty leadership is so all-in on having mothers kill their totally dependent offspring.

If we take a step back, doesn’t that seem like the weirdest of hills to die on?

    nordic prince in reply to Dathurtz. | September 14, 2022 at 11:20 am

    It’s called “organ harvesting.”

    Lefty leadership is all about a no consequences world.
    Primarily no consequences for them. If abortion is not an option they will have to pay for the babies that there mistresses have. With safe legal abortion that only removes pregnancy tissue it is easy to pressure young dumb women into aborting your accidents.

    Dimsdale in reply to Dathurtz. | September 14, 2022 at 11:53 am

    “Abortion care” is an oxymoron.

One of the more disturbing things I saw was visiting a sheriff’s station in La Crescenta, California – their holding cell area had prominent signs offering free abortion services to anyone in custody.

Seems to me like if a baby is viable, you can terminate a pregnancy without terminating the baby – just deliver it early.

Newsom, Biden; Pelosi- all Roman Catholics- all rabidly pro-abortion. I only hope that the pusillanimous bishops and priests who yuck it up with them, and ignore their open and notorious defiance of church doctrine, suffer the fires of hell more intensely than does this evil trio.

    To his credit, Pelosi’s bishop said she was to be denied Communion. Naturally, Francis the Red gave her Communion when she was in the Vatican a few months ago.

Abortion now reduced to pagan ritual it seems. Ancient Aztecs would approve. “Remove the pregnancy tissue”. Good God, what a thing to say.

The Gentle Grizzly | September 14, 2022 at 8:36 am

I’m pro-choice for some cases but… “pregnancy tissue” is just vile terminology.

“Pregnancy tissue? You mean baby. They suck and dig out your BABY. Women can feel their baby move between 14-16 weeks.”

Fetus, actually. Parents who want a baby call it a baby, parents who don’t want a baby call it a fetus. The difference isn’t arbitrary but an important fact of ordinary language. Nobody calls it pregnancy tissue and they can be dismissed.

The reason ordinary language is a warning is that that’s what people are inclined to say, and in you insist on BABY then you lost half the population. They don’t think it’s that and you’re just wrong.

Everybody agrees you can call it a human in embryo, but few are inclined to call it a human. It’s just the way it’s seen. If you want to insist otherwise, you’re not enlightening them about that but about you.

You can do really well on the other hand portraying the fetus as cute, on a sonogram. That’s how agreement happens, protecting what is cute. Happens around 15 weeks.

    Mary Chastain in reply to rhhardin. | September 14, 2022 at 11:07 am

    I refuse to use fetus or other terms besides baby or unborn human being because the pro-abortionists have used the proper medical language to dehumanize the life growing inside a woman.

      Do what you want but it marks your arguments as activist. Ordinary language continues without you.

      Take a look at the sociological point of view, that you learn to be a human. Once born we agree to treat the newborn as a human, a sort of looking to the future; and you learn to be a human by being treated as a human. But responsibilities come with rights in the actual word.

      If my four-year-old wants to pay for dinner, I give him the money and he hands it to the cashier. Did he pay for dinner? Not fully. But if we treat it as paying for dinner then he learns more and more of the role. How treating as human works.

      Younger there’s a lot of say-foring – he says thank you etc.

      That’s the long-term equivalent of the human the moment the egg is fertilized school.

      I’d just go on preserving what is cute, it’s safer all around and produces stable agreement.

    gibbie in reply to rhhardin. | September 14, 2022 at 3:07 pm

    I have invented the “before and after” test for pregnancy.

    Before the pregnancy, you have zero additional human persons.

    After the pregnancy, you have either one or zero human persons – depending on whether the pregnancy was allowed to proceed to birth, or whether an abortion took place.

    What you call the intermediate state of the human person is irrelevant to the result of the test.

    This test is simple enough for even a leftist to understand. Although leftists seem to have some problems understanding what a “person” is.

      rhhardin in reply to gibbie. | September 14, 2022 at 5:40 pm

      You’re missing that parents wanting a baby, setting up a nursery and buying little baseball mitts and bats, are already counting the baby. It has a relation to them. Miscarriage is a tragedy to them. That’s all relevant, and also natural language at work.

      Nothing prevents them from being pro-choice at the same time. They take the relationship into account, is all.

“I forgot that they call his wife “First Partner.”

Because nobody in California will commit to declaring that she’s a woman.

I am troubled that there is no discussion of alternatives to the baby.

California appears to have adopted the new world order that we need to kill babies.

It will help us fight climate change!

    Mary Chastain in reply to ParkRidgeIL. | September 14, 2022 at 11:10 am

    Exactly. The pregnancy centers not associated with religions provide information for women on keeping the baby, adoption, and even abortion.

The abortion enthusiasts are in full power in Commiefornica.

$1 million for that website? LOL! The Cali taxpayers have been fleeced yet again.

Sanctuary state. Keep women affordable, available, and taxable, and the “burdens” h/t Obama of evidence aborted h/t WaPo and sequestered in darkness. #HateLovesAbortion

That said, can they abort the baby, cannibalize her profitable parts, sequester her carbon pollutants, and have her, too?

There is no mystery in sex and conception. Civilized society has compelling cause to discourage the performance of human rites for social, redistributive, clinical, political, and fair weather (e.g. climate stasis) special and peculiar interests.

I’m curious if pro-abortion California makes it easy and safe for child rape victims to eliminate the evidence of the crime? I have a vague recollection of certain kinds of child rapists no longer having to be listed as sexual predators on some government watch list. Apologies I know I’m being very vague but I can’t recall the details.