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Yale Psychiatry Students Triggered by Lecture Expressing Surprise There Are “Artisanal Coffee Shops” In Rural Ohio

Yale Psychiatry Students Triggered by Lecture Expressing Surprise There Are “Artisanal Coffee Shops” In Rural Ohio

“The language Dr. Satel used in her presentation was dehumanizing, demeaning, and classist toward individuals living in rural Ohio and for rural populations in general.”

A psychiatrist named Sally Satel, who used to be part of the faculty at Yale, gave a guest lecture at the school in January on the opioid crisis with a focus on a town in Ohio.

Shortly afterwards, a letter was sent to the department chair from “Concerned Yale Psychiatry Residents” which claimed her lecture was ‘traumatizing’ and accusing Satel of being a racist.

Last week, Dr. Satel published a column at Quillette decrying the injection of social justice in medicine, and described what happened last January:

On January 8th, 2021, I had my own encounter with intolerance in academic medicine. Via Zoom, I gave a Grand Rounds lecture to the Yale Department of Psychiatry, where I had been a resident for four years and an assistant professor for five. I left New Haven in 1993 to pursue a health policy fellowship in Washington, DC and eventually joined a think tank there, but remained a lecturer in the department. My talk was about the year I spent assisting with treatment efforts in Ironton, a small, embattled town in south-eastern Ohio that was reeling from the opioid crisis.

I discussed the “deaths of despair” phenomenon and showed photos of haunted industrial landscapes and the lonely downtown area. I presented national data on the characteristics of individuals who abused prescription pills and on the frequency with which addiction develops. I talked about the culture of prescribing in rural mining towns and the myriad factors that caused the crisis. I closed by highlighting the heroic efforts of Irontonians to boost the economy and the morale of their beloved town.

One month later, I received an e-mail from the chairman of the department, a fine man and brilliant researcher whom I have known since we were interns together in the 1980s. He admitted that he had not anticipated “the extent of the hurt and offense that folks would take” to my presence. He appended an anonymous complaint that he had received from an unspecified number of “Concerned Yale Psychiatry Residents.”

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has taken an interest in this case and describes the complaint:

After the talk, however, an unidentified and unenumerated group of “Concerned Yale Psychiatry Residents” sent a letter of complaint to John H. Krystal, chair of the department of psychiatry, objecting not only to the content of Satel’s lecture, but to the idea that Satel, a former assistant professor of psychiatry at Yale who remains a lecturer on the faculty, would be invited to give the address at all:

We, a concerned group of Yale Psychiatry residents, are writing this letter to express our disappointment with the Grand Rounds presentation given on January 8th, 2021 by Dr. Sally Satel. This presentation was given two days after the white supremacist insurrection that occurred at the Capitol and was further traumatizing to us and many of our colleagues.

The language Dr. Satel used in her presentation was dehumanizing, demeaning, and classist toward individuals living in rural Ohio and for rural populations in general. Dr. Satel is known for her highly problematic and racist canon that explicitly blames individuals facing structural inequities for their own health outcomes.

The “dehumanizing, demeaning, and classist” language in question? The letter gives two examples. First, the title: “My Year Abroad: Ironton, Ohio and Lessons from the Opioid Crisis.” Second, the letter mentions a brief, affectionate aside Satel made toward the end of her lecture, highlighting the owner of what she referred to as an “artisanal coffee shop, one I would not expect to find here.” This “dehumanization,” they write, “should never be given a platform in Yale Department of Psychiatry.”

What about that “highly problematic and racist canon?” The students focus their ire on two of Satel’s prior published works in particular. In her 2006 book “The Health Disparities Myth,” Satel and her co-author argue that socioeconomic status and geography factor far more than racial bias in explaining racial disparities in healthcare outcomes, which she does not deny exist. Satel makes a similar argument in another book cited by the residents, “PC, M.D.,” in which she argues that chalking up racial disparities in healthcare to racial bias oversimplifies the problem.

The letter condemns Satel for having “the audacity to challenge Reverend Al Sharpton, an exemplary individual and activist.”

So we’ve got a mention of January 6th, which had absolutely nothing to do with the lecture, followed up by a defense of Al Sharpton.

Does anyone else find the politicization of psychiatry and other forms of medicine disturbing? Then again, this is the school of psychiatry that used to be home to Dr. Bandy Lee. Suddenly, that whole situation makes more sense.

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The Friendly Grizzly | December 9, 2021 at 7:36 pm

Anonymous complaint should simply be ignored. If the complainers can’t step up to the plate, they aren’t worth listening to.

    Exactly. Any troll can use the first-person plural to give the impression of authority-by-numbers.

    I, and my 15,000 unnamed colleagues, agree this is an unacceptable ploy.

      MoeHowardwasright in reply to McGehee. | December 10, 2021 at 5:41 am

      Ahhh…The anonymous letter. See Mao’s “Culture Wars” for reference. She has been denounced, but not yet sent to a reeducation camp.

Honestly, I do kinda like this. Don’t get me wrong…I hate triggered aholes but at least they are attacking that big blue city elitism garbage. I just wish they’d apply that same ire towards the elitist blue city scumbags when they attack the rural South, too. We know that won’t happen.

“ The language Dr. Satel used in her presentation was dehumanizing, demeaning, and classist toward individuals living in rural Ohio and for rural populations in general.”

They’re sticking up for Deplorables???

    They’re not sticking up for anyone. They’re attacking. It’s what they do.

    nisquire in reply to alohahola. | December 10, 2021 at 2:37 pm

    I agree; this was puzzling. According to World Population Review (online), the population of 10,400 is 93.68% white; 3.86% black, and “two or more races,” 2.30%. Asian and other populations are negligible (under 0.1%). So what is the composition of the Yale med students who got bent out of shape?

      Kevin in reply to nisquire. | December 10, 2021 at 7:08 pm

      Probably majority Asian or black, the remainder white indoctrinated liberals, all of the above being socialists, of course. This letter was written by 1 person, not a group of “concerned Yale psychiatry residents”, I would be willing to bet. I am a recovering opiate addict, 22 years clean. The “opioid epidemic” is a ruse used by the charlatan to grind her cudgel against. Being in medication assisted treatment for this long has exposed me to quite a few shrinks. The ones who are involved in day to day treatment of actual patients by and large truly care, and are moderates or slightly left of center politically. The Yale types are usually attached to government organizations like SAMSHA, the DEA, or state licensing agencies. They see addicts as numbers on a graph. Your treatment or behavior matter not to them. My experience with opiate addiction, in Georgia, has shown the majority of people in treatment to be white people. Blacks, in my experience, prefer cocaine or alcohol, which is not helped by methadone or suboxone treatment as opiate addiction is. This usually precludes any concern on the part of the Yale type shrink, as whites are invisible statistics to them, to be swept under the rug in their attempt to take funding away from medication assisted treatment and shift it to the counseling intensive treatment modality they prefer, as it is only 5 to 10% effective at best, therefore ensuring a steady repeat business, and with it steady federal government funding with which to line their liberal pocketbook. The screed written by the Yalie is just another liberal graduate student showing anger because a white person was allowed to lecture on a subject that matters. She (I’d bet it’s a woman) would’ve preferred to have a gender studies type give a seminar that costs lots and accomplishes little.

I certainly wouldn’t want to be treated by a shrink who is so insecure as to be “traumatized” by a woman’s lecture on the drug crisis. They should all be SEEING shrinks rather than becoming shrinks.

This is one more case of woke students trying to see how much power they can grab and exercise on campus.

So much irony to unpack here.
Elite, credentialed Yale snob targeted for cancellation by Yale snowflakes for condescension towards residents of Deplorableville.
Sounds like the traveling appetizer plates are now in full swing at the left’s Eat Their Own banquet.
“Who do I have to set on fire to get a kombucha, here?”

The letter is a hoax. Right? Right?
That or certain psychiatry residents at Yale are insane.

“Al Sharpton is exemplary individual and activist”

Those are the people who are supposed to become psychiatrists? I wonder what color the sky is on their planet.

Yes.. that letter is disturbing.. very.

Johnny Weissmuller | December 9, 2021 at 8:09 pm

Clearly satire.

As a baby boomer, I recall
Ann Landers & Dear Abby getting their legs pulled with letters postmarked New Haven.

It’s penis envy.

For the Yale residents, the phrase “Physician, heal thyself” comes to mind.

Shut up, you warped asshole.

More importantly:

The left’s long game:

“Losing elections is a cost of doing business. For the Left, the point is to exploit election wins by issuing radical decrees and taking hard votes that usher in statist policies and drastic cultural change. Yes, it will be unpopular and will probably cost Democrats control of Congress or the White House for a cycle, or a few cycles. But based on long experience, Democrats are betting that Republicans will never even try to roll back the tide. In the meantime, the leftists who lose their elected and appointed posts will be handsomely rewarded — with board memberships, think-tank fellowships, academic perches, top executive positions in ever-more-woke corporate America, and so on. In no time flat, Republicans will stumble, the public will forget, Democrats will gradually win back control of the government, and the cycle will repeat itself.”

The bright side of this? The little WokeScolds will have plenty to do – analyzing each other!

Remember Bandy Lee, the Yale psychiatrist? Yale has already established its standards for the field of psychiatry.

Welcome to the voodoo world of woke medicine

Pretty sure we are dealing with a small group of black dumber than sh!t affirmative action students

These people are going to be doctors. I am not old yet but I’m working on it. I will end up using doctors that are being trained right now. How will these people act as professionals when we need them. If they only will listen to “science” that fits their already preset view of the world. It will not help that I will be an old white man when I need them.

Count the language here. It take the credibility of ur posts down.

As for psychiatrist, NYT did and article were doctors align and psychiatrist were far left and surgeons were the far right

Take a look at that anonymous complaint and see how many leftist bullet-point words are used: trauma, dehumanizing, etc.

Whjen Al Sharpton, a terrible anti Semite who was responsible for the Crown Heights pogroms and a professional racial agitator, is viewed as a “an exemplary individual and activist.”, that should tell you that something is terribly rotten at the woke paradise known as Yale

Dr. Satel is a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute & a member of FAIR in Medicine. That’s what you need to know to understand why the anonymous progressives in the Yale program are whining.

Psychiatry residents, as in residents of the ward it seems.

Having roots in SE Ohio ( not the Ironton area) most people wouldn’t take to kindly to someone like her and her Ivy league attitude.
She was probably shocked when she found out they actually had electric and indoor plumbing.

    Ohio Historian in reply to buck61. | December 10, 2021 at 1:22 pm

    Can you blame her for not knowing? Is it not the “intellectual” group of people which portrays all Trump voters as mentally retarded and white supremacists, and those of us in “flyover” country as lacking electricity, plumbing, and having a plethora of hate speech and guns? As a lieberal (spelling intentional) living in the urban he!!hole she calls home, she has no knowledge of what life is like anywhere in OH, so she would have drawn these absurd conclusions. For her to recognize that at least one of them was wrong is a symbol of hope, not of bias.

Progressive psychopathologies conceived, nurtured, and redistributed in phobic states. Fortunately, most people do not exercise liberal license to indulge diverse [dogma] (i.e. color judgment, class-based bigotry). #HateLovesAbortion

The only students as depressed as psychology/
psychiatry degree seekers are political science majors/post degree students.

Ohio Historian | December 10, 2021 at 1:16 pm

I found this particular in the letter totally relevant to why I oppose these particular psychiatrists ever being board certified.

“The letter condemns Satel for having ‘the audacity to challenge Reverend Al Sharpton, an exemplary individual and activist.'”

To claim that Sharpton is “exemplary”, you need to ignore the actual mental trauma that his bully pulpit campaigns did to the Duke lacrosse team and the other accusers that Sharpton has wrongfully accused with no evidence. For them to call this man “exemplary” is true, but only in a pejorative sense where he should be made an example of.

Couple that with the fact that the man stole payroll tax payments made by his employees (and has yet to repay them) makes him a moral reprobate. For psychiatrists to not be able to fathom when they are being lied to is a good reason to not certify them.

Seems more like these “students” should be the patients.

Can anyone ask for me why, why, why, I shoud treat an MBA from this piece o garbage as if it were worth a shit?

I understand the question answers itself.

If you really feal it needed lay it on me in Latin.

Res ipsa what? like I can’t work Duck Duck Go?

Aren’t combining the words “Yale” and “Psychiatry” an automatic admission of guilt?

Me and the strippers I just met want to keep this going as long as possible. As a drinking game. I know; let’s see who actually met some rap stars!


Actually grew up in Oakland.

Bonus note. One of my early cars, before I joined the Navy, was a bumble bee yellow Dodge Charger with a 440 Magnum rated at 375 hp. Upon acquiring it the car developed what turned out to be a vacuum leak. Now my best friend had a dad who was an Oakland cop. So when I acquired new cast off shit the dad loved it. As it was what he used to have and still wished he had. Seriously? He wanted a Dodge Aspen? For $800 I had the used hemi Polara.

So, the 440 Police Pursuit Special develops a vacuum leak. And what does Sonny, the Oakland PD SGT do? After fixing the vacuum leak he puts his chrystal class of vodka on my premium vynyl roof and says lets take her for a spin. And because the Dana 60 rear end has posi he lays a perfect 11 up hill, scattering children like chickens’

We loop around, I’m terrified. The Oakland cops are satisfied they fixed my problem. Now I get to walk that bumble bee yellow home, full of angry parents.

I wouldn’t trade if for nothing. Later in life I, Navy, had to own the Marine Corps’ crap. You know what? I’m jealous I didn’t think of it.

First. Why didn’t I think of that? I used to read the Tijuana liberty incident report and think. this s**t is brilliant!

How the f*** d0 you make it to a police station without pants?

Even in Mexixo?

Ok. They probably gave up their pants at some point.

The difference between a 44o Magnum and 44o Police was that the Police pursuit special had the NASCAR forged bottom end. Crank. Rods. But you don’t make horsepower with you bottom end. And the stock Chrysler rods and were good for more ponies than I could afford to make.

There is no substitute for cubic inches. Except cubic money.

The cast crank and rods. I could probably dominate Charlotte Motor Speedway. With a cast Chrysler bottom end. Still, I’m a dinosaur. When is the last time a Plymouth Sebring dominated Charlotte?

This may be information you can use if you are a collector. 440M stamped on the grease rail means you have a 440 Magnum. 440S means you have the police pursuit special It’s kind of like going after a Crown Vic. You can get a lot of former cop cars. Or taxis.