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Federal grant gives college nearly $500k to increase ‘racial/ethnic and gender diversity in STEM’

Federal grant gives college nearly $500k to increase ‘racial/ethnic and gender diversity in STEM’

“The money will also be used to develop ‘culturally responsive pedagogy’.”

This might be fine if it were going to minority and female students who are prepared for the STEM fields and can succeed according to standards of academic excellence.  But we know that’s not what is happening.

Campus Reform reports:

Alverno College in Wisconsin recieved [sic] a $499,983 grant by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to increase “racial/ethnic and gender diversity in STEM.”

According to the NSF grant abstract, the money will be used to “directly engage” 400 students at the college who are currently enrolled in STEM courses and focus on connecting women and minority students to their “professional and social communities.”

The NSF, states that their HSI program helps the organization reach its goal of, “a more diverse and capable science and engineering workforce.”

The funds will go towards the university’s Truchan STEM Community Impact Program, which as one goal of “Supporting faculty development on culturally responsive pedagogy,” according to a press release by the university.

. . . . The NSF has awarded more and more funding to social justice-geared projects in recent years.

For example, the government organization gave almost $300,000 to Bucknell University in order to “uncover systemic inequities” in the science, technology, engineering, and math fields.

In 2020, the group gave one professor $350,000 in order to research over 2,600 landmarks across the country and study “the degree to which white supremacy and racial injustice is acknowledged.”


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