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Gen. Mark Milley Finally Concerned with China’s Hypersonic Missile Capability

Gen. Mark Milley Finally Concerned with China’s Hypersonic Missile Capability

Better late than never.

Just a few short weeks ago, Gen. Mark A. Milley, the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, considered anti-Trump publicity and critical race theory acceptance proper priorities.

We recently reported that the Chinese had conducted tests involving hypersonic missiles. Milley is now concerned China could be close to a “Sputnik” moment.

China’s testing of a hypersonic missile designed to evade American nuclear defenses was “very close” to a “Sputnik moment” for the United States, Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Wednesday in the first official confirmation of how Beijing’s demonstration of its weapon capabilities had taken American officials by surprise.

The tests, which could revive fears of a Cold War-like arms race, come as Beijing is spending heavily to modernize its military and may be seeking to expand its nuclear arsenal.

Two separate tests, reported earlier by The Financial Times, took place this summer, conducted in a fashion that Chinese officials knew would be highly visible to American satellites. But United States officials remained mostly silent until General Milley spoke on Wednesday, talking about the tests on a Bloomberg Television interview show hosted by David Rubenstein, the billionaire investor and philanthropist.

“I don’t know if it’s quite a Sputnik moment, but I think it’s very close to that,” General Milley said, making it clear he and other officials were surprised. The tests, he said, were a “very significant technological event,” and he said “it has all of our attention.”

As a reminder, Sputnik 1 was the first artificial Earth satellite launched by the Soviet Union in 1957. The event also launched the Space Race, which led to the American program’s history of achievements.

During the tests, the nuclear-capable hypersonic weapon was launched into space and orbited the Earth before re-entering the atmosphere and gliding toward its target in China. Milley, who is also bruised from his decisions during the Afghan withdrawal debacle, indicated that the US was also working on hypersonic missile technology.

Milley said he could not discuss details because aspects involved classified intelligence. He said the United States also is working on hypersonic weapons, whose key features include flight trajectory, speed and maneuverability that make them capable of evading early warning systems that are part of U.S. missile defenses. The U.S. has not conducted a hypersonic weapon test of the sort Milley said China had achieved.

Milley has been heavily criticized during his tenure as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, both for leading what some consider making the military “woke,” and for the hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan on his watch.

China has disputed Western news reports about its test, saying it was working on technology for a re-useable space vehicle for peaceful purposes.

Some U.S. defense experts say the worry about the Chinese hypersonic weapon is overblown.

James Acton of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace wrote in an essay last week that the United States has long been vulnerable to a Chinese nuclear attack.

“While the prospect of a nuclear attack against the United States is terrifying, this is no Sputnik moment — partly because it’s not entirely clear what was tested, but mostly because the threat of a Chinese nuclear attack on the United States isn’t remotely new,” Acton wrote.

However, given the recent failure of “experts” on other important matters, I am not consoled. It is past time for our military to focus on national defense rather than social justice.

Better late than never.


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Time to order up more Chanel No.5. Along with Prada, the US Army will be ready for action.

    Between this clown and Lloyd Austin, there’s still only half a brain between them.


      Milley is only concerned because the missile is phallic and calling it “Super” sonic may piss off some part of the LGBTQ+ crowd. You cannot have alpha-male symbolism.

      Pentagon just leaked Milley’s solution. The USA will now create impact pods for the Chinese missiles and thereby even out the gender disparity in military spending.

      In the interest of GENDER EQUITY -The USA defense budget will buy but one impact POD for every missile deployed in the USA arsenal. It will cost only $250 Billion. The impact PODS will absorb the missile and capture its energy. Scientists are now working on ways the PODS can attract the missiles and have made some progress on some types of perfume and make up that seem to do the trick – for inexplicable reasons.

      Furthermore, $200 Billion will be spend to paid missiles black brown and purple for race / gender equity. Too long have we painted missiles White because all the white supremacist designers and engineers are racists did not care to think of all the other colors.

        Ben Kent in reply to Ben Kent. | October 29, 2021 at 9:44 am

        ^ Typo Alert. last paragraph … “paid missiles black” should be “paint missiles black”

        healthguyfsu in reply to Ben Kent. | October 29, 2021 at 10:15 am

        Do the impact pods fool the missile by nagging it until it stops to ask for directions?

        MattMusson in reply to Ben Kent. | October 29, 2021 at 1:28 pm

        Now that Afghanistan is over the money is drying up. So, the Hypersonic Missile Gap is exactly what the Military Industrial Complex needs to Scare Americans into giving them more money.

With this guy, you have to read between the lines.

For example, when he says it was , “Very close to a sputnik moment” that means he was too late to switch to his brown pants.

When he says he could not “discuss details” because, “classified” it means he has no idea what happened, probably because he couldn’t remember the correct pronouns for whoever drew the short straw and had to brief him, so he was afraid to ask any questions.

When he says the U.S. is “also working” on hypersonic weapons, it means he’s hoping someone will explain to him soon what, “hypersonic” means and maybe even give him a clue as to whether we have a program (Hint: We do)

And so on. He’s the absolute best our country’s great military has ever produced. Or he would be if he learned the difference between “orderly withdrawal” and “panicked retreat.”

    henrybowman in reply to irv. | October 28, 2021 at 9:49 pm

    “When he says the U.S. is “also working” on hypersonic weapons, it means he’s hoping someone will explain to him soon what, “hypersonic” means”

    When he said that, he had it confused with “hypodermic.”

Milley wasn’t even alive when Sputnik went up, so he really has no clue of what it was like. We kids were stunned, and when we went to class the next day our teacher had built a model of Sputnik and had it hanging from our ceiling. The feeling in our class was: We can do better than the Russians, the whole country felt that way, and we did. Milley has no concept of the country pulling together to get into first place in an important field. He is a soft pretender, just like the rest of the federal government.

    ronk in reply to Rick. | October 28, 2021 at 7:17 pm

    you do realize we had the capability to orbit a satellite a year or two before the Russians but Eisenhower would not let them do because of the propaganda the Russians would have

      Rick in reply to ronk. | October 28, 2021 at 7:19 pm

      Yes, but we kids and teacher did not know that then.

        henrybowman in reply to Rick. | October 28, 2021 at 9:51 pm

        If we had the capability, we had a piss-poor way of showing it. The Vanguard series was infamous for excellence in horizontal flight and low-altitude illumination. Vertical, not so much, unless the smoke and flames counted.

          you need to know they didn’t want it to be a ‘military’ effort, hence NASA, the civilian missle group, the rocket that did put a US satellite in orbit was a icbm military

    txvet2 in reply to Rick. | October 28, 2021 at 11:20 pm

    The difference is that back then we had B-52’s with nuclear weapons……. Problem now is, we’re still flying the same B-52’s.

I guess he stuck his finger up his butt and found out which way the wind was blowing.

SeekingRationalThought | October 28, 2021 at 6:52 pm

Save us from political generals. They get people killed for no good reason. Unless you think their careers, egos and wallets are a good reason.

The CCP tried to call him first, but his phone battery was dead from giving news interviews about his importance.

Milley admitted he’s been calling China giving and them assurances and promising to let them know in advance of our plans. So they must be indebted to him. I’m sure they called him and gave him a heads up on their hypersonic missles, right? You mean they didn’t?

He’s been played like a fool.

Stupid useful idiot, your bosses pulled one over on you and you didn’t see it coming.

Don’t worry. We have a 4-star admiral who dresses like a woman, who will rally the troops.

Actually, a hypersonic missile is not much more of a problem than ballistic missiles, which are all hypersonic when they re-enter. And the faster a missile goes, the less quickly it can alter course to hit a moving target (eg an aircraft carrier) or to avoid being shot down.

I figured all military/naval rigor (there’s a difference) went out the window when the queen knighted Elton John.

Whoo, boy! I leave it to the rest of you to untangle all those figures of speech.

Now he’s worried? Now I’m beginning to think China wants us worried about hypersonic missiles. What’s the Fighting 69th Mechanized Hairdressers going to do anyway?

I guess Milley finally finished reading ‘White Rage’. Took a while. Lots of complex social pseudo-science concepts, and stuff. Word is he’ll get another medal for finishing it. And he has a spot on his chest picked out for it.

Moving on to some of the other things in his priority list he noticed the Chinese have a new strategic nuclear capable missile we have no defense for. How did that happen? The CIA, DIA, and NSC never mentioned that could happen. Must have been too busy with that ‘domestic terrorism’ threat.

Damn. He wanted to read ‘How To Become An Antiracist’ next but may not be able to get to it for awhile. Oh, bother.

“I want to learn about ‘white rage’ .” And, if I can find time in my busy schedule, I want to learn about Chinese, hypersonic, nuclear payload missiles. But, really, I want to learn about ‘white rage.’ ”

— Mark “Look at me; I’m so woke” Milley, Dhimmi-crat activist-zealot, playacting at being a general in the United States Armed Forces.

The fool/tool Milley will wait in the corner of his Mom’s basement and hope the warning call from the ChiCom General beats the hypersonic nuke. Good luck!

caseoftheblues | October 29, 2021 at 6:14 am

The only thing he is concerned about as regards to China’s development of hypersonic missles is that they didn’t have enough trans members on the development team

Bucky Barkingham | October 29, 2021 at 7:31 am

But surely Thoroughly Modern Milley’s Chinese counterpart gave him a courtesy call to alert him to the new ChiCom missle.

Insiders tell me he became concerned after it was learned the weapon only has two genders.

Now that they forced everything that won’t save us down our throats they have time to consider the threat.

Steven Brizel | October 29, 2021 at 2:25 pm

Milley sounds like the commander of the Pacific Fleet the day after Pearl Harbor after recognizing the dangerous abilities of the Japanese Fleet to do damage to battleships that were not prepared for a surprise aerial assault