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Rep. Issa Rescues Two More California Families in Afghanistan

Rep. Issa Rescues Two More California Families in Afghanistan

From the school district: “There are additional five families with Cajon Valley students remaining (14 students and 8 parents) to the best of our knowledge.”

Mike blogged about the California students and parents stuck in Afghanistan as the country collapsed.

The families traveled to Afghanistan to visit family members. The trip included 20 students in the Cajon Valley School District and 16 parents.

On Thursday, six students and two parents returned.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) announced he helped bring home two more families from Afghanistan. Now six families are home:

“Amidst the heartbreak of yesterday and the chaos that has gripped Afghanistan for weeks, we continue to make extraordinary progress in bringing our people home,” Congressman Issa said in a Friday statement. “It is an honor to help rescue and reunite families and loved ones, but we still have more work to do.”

The announcement comes after California’s Cajon Valley Union School District, which has been working in collaboration with Issa’s office in recent days, said Thursday that three San Diego-area families were successfully evacuated from Afghanistan while another five families, including 14 students and eight parents, remain in the country.

Four families are “secure and in process,” and one family “still awaiting help,” according to school district spokesperson Howard Shen.

These families consisted of seven people: three adults and four children.

More good news! The school district said four other families are “secure and process” while one is “still awaiting help”:

The school district on Thursday said “one family consisting of two adults and five children returned back” to the U.S. on Wednesday afternoon. Two additional families were confirmed “safely out of Afghanistan” on Thursday.

“There are additional five families with Cajon Valley students remaining (14 students and 8 parents) to the best of our knowledge,” Shen told Fox News in a Thursday statement.

“This has been an around-the-clock operation, and individuals inside of government and outside of it deserve our deepest thanks,” Issa said. “But more members of our community still need our help. The mission is to bring our people home, and we will continue to do it.”

[Editor’s note, FS: This post has been edited to remove content suggesting Rep. Issa played a role in sending these families to Afghanistan. He had no such role that we are aware of and is working to bring the families out.]


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The Friendly Grizzly | August 27, 2021 at 5:10 pm

His opponent will call it a publicly stunt.

Colonel Travis | August 27, 2021 at 5:55 pm

Doing the job Democrats won’t do.

What school system in its right mind would sponsor bunch of its families to go to a country at war?

Good that he got them out, but they and their parents are idiots for sending them there.
They are taking up space for others that need to get out and didn’t have a choice.

    kyrrat in reply to NGAREADER. | August 27, 2021 at 8:47 pm

    I don’t get the impression they are getting out on our military planes. I’m betting on someone paying someone or groups of someone to smuggle them out in groups over land.

Kepha H and NGAREADER: no one expected any problems with the US military drenching the place – an an Afghan army of 300,000. Not even Biden. Not even Milley. Not even Austin. Not even the CIA. Not even Harris. Not even the scummy fake doctor Jill Biden.

amatuerwrangler | August 29, 2021 at 2:25 pm

I need some clarification on this:
“The families traveled to Afghanistan to visit family members with Rep. Darrell Issa’s (R-CA) help. The trip included 20 students in the Cajon Valley School District and 16 parents.”

This says that the original trip(s) to Afghanistan by these families were done with the assistance of Issa. It this so, or just careless wording?

I ask because I saw exerpts from an interview with a high official of the Kabul embassy where that official (his name was either Moss or Ross, I’ll try to find the story later) said that the embassy had been advising, in “ever more stringent terms” that Americans leave Afghanistan as the withdrawal date neared; the notifications were done at 2-week intervals beginning in April. So when did these families embark on their trip? Was it before or after the notifications started and would the State Department have to pass on the request to travel there, and did they sign off on the trip while working on the wording for those warnings.

Maybe a follow-up with more context and clarification on Issa’s role in all this. Is he fixing a problem he created?