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U. Texas at Austin Student Activists Protest in Favor of Trans Rights for Minors

U. Texas at Austin Student Activists Protest in Favor of Trans Rights for Minors

“Unite and Fight for Trans Liberation”

If we had an honest media, they might ask Democrats if they agree with this sentiment. Their base clearly thinks this is a hill to die on.

Campus Reform reports:

Texas students protest in favor ‘sex change’ operations for minors

The University of Texas at Austin group Students for Revolution organized a rally at the state capitol where it protested Governor Greg Abbott’s recent order stating that “a number of so-called ‘sex change’ procedures constitute child abuse under existing Texas law.”

The Feb. 27 protest was advertised on Instagram and the post obtained over 750 likes.

Campus Reform was on the ground as the event unfolded.

Approximately one-hundred protesters held signs featuring a variety of slogans.

Featured statements included: “They came for our kids, not today Ab-bitch!,” “F*** Greg Abbott”, “Trans rights are human rights”, “Students and workers fight for trans liberation”, “How do you spell murderer, APD,”, “Hate Kills,” and “One is not born but rather becomes a woman.”

Additionally, the protesters held a large banner that read “Greg Abbott, Enemy of the People. Unite and Fight for Trans Liberation.”

The group also participated in a number of chants expressing their outrage, including “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Transphobia has got to go,” “One solution, revolution,” “What do we want, trans liberation. When do we want it, now!,” and “No justice, no peace.”

During the event, one protester stated that Texas “represents the face of imperialism.”

“They represent the ruling class of this country who only cares about profits and do not care about the people,” the protester said. “The only way to truly achieve trans rights and truly stop wars like the one in Ukraine would be socialist revolution and the overthrow of the imperialist, capitalist system.”

Another protest organizer spoke about the campus environment of the University of Texas at Austin.

“I want to take a second and talk about what is happening at UT right now,” the protester began. “As we know, we have a large trans population at UT. They’re obviously under attack, but not only that, but our whole university system is under attack and… now Hartzell won’t stand up for us. It’s up to us to fight for trans rights and to fight for a community.”


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Im a UT grad and this is nothing less than Marxist nonsense. These kids need to move out and get under Putin’s wing.

“One solution, revolution,”
Your terms are acceptable.

e pluribus unum | March 20, 2022 at 7:47 pm

Irreversible castration of children is abhorrent.
The human brain is not fully developed until age 25, more or less. Yet these indoctrinated nincompoops – many whose brains are not fully developed – are embarrassing themselves, their families and their, God help us, their future offspring, for as long as the internets exists.
Science shows you cannot change your DNA. That is a fact. You can snip and suture, chemically castrate all you want, but the DNA won’t lie.

If, after age 25, some individual, of his own volition, still wants to do some surgery, and he can find a doctor willing to remove perfectly healthy organs, then he is free to do so. Leave the children alone. They will have their whole lives to regret their parents’ and teachers’ choices that were imposed on them.

I think that all Texans would be proud of “Texas “represents the face of imperialism.”” Remember the Alamo! Many people would claim that Texas has treated Oklahoma and New Mexico as its colonies. This unequal position plays out to this day at an annual ritual called the “Texas-Oklahoma football game.” (And I will not even venture into the relationship between Texas and Mexico or indigenous people.) The Dallas professional football team is called “The Cowboys.” Imperialism indeed!