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Student Govt. at U. North Texas Wants ‘Transphobic’ Clubs Banned From Campus

Student Govt. at U. North Texas Wants ‘Transphobic’ Clubs Banned From Campus

“protect the mental, emotional, and physical health of transgender students at UNT”

The free speech group FIRE, says this move goes too far and violates First Amendment rights.

The College Fix reports:

UNT student government wants ‘transphobic’ clubs banned

The student government at the University of North Texas wants school officials to ban “transphobic” clubs from campus.

The Student Government Association passed a resolution at the end of the semester that demanded immediate suspension for “any UNT Student Organization that engages in harassment, discrimination, hate crimes, and/or violation of UNT policy through transphobic posts, statements, and actions.”

This must be done to “protect the mental, emotional, and physical health of transgender students at UNT.”

The resolution came after the Young Conservatives of Texas chapter hosted an event with Jeff Younger, a former Republican candidate for state house. Younger became a public figure due to his legal battles with his ex-wife over her desire to raise his son as a girl. Leftists interrupted the event with chants of “F*** these fascists.”

The SGA has not responded to emails and Facebook messages sent in the past month that asked about free speech implications and the current status of the resolution.

UNT spokesperson Trista Moxley did not respond to an inquiry on June 9 that asked if the school would implement the resolution or if would inform the student government that it would not.

A free speech group told The College Fix via email that the resolution’s implementation would violate First Amendment protections.

“While preventing discrimination on campuses is important, existing laws, like ones banning harassment or threats, are already in place to combat those issues,” Program Officer Graham Piro with the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, told The Fix via email on Monday.

“This revolution goes too far by threatening student group funding even where those groups are simply expressing views protected by the First Amendment,” he stated.


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“This must be done to protect the mental, emotional, and physical health of transgender students at UNT.”

I think that ship has sailed.

henrybowman | June 20, 2022 at 2:31 pm

If anybody still has any doubts that government of all types at all levels is nothing if not an irresistible lure to concentrate sociopaths, best not voice them at this point.

Morning Sunshine | June 20, 2022 at 5:41 pm

Does that mean that the science club will be banned? the biology study groups?

University of North Texas was the place where they tried to fire a music professor for defending the study of an important 19th century theorist, Heinrich Schenker, despite his allegedly racist and nationalist views. Not incidentally, Schenker was Jewish. FIRE got involved—I don’t know what the outcome was.

I thought that “transphobic” meant “fear of trans people.” If the Student Government is so afraid of the political power of the trans lobby that they are taking these steps to infringe upon the freedom of association of this group of students, does that prove that the Student Government is transphobic? Hence, the Student Government should be immediately suspended, under its own resolution.

quote: “This must be done to “protect the mental, emotional, and physical health of transgender students at UNT.””

If these wierdoes are that delicte, perhaps they ought to withdraw from normal society with its bumps and shocks, and go find an old barn somewhere so they can have their little Bless Me Club all in private. Anything that frail and delicate needs to be isolated, perhaps even cocooned away from reality.

they forget that the ‘phobic” part of their new pet word means “afraid of, even deathly so”.

I do not like being around “trahsgende” folk, but am most decidedly NOT afraid of them. If anything I pity them in their deep delusions. Reminds me of th littie boy I knew growing up who liked to rpetend he was a puppy, He KNEW he was not, really, but pretended anyway Except in the winter he got mighty cold staying outside with almost nothing on, for hours on end. No other little boys wanted to go outside to id him in his delusionis.
No transition surgeries were ever suggested, else hemight have gained a pair of paws in place of his hind feet. And his flappy ears would have been a bit over the top. He did learn a pretty good imitation of the older puppy lifting his leg to water a fire hydrant, though, a skill a few others sort of envied for a short while.

But NO ONE was afraid of this kid/puppy, because we all know he was harmless. He never tried to lift his leg on any of us… good thing, too, because at that point we figured HE would have become the true phobic one…. a strong and overwhelming fear that he would suddenly find himself hurting in many places, having attempted to pee on some of us.

But I, nor anyone else I know, is phobic of these ridiculous creatures as they play their delusions out in public. Who COULD fear someone so deluded? Now if they were carrying M4 rifles and indicating a willingness to USE them against anyone questioning their veracity, that’s fish of a different colour.