14 House Republicans Vote for Gun “Safety” Bill

What is wrong with these people? Rhetorical question.

The final vote, 234-193, means the bill goes to Biden:

The 234-193 vote, with 14 Republicans joining all Democrats present in favor, put into law a requirement that background checks cover the juvenile and mental-health records of gun purchasers under 21 years of age. The bill would also encourage states to enact extreme risk protection orders, also known as red-flag laws, to allow courts to order guns to be temporarily removed from people deemed dangerous. It would impose new criminal penalties on straw purchases, or buying a gun for someone not permitted to, and gun trafficking.More than half of the $15 billion allocated over 10 years would go for mental-health services, including allowing more states to test community-based behavioral health centers with round-the-clock emergency psychiatric services. It provides grants for school security and violence-prevention programs. It also closes the so-called boyfriend loophole, banning dating partners or recent dating partners convicted of domestic violence from purchasing a firearm.

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