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The Canadian truckers revealed where true power in society lies when things fall apart

The Canadian truckers revealed where true power in society lies when things fall apart

The people who deliver the food have more power than the people who consume the food. People like that angry Harvard Prof. are waking up to that. It should give you hope as we confront deep ‘woke’ societal rot.

Something’s happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear.

The Canadian Freedom Convoy shows the power of the “untouchables” is real, and it scares the hell out of the right people — like that angry former Obama DHS official and Harvard Prof. and CNN Analyst who wanted to slash their tires and destroy their livelihoods.

I feel like chanting, “The People, United, Will Never Be Defeated!”

A must read post is A night with the untouchables, from a Canadian writer who found the media narrative was not true:

I live in downtown Ottawa, right in the middle of the trucker convoy protest. They are literally camped out below my bedroom window. My new neighbours moved in on Friday and they seem determined to stay. I have read a lot about what my new neighbours are supposedly like, mostly from reporters and columnists who write from distant vantage points somewhere in the media heartland of Canada. Apparently the people who inhabit the patch of asphalt next to my bedroom are white supremacists, racists, hatemongers, pseudo-Trumpian grifters, and even QAnon-style nutters… What I haven’t noticed, not even once, are reporters from any of Canada’s news agencies walking among the trucks to find out who these people are. So last night, I decided to do just that – I introduced myself to my new neighbours….

They said that they didn’t want a country that forced people to get medical treatments such as vaccines. There was no hint of conspiracy theories in their conversation with me, not a hint of racist overtones or hateful demagoguery. I didn’t ask them if they had taken the vaccine, but they were adamant that they were not anti-vaxers….

They felt that they needed to stand up to a government that doesn’t understand what their lives are like. To be honest, I don’t know what their lives are like either – a group of young men who work outside all day with tools that they don’t even own. Vaccine mandates are a bridge too far for them. But again, not a hint of anti-vax conspiracy theories or deranged ideology….

As I finally made my way back home, after talking to dozens of truckers into the night, I realized I met someone from every province except PEI. They all have a deep love for this country. They believe in it. They believe in Canadians. These are the people that Canada relies on to build its infrastructure, deliver its goods, and fill the ranks of its military in times of war. The overwhelming concern they have is that the vaccine mandates are creating an untouchable class of Canadians. They didn’t make high-falutin arguments from Plato’s Republic, Locke’s treatises, or Bagehot’s interpretation of Westminster parliamentary systems. Instead, they see their government willing to push a class of people outside the boundaries of society, deny them a livelihood, and deny them full membership in the most welcoming country in the world; and they said enough. Last night I learned my new neighbours are not a monstrous faceless occupying mob. They are our moral conscience reminding us – with every blow of their horns – what we should have never forgotten: We are not a country that makes an untouchable class out of our citizens.

This so fits with what I observed during the Tea Party movement, a vicious and malicious smear campaign against patriots.

Yet as heartening at the Freedom Convoy movement is, two other must read articles accurately reflect the deep rot in this country perpetrated by one (or two) generations of progressivism.

The first, focused on education, is by Robert Pondiscio at Commentary, The Unbearable Bleakness of American Schooling. Read the whole thing, it’s devastating and accurate that the current educational approach is to lead children to tear down and hate their country:

When education becomes activism, it dwells exclusively in the bad and the broken; at least tacitly it encourages children to see their community and country as nothing more than a collection of problems to be solved, with none of the virtues and blessings of citizenship. Fair-minded people can see that gratitude for what works and outrage at what’s not working are equally important in a well-functioning civil society. But when only the latter is emphasized, it creates in the minds of students the impression that their country is reflexively antagonistic to their interests: What we have, what we have been given, and what some may seek to preserve is wrong, unjust, and must be dismantled, root and branch. If children view their country as mostly or entirely hostile to their well-being, they cannot help but get the sense that there is nothing worth protecting and preserving. It should not be a controversial notion to say that public education must proceed from a moral commitment, grounded in optimism and, yes, patriotism. You must love something before you seek to change it. It is suicidal to think public education should have as its object the dismantling of the institutions and ideals that birthed it in the first place….

Few would argue that children should grow up in a protective bubble, cosseted and coddled, insulated from history and the realities of life. It would be impossible in our information and social-media-saturated age. But something is at loose in the land, a change in the weather that has changed how children perceive the world and their place in it. As adults and as educators, we are not merely failing in our responsibility to be a reassuring presence in their lives, we seem perversely determined to normalize and even valorize their despair.

But enough of all this relatively cheerful stuff. A devastating article was sent to me by a conservative academic who called it a disturbing analysis. My response was that it was comprehensive as to the takeover of society, and I agree with almost all or all of it.

The article was No, The Revolution Isn’t Over, by N.S. Lyons, arguing that whatever the good signs about pushback against the ‘woke’ agenda, it is too deeply embedded throughout society to think it’s in retreat:

One would think that by now all these anti-woke conservatives and moderate liberals would have learned at least some of the bitter lessons from the last decade about how political power and cultural change actually work, but I guess not. They could have taken note of all the fundamental factors driving this ideological belief system, all of which had to be painstakingly uncovered, layer by layer, even as it swept through every institution. But they have not. (Like, do they even read the pages and pages of erudite Substack anthropology on the topic? No?) They could have recognized by now that this is not a simple political issue with a political solution, but they have not.

Look, honestly I really didn’t want to have to do this. Come the New Year I had resolved to focus on the positives and all that crap. But I haven’t seen anyone else do it, so guess I have no choice and the duty falls to me to deliver the pessimistic news: no, the Revolution is far from over.

So, in what might also serve as a handy tour guide to the vast depths of the ideological abyss, catalogued at length here – in convenient listicle format! – are twenty reasons to get woke and despair.

Read the full listicle. Two jumped out at me and ring very true from everything I’ve observed living in academia for almost 15 years and studying K-12, higher ed, and professional schools through Legal Insurrection and

9. Personnel is policy. Let’s imagine, for example, that some lawmakers officially ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory in their state’s schools or universities. Will this be the end of the matter? Will all the woke teachers and administrators who consider “consciousness raising” through “critical pedagogy” – or in general what Marxists call “praxis,” the constant need for the transformation of theory into practice – to be practically a religious commandment just stop doing so? No of course not. As one consultant/cleric recently advised teachers, “Don’t say critical race theory, just teach its precepts… You’re going to see how classroom teachers apply some of these pedagogical models in ways where they don’t even mention the words critical race theory but are doing anti-racist work.” Yes, the work of spreading the new good news shall not be stopped! After all, who is going to stop them? Will they be fired by the woke human resources department, or the woke principal? Abandoned by the woke teachers’ union? Reported to the state by their un-woke peers, all of whom have already been systematically purged from the collective for their heresy? If concerned parents do manage to get them fired, who will hire their replacements? Why… the woke HR department! The people who actually set the effective policy of any institution are inevitably the personnel located in the power centers closest to implementation. Or as a Chinese saying goes: “for every measure that comes down from on high, a countermeasure arises from below” (上有政策, 下有對策). That principle works equally well for a revolutionary professional managerial class as it does for beleaguered counter-revolutionary peasants. And in this case the reality is that…

10. All the institutional high ground is still occupied. Have the top universities already been retaken from the woke, or replaced? (No, one still imaginary university in Austin doesn’t count.) What about the elite finishing schools? The accreditation companies? Most mainstream news media? The social media companies? The publishing housesHollywood? The major foundations? The non-profits and the think tanks? The consulting and accounting companies? The investment banks? The NASDAQ? The digital service providers? The HR departments of the Fortune 500, and most of their boards? The law schools? The Bar Association? The permanent federal bureaucratic state? Heck, even Halliburton? No, at such a ludicrous suggestion the Cathedral merely echoes with the mocking laughter of the new woke high clerisy. They know from experience that…

Okay, not just two of them, these also:

11. Long marches are long. When Herbert Marcuse and the rest of the Neo-Marxists and critical theorists of the Frankfurt School finally took to heart Antonio Gramsci’s directive to seize “cultural hegemony” and first conceived of launching Rudi Dutschke’s “long march through the institutions,” it was only the start of the 1970s. It was not until almost fifty years later that their dream was realized. However much the last several years may have seemed like an avalanche of shockingly rapid ideological coup d’états to those who saw power abruptly change hands in their institutions, one after another, this suddenness was an illusion. Coups only succeed if the backers necessary to support them are already in place. And it took literally a generation of young intellectuals and activists simultaneously inspired and disillusioned by the left-radicalism of the 60s entering into and seeding the institutions, rising into positions of power, and cultivating another generation of trained foot soldiers for their influence to fully flower….

17. The opposition is still only political. Given all of the above, it should be clear by now that political opposition to the Revolution is rather unlikely to be sufficient – not without resistance on the cultural, educational, economic, technological, and media fronts as well, at a minimum. Yet what else has emerged so far? As outlined in detail above, the woke left is unloading huge amounts of cash to advance the social causes that matter to them. On what social causes has the right matched this level of funding, or even enthusiasm? Does the right even have social causes? …

It’s been a long time coming. It’s not just a 2020-2021 BLM thing.

Yes, the rot is real, deep, and embedded. It’s true.

But I come back to a theme I’ve hit before. The Left Controls Almost Everything, So Why Are They So Afraid?

They control virtually everything: The presidency, Congress, Higher Education, lower education, professional schools and organizations, Hollywood and the entertainment industry, Big Tech and every substantial social media platform, all the large mainstream broadcast, digital, and print media with the exception of News Corp. entities, the HR department of almost every major corporation and many of the boardrooms, the permanent federal bureaucracy, the Joint Chiefs and senior military leadership, the FBI and DOJ, and I could go on and on.

It’s hard to think of any major national institution the left doesn’t control, except maybe the U.S. Supreme Court depending on which side of the bed Roberts and Kavanaugh wake up that morning. Which is why they want to symbolically blow it up through court packing, if they could….

What is the left so afraid of at their moment of near total control? Do they know something we don’t?…

Like the animals that sense a tsunami coming long before it’s visible and run to higher ground, they feel it coming. It’s not a guarantee, but just the thought of it is creating panic.

Perhaps they know their strength is something of a charade, it’s unstable, it’s not organic, it’s coerced. When it collapses, they fear it will collapse like a house of cards.

That obvious fear gives me heart and hope. This rot is not natural, it’s manufactured. It can’t go on forever, or things fall apart. The perpetrators of that rot are not the producers of society.

The Canadian truckers revealed where true power in society lies when things fall apart. The people who deliver the food have more power than the people who consume the food. People like that angry Harvard Prof. are waking up to that.


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For years upon years what have socialists been yelling?

“Workers of the world, UNITE”

So when the Canadian workers did just that, the socialists suddenly weren’t happy when their long-held dream happened.

The reason: the NWO socialists weren’t in charge. Lots of tears being shed at both Pratt House and Chatham House.

Rupert Smedley Hepplewhite | February 13, 2022 at 9:54 pm

There are more of us than them.

    You need to be ready to punch them back after they’re punched you in the nose and stars are swirling around your head.

      Olinser in reply to 4fun. | February 13, 2022 at 11:04 pm

      You need to be ready to punch them back, AND ignore their bullshit calls for ‘civility’ after they’ve already punched you in the fucking face.

      That’s why Trump won. Because we were sick of milquetoast ‘conservatives’ like Romney meekly loosing gracefully.

        mrtomsr in reply to Olinser. | February 14, 2022 at 12:52 pm

        To me, the punch back is parking your rig and not delivering goods, thereby taking fines, arrest, and confiscation of assets away from the elite, not to mention the wind from their sails.

    Nearly 400,000 kulaks thought so too.

What you are witnessing is the the government is losing the consent of the governed.

The truckers should simply announce that at the first arrest, they will leave and never return to deliver the goods a city needs to survive.

Call it a boycott or embargo, if you will.

I prefer to call it a modern day siege without artillery or violence.

    randian in reply to Dr.K. | February 15, 2022 at 12:09 am

    What you are witnessing is the the government is losing the consent of the governed

    Governments worldwide are saying rather clearly that they no longer need the consent of the governed. New Zealand and France are cracking down hard, for example.

Love Trumps hate, isn’t that right Juliette?
You hit it on the head fscarn, they didn’t lead the truckers and now they’re understanding they won’t be the ones to lead their revolution.

I am so looking forward to seeing the video of Mz Kayyem slashing a 100 psi semi tire…..

    henrybowman in reply to Gosport. | February 14, 2022 at 4:43 am

    I am looking forward to seeing a video of a trucker’s “tire-thumper” verifying the roadworthiness of Mz Kayyem’s skull.

The single biggest lesson for me of the last 14 years or so is the same lessons taught by the Brazilian political philosopher, Olavo de Carvalho.

Find a video of his on YouTube translated in English (before they are all banned lol)

His biggest single point is that the right is caught up in debate and winning debates and points.

There is not enough focus on winning and using power. His point is that is all that matters.

It doesn’t matter if you are right if you don’t wield the power to do something about it.

The focus needs to be on gaining power. That is what the left focuses on, it is not what conservatives focus on.

Hence our feckless corrupt party leadership.

Focus on that to win. Gain and use power to advance the justice of conservative positions that will advance the good of all.

But above all legally seize and gain the power to do so.

The freedom convoy is a galvanizing moment because it’s a (so fa)r successful application of power similar to what the left does regularly.

It’s going to take lots, lots, lots more of this to gain and hold the power needed to keep our liberty safe.

    Liberty is never safe… we are one germ away from another lock down

    henrybowman in reply to PrincetonAl. | February 14, 2022 at 4:45 am

    “It doesn’t matter if you are right if you don’t wield the power to do something about it.
    The focus needs to be on gaining power. That is what the left focuses on, it is not what conservatives focus on.”

    “Oh, but if we use the enemy’s tactics, we become no better than they are!”
    Isn’t that what Hollywood teaches us (as they laugh themselves silly)?

    Where have you been all these years? I thought I was the only one saying that. Conservatives are always trying to win debates while losing the battles. We have lost so many battles yapping that we now find ourselves needing muscle… and the balls to use it.

      henrybowman in reply to Pasadena Phil. | February 14, 2022 at 10:28 am

      For years, I debated gun banners on the Internet. I knew I would never convert them, the goal was to convert the audience.

      It took me a while before I realized that all this effort wasn’t making a single thing better.

      Now my goal is simply to crush our enemies, to see them driven before us, and to hear the lamentations of their diverse and vibrant sexual partners.

    TX-rifraph in reply to PrincetonAl. | February 14, 2022 at 7:10 am

    Power and process delivers results. The leftists know that and say ridiculous things to get the conservatives to dabate while the leftists are doing damage elsewhere.

Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program.

When it comes to every control, mandate, invasion of privacy, “emergency power”, the goal posts to end the power grab have been moved to infinity and beyond.

Now the truckers say give it back. not everything, just this one thing. That request was met with a Stalinist bitch slap which ended with the monopoly of violence. Only one side was carrying ARs in this battle.

The same has been true for every blue state tyrant governor. Inslee aint giving it back. Brown aint giving it back, Newsome aint.

Even more disturbing is all of these people have survived and will survive the next election OR their successor will be equally as tyrannical. Jay Inslees successor will be the AG (Bob Ferguson). This AG is as anti-gun and anti-cop as they come. He’s prosecuting or ordering the prosecution (I should say lynchings) of several cops right now. Criminals have his state by the balls due to the legislation he pushed as AG… and I predict he will win the governors race in 2024 by 60/40.

So yes- the going Galt thing is a strong force. The other force is what to do when they decide YOU are the evil. Make no mistake we are no better than 1938 Germany right now and declining very fast.

There are numerous people livestreaming in real time in Ottawa and Windsor that are giving a true uneditted view of what is happening at ground zero all day and all night. These people are destroying any spin that the corporate media wants to sell you..
The protestors in downtown Ottawa are in a relatively small footprint with a few blocks completely blocked off, most streets in the area have at least one entire lane of travel, it is the police that have moved the concrete barriers in to blocl off areas to vehicle traffic.
There is no violence, no aggressive behavior, in many areas child friendly. Many have been doing community serice work by breaking up ice on sidewalks and shoveling snow.

“They control virtually everything: The presidency, Congress, Higher Education, lower education, professional schools and organizations…”

Don’t forget the big one: the token “opposition” party.

The one thing we can change for sure is the personal space we live in. The most frustrating aspect of all of this for me has been how easy it has been for the rot to infect and ruin families, friendships and community life. I have found success in pointing out the insanity of families and friends allowing politics to become the top value on their list of personal values. Politics should not even be on that list. It should be God, family, friends, community and so on.

Eventually, people wear down by that simple logic in the face of increasing frustration with the chaos and coldness of politics and what we are now not only expected to believe but required to believe under penalties that have grown to losing all of our rights. That is what we are seeing in the “Great Honkening”. We are instinctively rediscovering what matters in life and those who most rely on common sense for survival are leading the way. They are the ones talking about God and family and community. They have their societal priorities in synch with their most fundamental values as human beings. That is how we fight our way out of this fog. We bring people out of the fog. It starts slow…. then fast. Hopefully we are the beginning of the fast part. But we are far from out of the darkness.

One action people here can take starting today is get active in local politics – the low-level elected positions and boards where the left enters our lives with their poison. You can have an immediate impact that grows like an oak from an acorn.

Weird – no sign of anti vax element eh – other than the very fact that the don’t want to get vaxxed (reasons optional)

    henrybowman in reply to Fatkins. | February 14, 2022 at 10:30 am

    The vast majority of the protesters ARE vaxed, you gaslighting moron.

    CommoChief in reply to Fatkins. | February 14, 2022 at 11:36 am

    A strong pro individual liberty stance, in support of the most important minority; the minority of the single individual, isn’t ‘weird’. That is the default position of Western Culture.

    What’s weird is the recent, last 50 year drift, via infiltration of institutions then domination of institutions by the prog activists, towards collectivism in which a self appointed and self perpetuating elite attempts to morph into a neo-
    feudal ruling class based on their supposed expertise, education and virtue.

      Yet all these “educated, virtuous experts” can’t point to one problem that they have solved.

        CommoChief in reply to WTPuck. | February 14, 2022 at 4:13 pm

        Solve a problem? No, no, no; problems are not to be ‘solved’, that’s old school linear thinking that reinforces the hetero normative white male patriarchy. Problems are to be addressed, not solved.

        Addressed by increasing grant money and direct spending not to the individuals impacted by the problems but to a bureaucracy of of govt workers and NGO. These members of the bureaucracy are of course far more virtuous than you and I because their, lucrative, compensation does not come directly from the icky private sector with it’s capitalist and colonialist origins.

      Fatkins in reply to CommoChief. | February 15, 2022 at 9:02 am

      “That is the default position of Western Culture” Is it? Thats question of degree and this takes the idea of personal liberty way further than any previous iterations of the idea.

      The idea that progressives have been a dominant force is pretty weak too. Corporate interests have dominated. Look at actual policies – health care, education , lobbying rules, infrastructure etc its all based out of private capital interest.

      “self appointed and self perpetuating elite” self appointed? if you mean those with money sure they have advantages in getting elected otherwise I’m not sure what you mean?

      This is quite a deep topic so i suspect it will be a case of not entirely spelling out each others positions. Yours might have some merit its hard to tell from a brief snap shot of what youve said.

“9. Personnel is policy”

This is why the effort to “take back” the government school is a foolish waste of time.

Parents and churches have the power to remove their children from the government schools now. Do it now. It will no doubt be more difficult to do it in the future.

It looks like citizenfreepress just went full drudge. I hope they end up in the same position. SCUM!

Ms Kayyem and others like her must REALLY not like eating.

It’s been going on longer than 50 years. Perhaps since the beginning of recorded history. My mother was in college in the 1930s. She said that many then were preaching that God is dead and only idiots believed in an afterlife. Their rallying cry was “Comes the revolution!” They never realized that when the revolution arrived, as shown by Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Che, etc. they would be the first ones to be eliminated.
Who are the universities run by now? The Vietnam War draft dodgers who were lucky enough to be able to afford graduate school (no student loans then!) and their acolytes.

Were I in charge, truckers everywhere would take a two-week vacation. It’d be really cool if they did it when I was on the road. Have you seen I-40 between Little Rock and Nashville. Truck City.

Two weeks off. Maybe three. When people see the store shelves really empty, and there’s no milk, no bread, no eggs, no BlueBell icecream, then people mike take note of what the truckers are trying to tell us.

We’re all truckers, now.

When they got the attention of parents, via the CRT insanity, I believe, the jig was up.
That was THE CARD that’s gonna bring the house down.

If 1984 is their instruction manual, Atlas Shrugged is ours.

    udolpho in reply to petefrt. | February 18, 2022 at 6:07 pm

    Atlas Shrugged is seriously garbage literature written by someone who is best described as a sociopath. No thanks.

    I just want to live in a society that’s NOT run by sociopaths.