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California Won’t Give Up ‘Woke Math’ Program

California Won’t Give Up ‘Woke Math’ Program

“Like the return of the undead, woke math has come back to haunt California’s classrooms”

For the left, even something as basic as math must be politicized.

The California Globe reports:

California Refuses to Give Up ‘Woke Math’

“Like the return of the undead, woke math has come back to haunt California’s classrooms and make it even harder for the state’s struggling students to receive a quality education,” Lance Izumi, Senior Director of the Center for Education at the Pacific Research Institute writes at this week.

Last year, the California Department of Education released the first draft of a new curriculum framework for K-12 mathematics, which guides classroom teaching. But this release was only after a six-month delay due to pressure from members of Congress and other officials, parents, educators, and even school districts, Izumi and Wenyuan Wu, Executive Director of Californians for Equal Rights Foundation explained in July. Why the delay?

The “controversial and ideological 2021 proposed Math Framework rightly generated huge opposition because of the seismic changes it made to current math practices in California schools,” Izumi and Wu explained. “As noted in a letter against the proposal signed by 500 mathematicians and top educators, the framework politicizes math by assigning math problems that address ‘social inequalities,’ denies math as a neutral science, urges teachers to take a ‘justice-oriented perspective,’ and discourages accelerating talented students because of racial balancing considerations. As the letter emphasized, ‘The proposed framework would, in effect, de-mathematize math.’”

The delayed release was expected to bring about positive changes. But as Izumi warns this week, instead “Woke math returns to California.”

Izumi explains that the second draft says that the goal of teaching math will be to “promote racial justice.” “Indeed, five of the 14 chapters of the framework are focused on equity, with the CDE saying that ‘equity influences all aspects of this document.’”

This emphasis on “equity” is highly concerning because there is a big difference between “equity” and “equality.”


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denies math as a neutral science

Math isn’t a science, geniuses.

    coyote in reply to randian. | May 16, 2022 at 11:59 am

    You’re right. For the most part it isn’t. It’s merely the essential language of all sciences.

    The part where it actually is an experimental science is in what’s called chaos theory. Might want to read a little about it.

Eddie Coyle | May 18, 2022 at 8:17 am

Is it possible for teachers to just ignore this nonsense, or are they forced to by Dept heads?