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LIVE: Ukraine Says Russia Took Over Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant After Attack

LIVE: Ukraine Says Russia Took Over Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant After Attack

Sen. Graham called for Putin’s assassination.

We ended Thursday night watching the Russians shell the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Ukrainian authorities said everything was secured.

Then we wake up to the news that Russian troops control Europe’s largest nuclear power plant.

Live streams:

Sky News Journalist, Production Team Shot

Sky News journalist Stuart Ramsay and his team came under fire from Russians in Kyiv:

The five-person team had been doing a segment on civilian casualties on Monday when they were ambushed by what Ramsay called Russian “saboteurs” behind Ukrainian lines.

Recounting the moments that led up the assault, Mr Ramsay wrote: “Pointing weapons into our car, the last Ukrainian checkpoint suggested we shouldn’t go any further. We elected to call it a day and return to the centre of the city.

“The roads we had taken were now unsafe. Well, worse than that, really: they were instantaneously new front lines.”

Believing they were mistakenly being fired on by Ukrainian checkpoint guards, they shouted out that they were journalists, “but the rounds kept coming”.

“Bullets cascaded through the whole of the car, tracers, bullet flashes, windscreen glass, plastic seats, the steering wheel, and dashboard had disintegrated,” Ramsay wrote. “I do recall wondering if my death was going to be painful.”

They managed to film the encounter on the phones and can be heard using expletives as they duck for cover.

Russia “Limiting” Twitter

Soon it will be gone.

Germany’s Help to Ukraine is Not Much


Harris Going to Poland

Yes, the Biden administration is sending VP Kamala Harris to Poland. Has she ever made anything better? Has she done anything?!

Russia Bans Facebook

Earlier in the day, Russia banned foreign media outlets like the BBC and VOA for spreading disinformation.

Blinken Claims U.S. is Ready to do Everything to Stop the War

Are we, Blinken? I am not an interventionist but whatever you’re doing is not working. Haven’t we learned dictators don’t talk or respect diplomacy:

Washington is committed to doing every needed to stop the war in Ukraine, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said as he went into a meeting with his EU counterparts praising the bloc for the “historic” steps it has taken against Russia.

“We are faced together with what is President Putin’s war of choice: unprovoked, unjustified, and a war that is having horrific, horrific consequences for real people. For mothers, fathers. For children. We see the images on TV, and it has to stop,” he told reporters in Brussels.

“We’re committed to doing everything we can to to make it stop. So the coordination between us is vital,” he added, standing alongside the European Union’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell.

He said that beyond the risk for Ukrainians, Russia’s invasion has also put at risk fundamental principles established after two world wars that are important to keeping peace and security, “principles that President Putin is egregiously violating every single day”.

Missiles Hit Residential Buildings Near Kyiv

No Radiation Released From the Power Plant

So far, so good:

Rafael Mariano Grossi, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, confirmed in a press conference from Vienna, Austria, that a training facility building at the Zaporizhzhia Power Plant in Ukraine was hit by a Russian projectile and Ukrainian fire fighters extinguished the ensuing fire.

“We are fortunate there was no release of radiation and the integrity of the reactors was not compromised,” Gross said in the press conference, but said it’s time for “action. “We need to do something about this.”

He said he wants to head to Chernobyl for a meeting so that both sides of the conflict can agree to a framework to avoid attacking nuclear power plants in the future.

“We are ready to move,” he said of the IAEA.

He said that two security people at the plant were injured in the attack.

“I think we should not wait for something like this to happen” again, he added.

NATO is Ready

Are you, though? Are you truly ready, NATO? Or are you just going to put more troops on NATO’s borders? Looks like the latter:

Nato is “ready for a conflict” if needed, the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has warned.

Speaking in Brussels alongside the Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, Mr Blinken said: “Nato is a defensive alliance. We don’t want conflict. But if the conflict comes to us, we are ready for it.

“We will protect every inch of Nato territory”.

Overnight, the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine was seized by Russian forces after it came under attack earlier in the night.

The plant was targeted by Russian rockets and gunfire on Thursday, causing a fire onsite and worries over radiation levels. Ukraine’s president called the attack an act of “nuclear terrorism”.

Russia in Charge of Power Plant

From The Telegraph:

The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in Energodar has reportedly been seized by Russian forces after it came under attack earlier in the night.

The plant was targeted by Russian rockets and gunfire on Thursday, causing a fire onsite and worries over radiation levels.

Citing Ukrainian officials, Reuters is reporting it is now under Russian control.

The plant is Europe’s largest for nuclear power and accounts for 25 percent of Ukraine’s electricity.

Staff at the power plant told the media and government that the Russian troop want to use the nuclear power plant to blackmail Europe:

“They will be trying to mine the nuclear power plant and blackmail the whole of Europe,” Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant (ZNPP) employees wrote in the message early Friday morning as Russian troops attacked the plant, setting it on fire. Misha Gannytskyi, director general of the Ukrainian Independent Information Agency of News (UNIAN), provided Fox News this translation early Friday morning.

“Kadyrovtsy attacked the power plant,” another message reads. “Currently there is a battle between them and the National Guard of Ukraine. This is Kadyrovtsy group for sure.” UNIAN also published the message.

“Kadyrovtsy” refers to soldiers that look like the forces of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, Gannytskyi said. Many Chechens are fighting in Putin’s army.

Gannytskyi told Fox News Digital that Ukrainian officials fear that the Russians “can use this fact that they control the nuclear power plant to organize pressure on Ukraine, they can use that station like a big hostage.” The workers warned “that they are putting explosive materials near the buildings of the nuclear plant to provide pressure on the Ukrainian army, people.”

Will Putin Impose Martial Law?

Rumor has it that Putin will impose martial law on Friday. A lot of Russians fled the country on Thursday:

Fears are growing in Russia that President Vladimir Putin may impose martial law, as he moves his beleaguered economy and restive population on to a full war footing.

The Kremlin, which has already been arresting anti-war protesters and shutting down liberal media, has now called an extraordinary session of Parliament for Friday (Saturday AEDT) that could authorise emergency powers.

Media reports suggest thousands of Russians are trying to flee the country, as any declaration of martial law could shut the borders and prevent people leaving.

Tatiana Stanovaya, a non-resident scholar at the Carnegie Moscow Centre, is one of those suggesting martial law would be Mr Putin’s “logical response” to the crisis gripping the country as sanctions bite and the invasion of Ukraine takes its toll on his authority.

“The proclamation of martial law will allow the authorities to introduce military censorship; to increase the secrecy of the state’s activities … to ban all rallies and meetings; [and] to ban the work of public, international and foreign organisations that undermine the security of the country,” she said.

Sen. Graham Calls for Putin’s Assassination

Use your brains, people. Just don’t.

In case it gets deleted.

Power Plant Secured

Thank goodness:

Ukrainian authorities say the safety of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant is now secured, AFP reports.

A fire broke out at the major plant when it came under fire from Russian forces,

The director of the plant, Oleksandr Starukh, said “the nuclear safety is now guaranteed.”


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Miss Lindsey is banging her war drum earlier than usual. He will be standing beside Trump next week.

nordic_prince | March 4, 2022 at 8:14 am

Graham is an idiot.

Maybe Graham should focus on his handbag collection for the foreseeable future and let the men handle this one.

What is so annoying about how this story is being covered is no mention if any of the several nuclear plants in Ukraine have primary containment structures. These are typically the reinforced concrete domed structures and are quite strong. Most plants have them, but most notably, Chernobyl did not. A rather important point to clarify in a news story when shells and rockets are falling, but I have seen nary a mention. Does nothing for one’s opinion about journalists.

    Colonel Travis in reply to TheChemist. | March 4, 2022 at 9:35 am

    This one is protected by containment structures and apparently all the others in the country have the same design, from what I’ve read.

    daniel_ream in reply to TheChemist. | March 4, 2022 at 1:22 pm

    It’s a VVER reactor. It’s essentially impossible for those to melt down due to damage, by design. Even an explosion would be extremely difficult to trigger, intentionally or otherwise. A leak of radioactive material, yes; the most likely scenario would be clouds of radioactive steam released into the atmosphere in the event of complete containment failure.

    But as we saw with Chernobyl, even that isn’t anywhere near as dangerous as decades of anti-nuclear propaganda has been trying to convince us.

      It really doesn’t take a lot to trigger a shutdown at a nuke plant, and very little more to do permanent damage short of a meltdown. Even reactors with negative void coefficients can boil off all their water and leave the core exposed if circulation is stopped (as the Japanese know).

      Sure seems like Russia is intending on the long occupation by not breaking things they’ll need later.

    Ironclaw in reply to TheChemist. | March 4, 2022 at 7:48 pm

    Because of the design of this type of reactor, the coolant and the moderator are both water which means that if the cooling system fails, so does the system that helps sustain the reaction. Without moderator, you don’t end up with enough slow neutrons and the reaction fails, even more so as the core gets poisoned with xenon.

Graham is letting his uni party slip show as is Hannity and many others who claim to support an America first agenda. As sad and destructive as the events in Ukraine are this isn’t our fight.

So, now that the super dangerous nuclear power plant has been seized by Russia, are the Ukranians now committed to not attacking it? Or will it next be shelled by the Azov Battalion?

If Putin loses he will die, either by assassination or a traditional coup/show trial.

That said we can’t see through the fog of war to know what is happening right now.

I hope the Russian troops who are now running the nuclear power plant are more knowledgeable than the professional engineers who ran the Chernobyl plant.

thad_the_man | March 4, 2022 at 12:40 pm

Quick someone make a meme, LIndsey graham with a helmet ala Dukakis in khjakis with a rifle down his pantsz ( barrel end down of course ), saying “I’m ready to go and take out Putin.”

If the Russians had only wanted to take out the power, they would have just cut a few transmission lines instead.

They chose to capture the plant, not destroy it.

So now the Russians own at least 20% of the power generation in Ukraine. Interesting.

henrybowman | March 4, 2022 at 4:36 pm

“the Biden administration is sending VP Kamala Harris to Poland. Has she ever made anything better?”

She’s the administration’s sin-eater, their designated scapegoat.
She’s what the home team needs to trot out when the Emmanuel Goldstein narrative isn’t responsive to the situation.