Public Universities in Florida Allow Students to Put Preferred Pronouns on IDs

This is what progressives expect taxpayers to fund so it can be “free.”

Campus Reform reports:

Florida universities record students’ preferred pronounsPublic universities in Florida are allowing students to add their preferred pronouns to various forms of university identification.In Fall 2021, for example, USF student newspaper The Oracle reported on the school’s plan to begin allowing students, faculty, and staff to add preferred pronouns to their USF IDs.The purpose of these new policies is to make campuses more inclusive and welcoming, University of South Florida [USF] Student Government (SG) Lt. Governor Kiara Brooks told Campus Reform.“University Communications and Marketing is in discussion with [SG] about redesigning the ID Card to support [putting preferred pronouns on ID cards],” the USF ID Card Office said when asked for comment.The university’s plan to incorporate preferred names and pronouns into their system, however, goes beyond ID cards.“Our IT department is working on a brand new Identity Management system [IMS] that allows students to offer their correct pronouns,” Brooks said. “This includes but is not limited to platforms including Oasis, Bulls Connect, Degree Works, and even possibly the housing and GEMS portals.”Brooks went on to say that the motivation behind these policies was to “affirm each student’s identity and to push to create an environment of belonging for all gender-diverse individuals here at the USF Tampa Campus.”The IMS will be launched in fall 2022, but students will have an opportunity to test the system before that, according to Brooks, adding that using preferred pronouns will be completely optional.

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