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Asian-American Female Silicon Valley Investor Steps Down From Board After Calling BLM “True Racists” Who Push Socialism

Asian-American Female Silicon Valley Investor Steps Down From Board After Calling BLM “True Racists” Who Push Socialism

“I truly believe this country by and large is not a racist country.”

The radical left that has swept into positions of power across American institutions has no qualms about attacking Asian women who don’t toe the corrupt, racist, socialist Democrat party line.

We’ve seen this for ages as black conservatives are deemed “not black” or “the black face of white supremacy” (whatever that means) and as female conservatives are consistently treated with (actual) misogynist glee, deemed not really women, and routinely attacked with threats of rape and sexually-sadistic torture by tolerant leftists. So it’s not really surprising that yet another woman, not even a conservative, is being “cancelled” by the ‘intersectional’ mob who really don’t care about race, gender, sexuality, or anything else they pretend to care about.

The only thing they seek and demand is ideological subservience to their anti- and un-American cult.

Case in point, Veronica Wu, a Silicon Valley investor, dared to “dismiss” racism and to say what she actually thinks about the self-proclaimed socialist Black Lives Matter group.

I kid you not, the Axios headline names her “sin” against their ideological cult: “Exclusive: Silicon Valley investor dismissed racism, called BLM “the true racists.” The horror! She “dismissed racism!” She dared hold and share her own thoughts! Of course, she was quickly punished and publicly shamed (by Axios) for her wrongthink.

Axios broke the story, but I loathe their clunky format for the intellectually impaired, so am using Business Insider:

Apparel giant VF Corp announced Tuesday that board member Veronica Wu had stepped down, days after Axios reported that she had dismissed racism in the US and called Black Lives Matter “the true racists.”

VF Corp said that “Wu’s decision to step down from the Board was not the result of any disagreement with VF on any matter relating to VF’s operations, policies or practices.”

VF is one of the largest apparel companies in the US, and owns Vans, North Face, and Timberland, among other brands.

According to the Axios report, Wu’s comments on racism appeared in an email that she sent in 2020 when she was employed at Hone Capital, a venture capital firm, as a managing partner. She was responding to a message from an office manager about Hone Capital’s decision to mark the Juneteenth holiday in 2020, Axios reported. This year, Juneteenth became a federal holiday in the US.

Wu was on VF’s board at the time. Wu is no longer employed with Hone Capital, according to her LinkedIn profile, which lists her current position as the founder and managing partner at First Bight Capital, a biotech venture capital firm.

“I don’t believe in Black Lives Matter,” Wu reportedly wrote in the email, which was reviewed by Axios. “If anything I think they are the true racists trying to stir up things to make this country going to socialism or even communism potentially.”

The Blaze has more:

Wu was responding to an email in 2020 from an officer manager inquiring about whether a company would celebrate Juneteenth, the holiday celebrating when news of the Emancipation Proclamation reached Galveston, Texas. He went on to explain that it was a part of the focus on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Wu responded by saying she didn’t support Black Lives Matter.

“This is where I am particularly not supportive. I have lived in the country as a minority and women [sic] for all my life. I have not experience much racism or discrimination as a minority or female. By and large, I was able to get opportunities to compete as fairly as I think,” read the email.

“I truly believe this country by and large is not a racist country. Not to say there are not people who might be (there might be minority and some extremists), but it is by far not the biggest problem this country is facing,” she continued.

“I don’t believe in Black Lives Matter. If anything I think they are the true racists trying to stir up things to make this country going [sic] to socialism or even communism potentially,” Wu continued later on in the email.

“That would be truly sad. I am a patriot. I appreciate all this country has given me, and believe it is a place where meritocracy thrive which is why it is such a great country. I don’t appreciate those who try to weaken it by undermining the meritocracy principles and try to stick to some race quota,” she explained.

She also said the decision about celebrating Juneteenth was not hers to make.

Fail to kneel to the Black Lives Matter/SJW/”antiracist” racists, and it doesn’t matter what color you are, which of the eleventy-million genders you’ve chosen that day, or whom you “love.” What matters is that you don’t chirp the same commie crap the rest of the commie crap chirpers chirp.

White guys, including the slimy grifting slugs at the Lincoln Project, are given a pass. Just look how long the “luv Guv” Cuomo stuck around despite his long history of sexual impropriety despite being a cis white male (the worst of the worst, according to the left). But the left loves cis white males, as long as they spout their antiracist racist garbage and promise really really hard and really really often to “fix” climate change, “inequity,” and “systemic racism.”

The faux-tribalism that still props up Democrats was created for the unwashed masses–including those churned out of indoctrination camps (also known as universities)–whom the left, correctly as it’s turned out, believed they could divide into voting blocs, promise the world, never deliver, and still keep their various identity blocs’ loyalty by creating hate and resentment amongst the intentionally divided and combative groups. They’ve created gaggles of hate-filled, joyless cultists whose sole purpose in life is to be offended and to reject with violence, dripping condescension, and projected self-loathing anything they deem even remotely “racist,” “sexist,” -phobic, and etc.

The cynicism and evil in this strategy are overwhelming, but it has worked for them. They now preside, precariously (with only slim majorities in Congress and a doddering white cis male in the WH), over an America in racial turmoil unseen for at least sixty years and over yawning ideological divides that can never be bridged. Yay!?


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Where was she wrong?

It’s a war on IQ.

So she had to step down for speaking the truth? Yeah, that’s about retarded enough for today’s world.

You don’t get thrown off Twitter for Lying. You get thrown off Twitter for telling the Truth.

Twitter is used by like 3% of the country, I don’t get it’s power

STOP using these social sites!

From Nazis braying Jew privilege to neo-Nazis braying White privilege, and Some, Select [Black] Lives Matter invading neightborhoods to intimidate families and residents. Take a knee, beg, good girl, boy, whatever.

Bitterlyclinging | September 9, 2021 at 3:53 pm

BLM had 24/7 access to the Obammunist while he was in office.
BLM/Antifa are the Obammunist’s version of Adolph Hitler’s brown shirted SA thugs meant to oppose and intimidate their political opposition and impose their political will on the people.

All I know is that two Wongs don’t make a White.

BLM are racists that push COMMUNISM.

Related: De Facto President Susan Rice moves US embassy out of Tel Aviv!

This is courage. Speaking up to express one’s fairly-made and reasonable opinion, knowing full-well that the consequences for doing so will be swift and severe, courtesy of the vile Dhimmi-crats’ obnoxious and vindictive totalitarianism and intolerance.

I tip my hat to this woman, and, to the millions of Americans like her.

Can anybody provide a list of people BLM has helped? That is, excluding the people running BLM.

North Face? They’ve been the face of Woke for years. I’m sure they can say that “this executive does not reflect our corporate principles” in total truth.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to henrybowman. | September 9, 2021 at 5:21 pm

    I’d not wear North Face for the same reason I wouldn’t wear a Rolex watch, even if I could afford one and was stupid enough to spend 5 figures on something that give me the time of day.

    Why be mugged or killed over a designer label?

Hmmm. I notice their stock price has slipped about 10% in recent days. Wonder if there’s is a connection?

Yes, I am a shareholder of VF, and this pisses me off.

She simply stated the facts.

This is what courage looks like.