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Chicago Police Dispatcher Blasts Mayor Lori Lightfoot: “You’re a Disgrace”

Chicago Police Dispatcher Blasts Mayor Lori Lightfoot: “You’re a Disgrace”

“A shooting came up a few days ago and we couldn’t even get a unit over there. A unit could not even get to that scene until 10 plus minutes later because there was no one”

Chicago police dispatcher Keith Thornton Jr. is in the news this week due to his social media rant against Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Thornton is tired of the crime in Chicago and of police being demeaned and understaffed.

The Daily Mail reports:

‘You’re a disgrace…the City of Chicago is tired of it’: Police dispatcher eviscerates mayor Lori Lightfoot for letting city become a ‘death zone’ as murders hit 25-year high

A police dispatcher has labelled Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot ‘a disgrace’ for allowing the city to become a ‘death zone’ after murders hit a 25-year high.

Keith Thornton Jr. posted a video to Facebook on Christmas Eve slamming Lightfoot as well as the Superintendent of Police David Brown for failing to support the force.

He said he had been compelled to speak up because ‘several of my officers have texted me that they were scared … They have no backing and they’re scared of being out there by themselves, working in the 16th District.’

Thornton said officers in the district, which is in the northwest of the city, were so ‘shorthanded’ that if you call 911 from the area ‘officers are not coming to you.’

He said this wasn’t petty crimes – this was ‘females being beaten’ as well as stabbings and shootings.

‘A shooting came up a few days ago and we couldn’t even get a unit over there. A unit could not even get to that scene until 10 plus minutes later because there was no one,’ Thornton told viewers.

Here’s a video report from ABC News in Chicago:

Eric Bolling on Newsmax interviewed Thornton yesterday as well. Watch the whole thing or skip to the 5:15 mark:

Thornton’s original video is almost a half hour long but can be viewed here.

When it comes to big city mayors, it’s difficult to know who is worse – Lightfoot or Bill de Blasio of New York City. Neither of them will be remembered well by history.

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See, this guy is actually in a strategic position as a dispatcher. He can make note of which districts are rampant Defund The Policers, and send social workers to them instead, saving the real police personnel and equipment for districts whose citizens have above-vegetable IQs.
Of course, they’d never let him.

I can write the rest of this story:
Groot will immediately fire this guy for aggravated integrity.
Veritas or similar will pick him up to air his side of the story.
Then they will open up a GiveSendGo account to fund this guy’s inevitable unemployment.
Patriots will donate money to support this fellow, at the same time paying equal or more tax money under duress that will be used by his persecutors to victimize him and others like him.
It’s like being forced to place bets on both teams in crucial games.
I wish there were another financial model for such charity that would actively disadvantage the tyrants, but so far I haven’t found one.

One idea: Arizona has a truly progressive (in the GOOD sense of that word) state tax model, whereby structuring strategic donations (within dollar limits) to different classes of charity (e.g., educational scholarship funds, private community services such as food banks or eldercare, and public school activities) results in state tax CREDITS (not deductions, but 1-for-1 CREDITS) by which you can entirely eliminate your state tax due in amounts up to low four figures. If I owe $800, I could (for example) donate $400 to a public school program, $200 to a private food bank in my town, and $200 to an approved scholarship program at my church, and end up paying the state $0.

In a very real sense, it’s like the leftist dream of the ’60s, where you paid your taxes, but got to tell your government where they had to be used (the usual example was “not for the military”). I make sure my tax money stays in my immediate community and goes to services and programs I endorse. (Even the public school donation goes exclusively for the use of our local high school’s competitive high power rifle team, the only one remaining in the country. There’s a message for our politicians.)

Now, if only we could devise a similar program of tax credits for money donated to victims of government persecution. I’m trying to think of a classification that would encompass the diverse likes of this guy, Rittenhouse, 1/6 defendants, the CRT whistleblower, and so on, and so on. That would damn sure starve the beast in short order.

    Henry, you are an astute individual and a connoisseur of good policy. We must, however, remember the “law of unintended consequences.” What is enlightened and effective policy in a conservative environment becomes draconian marxism in a blue environment.

    For example: No $ for police, no $ for prisons, no $ for charter schools, no $ for any program, agency, department, etc., that the lefties label sexist, trans-phobe, racist, etc.; you know, the lefty-list-of-infinite-outrage.

    For every silver lining, a marxist black cloud lurks. As with the genie in a bottle, we must be VERY specific regarding our wishes. You have been with your comment, and kudos to you. I’m just not overly confident in the competence and intentions of those the lefties have chosen to rule over us, or the crazies who rule over them.

      henrybowman in reply to bear. | December 30, 2021 at 3:59 pm

      Net tax consumers, of course, will have zero leverage to game this system.

      And I’m not proposing the full-blown “let me tell you where you have to spend my money” tax choicery.

      There currently exists a mechanism whereby a lawyer can establish a formal “legal defense fund” for a client. It’s either a 501(c)(3) or equivalent to one, and all money given to that fund is tax deductible to anybody.

      So what happens if we kick the spice up a notch? Make the credit a tax credit instead of a tax deduction. Maybe there’s an annual limit… or maybe there isn’t. And, of course, the credit is only good to you up to the amount of your own taxes, anyway.

      So the Soroses of the world, who can pour their money into such a cause today without worrying about the tax benefits — and the Antifa/BLM thugs of the world, who are net tax parasites — get zero real benefit from it, while the productive citizen taxpayer gets great benefit from it.

      And the government, who was hoping to buy new CRT textbooks with that money, see it being “wasted” to thward their persecution of “enemies of the state.”

      Its a thought.

    Rather than social workers how about the dispatcher send the mayor and aldermen (alderpeople if you’re easily fooled) to the call.
    If the job is so easy they can defund the police then the mayor and aldermen can take a bit of time out of their day to handle these easy peasy calls.
    I’d love to see video of a totally stark raving mad naked lunatic smeared with his own feces facing off the mayor and aldermen. Pretty sure if it was allowed on youtube they’d hit a million views inside an hour.

Keep is posted for the Fund page. HenryB is sure To be right..

Depends on who writes the “history”.

Man, that guy is so fired…

Retired in Chicago | December 31, 2021 at 11:49 am

It’s sad but true, our mayor is a joke . Forget about all those jokes about how goofy she looks because that’s not her fault but her job performance is her fault. The riots were allowed to continue On and on And the cops are now spread so thin that not only are they in danger But we residents are in danger as well..Time for new leadership Because a stupid racist mayor is unacceptable anywhere. And like I said, Her looks are not her fault but I sure would like one that Was easier on the eyes, just saying.

Why in the hell do the people in Chicago vote for such idiots to the mayor’s office? Are they as stupid as zombie lightfoot?