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UConn Offers Exhibition and Series of Talks About Racial Bias in Puppetry

UConn Offers Exhibition and Series of Talks About Racial Bias in Puppetry

“staff spent $3,000 on creating the display spaces”

This is a reminder that there is no subject which the left will not investigate for evidence of racism.

Campus Reform reports:

‘Puppetry’s Racial Reckoning’: UConn spends $3k to expose racial bias in puppetry

The art of puppetry is a history of racism.

That assessment is the takeaway from the Fall Puppet Forum Series, a string of talks at the University of Connecticut, an program that accompanies the university’s Ballard Institute and Museum Puppetry’s exhibition, Puppetry’s Racial Reckoning.

University of Connecticut spokeswoman Stephanie Reitz told Campus Reform that in addition to consultations with various faculty throughout the university, staff spent $3,000 on creating the display spaces.

University of Connecticut student Isadore Johnson questioned the value of that appropriation when speaking to Campus Reform.

“Although I think puppetry’s racial reckoning is of dubious value,” Johnson said. “I also question the importance of the taxpayers supporting puppetry museums in general.”

“Exhibiting Racism in Museums” was the October 14 installment in the discussion series, during which speakers discussed stereotypes they claim are perpetuated in the art form.


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What would these people do if they had to get real jobs?

” spends $3k to expose racial bias in puppetry”

Thanks to Biden, lumber is godawful expensive.

For the exhibits, you need stocks of white pine, yellow pine, mahogany, red oak, and blackthorn.

Plus 10% for the Big Puppet-In-Chief.

It is art form.

Before too long, reform will enter the area of loose leaf note paper, which is so white, to be clearly racist. A new industry will emerge, dark paper, then light colored pens and pencils.