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CRT is “so widespread that it’s harder to find places where it’s not being taught” than places “where it is being taught”

CRT is “so widespread that it’s harder to find places where it’s not being taught” than places “where it is being taught”

My interview on The Daily Signal Podcast with host Doug Blair about our databases: “It’s truly frightening what’s happening in the medical community.”

Our project continues to receive attention. We have the most comprehensive database of fully-sourced documentation of Critical Race and related training in Higher Ed, Elite Private K-12 Schools, Medical Schools, and Military Academies. It is a major focus of the Legal Insurrection Foundation. It is time consuming and expensive to build out these databases, so donations always are appreciated.

I appeared recently on The Daily Signal podcast to talk about the databases and CRT more generally. I’ve appeared at The Daily Signal podcast several times in the past. They have a great audience and great hosts.

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My most recent appearance with host Doug Blair is featured in this Daily Signal post, CRT Infects Military Academies, Medical Schools, Bill Jacobson Says

Critical race theory has marched its way through many of America’s educational institutions. Angry elementary school parents noticed during the pandemic that their kids’ teachers were more inclined to teach them that white people were evil than to teach them to read.

Unfortunately, critical race theory—which views everything through the lenses of race and oppression—also has found fertile ground in America’s colleges and universities. More disturbingly, medical schools and military academies have fallen victim to it.

William “Bill” Jacobson, a law professor at Cornell Law School and founder of Legal Insurrection, has been tracking which institutions teach critical race theory, and how deep the rot goes, in a database at It’s not pretty, he says.

“It’s so widespread that it’s harder to find places where it’s not being taught, either directly or indirectly, than it is where it is being taught,” Jacobson says, adding:

When you have an educational system, which, almost [from] kindergarten now through higher education in most places in the country, teaches children and teachers that the most important thing in their life and the way to look at everything is through skin color—what do you expect to happen?

Jacobson joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss his database, and what the implications are for the rapid spread of critical race theory.

The post has a full transcript, which I excerpt below. Here is the podcast (my segment starts at 1:45):

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Partial Transcript (full transcript at The Daily Signal]

Blair: … What have you found out about how widespread this is as you’ve compiled the database?

Jacobson: Well, it’s so widespread that it’s harder to find places where it’s not being taught, either directly or indirectly, than it is where it is being taught.

So the website is And we started with a database of higher education, colleges and universities. We started with a little over 200, that’s when we turned the website live, and we’ve built that out now to over 500 and it’s pervasive.

Now it’s called different things in different places. Sometimes it’s called critical race theory. Sometimes it’s called diversity, equity, and inclusion. Sometimes it’s called anti-racism. But no matter what it’s called, the point is to focus the study of society and the evaluation of society through a racial lens.

We then expanded the database because we got a tip that this was also very pervasive in the elite private schools. The national private schools, private K-12, that could cost $50,000 or $60,000 or $70,000 a year, basically what college costs, and where the wealthiest and most powerful people in the country send their children.

And we found that as bad as it was in higher ed, it was even worse in these elite private schools. And we cover the top 50 ranked private schools, and it’s almost everywhere.

We then went one step further and we started to look at medical schools because I’ve written a lot about medical schools and the problems there. And so we rolled out a database of the top 50 ranked research medical schools. And as bad as it is in higher ed and as bad as it is in elite private schools, it’s even worse in medical schools.

What’s happening in the medical school community is truly frightening, and it is working its way into actual medical care where you see some states giving preferences based on race and skin color for different sort of therapeutics.

And last but not least, the final piece we rolled out, which is a much smaller one because there are fewer of them, were military service academies. And so just about a month or two ago, we rolled out that database of the obvious ones, the Air Force Academy, West Point, Naval Academy, Merchant Marine Academy, Coast Guard Academy.

And so we did that and there’s good and bad news there, which is, it’s not nearly as bad as every place else, but I would describe it as a beachhead that these theories and this approach has established a beachhead at the military academy.

So at, we have this ever expanding, intensifying database. Each of these databases has an interactive map. So you can hover over the state and you can click on a state and then you can click on a school. And every single piece of data there is sourced and it has not just a source link, but an archived link in case it disappears.

And so that’s what we’ve done. We’ve created this thing that documents what’s going on.


Blair: The other massive one that you mentioned is medical schools, which seems like such an odd place to put a theory that’s going to essentially make race the prime determinant in what you do. I mean, you mentioned that one of the ways they’re doing this is who gets medicine, who gets treatment based on historical discrimination and prejudice. I mean, what justification can they have for this type of—it just seems so antithetical to medicine as a concept.

Jacobson: It’s truly frightening what’s happening in the medical community. And I am actually a named plaintiff individually in a lawsuit against the state of New York because when COVID therapeutics were in short supply, they issued guidelines, the Health Department, and these were guidelines arising out of this critical race view of the world. And in the guidelines, people who were non-white, which they did not define, got preference for these medications.

So everybody had to show you had COVID, you had symptoms presenting within five days, because the medications only work if you catch it early. But the fourth category was that you needed to show a risk factor, a personal risk factor, merely being non-white was deemed in writing by the Department of Health in New York as a risk factor. But if you were white, which of course they don’t define what that means, but if you were white, you would then have to show that you had a personal medical condition, like diabetes or heart trouble or something else, that put you at risk.

And so I’ve sued the state of New York. It’s now up on appeal because the issue was whether I had standing to sue because I hadn’t caught at that time COVID and I hadn’t sought the medication and that’ll be decided.

But that is a prime example of how this DEI/CRT ideology in medical schools is having real-world impacts medical providers. Medical health officials are actually acting upon it and implementing it in the way they treat patients. And it is a disaster in the making. It’s the exact opposite.

If two people walk into an emergency room with COVID and they meet the other qualifications, the question as to who gets the medicine should be who is sicker, who is more personally at risk, not what the color of your skin is.

But when you have an educational system which really almost through kindergarten now through higher education, in most places in the country, teaches children and teachers that the most important thing in their life and the way to look at everything is through skin color, what do you expect to happen? ….


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Shame them, wherever they are, in whatever capacity. Publish the names of the deviants who promulgate and propagate their malignant misrepresentations. Let them own it and wear it wherever they go so than anyone can readily recognize and know what they are dealing with.

    ConradCA in reply to NotKennedy. | September 1, 2022 at 3:09 pm

    Organize parents to demand that teachers and staff adhere Dr King’s dream that people be judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin or be fired.

I have good Drs, but they are in their 60’s for the most part. I am Very afraid because I will not go to a young woke freak Dr nor do I go to NP/PA’s unless I know they are competent, most are not. They take new nursing Grads with no experience and let them in NP school and they don’t get the medical training nor do they have the experience. Wasn’t always that way, but the schools get big bucks from the Government for the programs, they think they can have cheaper medical care for the masses and the Drs will be more supervisory and for the wealthy.
I’m a nurse with 40 years experience. We NEVER did not treat someone because of the color of their skin. NEVER!!!

When I got Covid 1/22 I was assigned to get the monoclonals twice, both times they canceled me, and yes you have a small window to get them. 10
Days I believe from diagnosis. My Dr said, we’ll Sandy it’s probably cause they are in short supply and-you have to be immunodeficient to get it now. I said, no, it’s because I’m White.

I have diabetes and post cancer, but I am White. I now fill out every form saying I’m Hispanic now.

The young Drs are arrogant and don’t know what they are talking about , not all but scary. Really hated working with hospitalists. The private Drs, I learned so much from them amd we had really professional respectful relationships , not with these new hospitalists, different breed and many not American.

and the majority are women, which I didn’t really see coming but they are like 60-65# of the med schools, however the average length a woman will stay practicing full time in medicine is 7 years, 7 years, due to family obligations. So all those spots that should be going to a male and aren’t, well the women get them for AA and then they don’t work. Not a good practice. I was also told by Dr friends that the Medical
Boards were being dumbed down

Gee, I wonder why…

E Howard Hunt | August 30, 2022 at 10:23 pm

CRT cannot be defeated because, by and large, its opponents are themselves engaging in a racial fantasy. The stark, studied and irrefutable truth of extreme racial inferiority seems grossly unfair, not in keeping with religious sentiment and uncomfortable to confront. Therefore, any goodwill measure of accommodation or support is destined to fail and carry with it the indictment that such failure is due to racism (think disparate impact).

This fight was ceded long ago. Those on the right want to morally preen (albeit in a different fashion) as much as the woke left do. The fight can only be fought successfully by facing the very ugly truth.

    Why not state the “truth” more clearly. Isn’t CRT actually based on the premise of racial inferiority? Confronting truth is less hard than you think, and confronting “truth” increasingly required.

    Colonel Travis in reply to E Howard Hunt. | August 31, 2022 at 12:18 am

    Of course it can be defeated. Look at the school board elections in Florida. Name a leftist who isn’t living in fantasy land. Critical race theory is nothing more than Critical How Can I Put My Boot On Your Throat Using Racism As An Excuse Theory. It’s the same BS as Critical Tranny Theory, Critical Gay Sex Is The Highest Virtue In America Theory, Critical Republicans Are Fascists Theory, etc.

    All it takes is backbone, truth and endurance.

It will be a slog, but at least it has begun. One of the few gifts of covid has been an awakening, especially by parents who see usurption of their rights and indoctrination by extremists that could care less abouth their children.

CRT is the real pandemic.

CRT is Marxism

It is worth noting that once went live, it looks like it took on a life of its own. There are lots of people involved in resisting this plague. It’s like Bongino likes to say: “Suppressing freedom is like trying to hold a balloon underwater.”

Often, the key is to provide an avenue for nature to take its course. is one of those new avenues. Attaches itself to the spinal cord of the enemy and nature does the rest.

Steven Brizel | August 31, 2022 at 8:18 am

CRT is one of the critical elements of American Marxism and must be fought everywhere by whatever legal means possible

It’s a good time to revisit this stunning (to me at least) article from the LA Times in 2009.

I fear it may be too late to save public education. I hope I’m wrong. Regardless, conservatives need to play the long game and start opening no-nonsense, pro-capitalism, schools with classical liberal curricula.

“Spitting in the Eye of Mainstream Education”:

It was right in front of us all along

So, where the Hell am I supposed to send my kid to college??

    Best bet, no where. College degrees are now meaningless, and the higher up the ivy league they grow, the less meaningful they are. /just my two cents

      LukeHandCool in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | August 31, 2022 at 1:12 pm

      Companies/businesses should be encouraged to develop their own aptitude tests or whatever they might be called.

      Students in Japan who graduate high school are roughly on par with American students who earn a bachelor’s degree.

      Four years of university in Japan are seen as a time for students to enjoy themselves and take on fun part-time jobs because the high pressure and serious study through high school and then gaining admittance to a university is 98% of the ballgame. University students in Japan do little studying.

      And the corporations that hire them upon graduation train them and educate them in serious fashion.

      Any non-woke companies/businesses out there should make a point of hiring bright, talented individuals who don’t want to take on tons of debt earning a degree that is meaning less and less.

        “companies” have littered their org charts with Diversity hires. They are not capable. I’m experiencing this now and it cannot be undone.

        The upside is middle management has been full of idiots for ages, but we’re talking about positions where capability matters. These F500 companies aren’t just going to “fire” them– even worse is these woke people are in charge of other hiring decisions.

        I was hired because my diversity hire skip level was on leave. I’m white, he’s not. He would not have hired me. He’s also in the bottom half of effective leaders I’ve ever met. He was chosen for his position over a few other people who were more qualified.

        This will end badly for America and the world.

    I met my wife at UCLA in the late 70s when I got my Electrical Engineering degree and she was studying Finance. We are Californians but ended up moving to the East Coast in 96 due to business. We found issues with the school system, Loudoun County, VA, that my sons went to. We had issues with the teachers, the admin, and the school board. My boys finished in the early 2000s and decided to go to different Trade Schools. It was a good decision for each. They paid for it and it cost less then half a year of college. They each make about 6 figures, have houses, cars. and good bank accounts. One has a family.

“We simply document what they are saying they are doing.” –Professor Jacobson

Aha!! So you admit you are no different than the extremist Libs of TikTok, directly quoting people verbatim!!

My G-d!! I’m literally shaking right now.

Thank goodness, as President Biden just said yesterday, the Second Amendment and all your guns would do you and your directly-quoting-verbatim radical, fascist ilk no good at overthrowing the government.

As President Biden said, you’d need F-15s to even stand a tiny chance of carrying out your plans!!

Now let me stop shaking and I’ll get back to you how that squares with the narrative that January 6 put our democracy in grave peril as a ragtag bunch of mostly senior citizens, all unarmed, walked around the Capitol Building taking selfies.

You just don’t see the logic, do you? Evil, fascist, logic-spewing “law” professor!!