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Lincoln Project’s Latest Ad Targeting Govs. Abbott and DeSantis Hits A Home-Run … With Their Leftist Fan Base

Lincoln Project’s Latest Ad Targeting Govs. Abbott and DeSantis Hits A Home-Run … With Their Leftist Fan Base

“The Lincoln Project’s ads don’t target Republicans, they’re not effective at moving voters. Their target is Democrats who really hate Republicans”

The thoroughly disgraced Lincoln Project found its niche providing fear-mongering hysteria to their gullible, ill-informed leftist audience and to their leftist donors  who apparently were delusional enough to think Lincoln Project bile and actual misinformation would impact Republican voters.

It didn’t, at least not as they hoped.  Indeed, one peeved progressive accurately noted after the 2020 presidential election: “Lincoln Project managed to help Trump get MORE Republican support than in 2016 apparently.”

Yep.  But still, these same progressives and Democrats are still sending their money to the Lincoln Project.  I think that they just like the idea that these failed former Republican operatives and self-important minor pundits are on their side, ripping into the GOP and crybullying for the Bernie- and AOC-inspired Biden socialist agenda.

It is for this latter reason, even more than for their TDS-inspired lunacy, that the Lincoln Project is completely inept at reaching any Republican voters.  They aren’t even trying to reach them, though, so it’s no surprise that they put out trash ads like this one targeting Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis:

Obviously, this is not an ad geared to any but their own donors and anti-Republican voters who already loathe the Republican governors.  This ad is not about changing minds, it’s about whipping their leftist base into a frenzy . . . and getting more donations.

How else will they keep the panic porn flowing for their leftist audience?

The Daily Caller reports:

The Lincoln Project ad, which targeted the Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over their recent stances opposing mask mandates, has been mocked as an exaggeration of the threat COVID-19 poses to children and a political ploy to raise money for the political group.

. . . . Twitter users were quick to mock the video, including Journalist Glenn Greenwald who said “only psychopaths would produce” such an advertisement and criticized the political project for telling people how to keep children safe when its own co-founder has been accused of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against minors.

You may recall that Greenwald is a liberal, and he is appalled by the rank red meat the Lincoln Project is tossing to the leftist base.  Here’s Greenwald’s tweet:

He had more to say:

The Daily Caller continues:

The Washington Examiner’s Seth Mandel called the advertisement, “psychotic even for the Lincoln Project” and criticized the group’s claim that they wanted to protect children.

Writer Drew Holden also criticized the Lincoln project’s history of “endangering children.”

The Lincoln Project’s perpetually outraged, hate-filled leftist fan base loves the ad.

They don’t understand the right, and so of course, they think this repulsive, disingenuous, anti-science ad is “hard-hitting” and sure to change minds.

It won’t change a single mind and—significantly—is not intended to do so.


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The Willie Horton mentality still lives with these hateful clowns. It is so over the top to be a parody.

If The Lincoln Project was a person it would be Avenatti. May they earn the same disrepute when it it all said and done.

Child molestors stick together.

John Weaver is still a disgusting pervert, and the rest of the Lincoln Log Project knew about it while it was going on. End of discussion.

Is there nothing so debased the left won’t celebrate and support it?

These degenerates produce an ad that is the equivalent of some aging TicThot posting a vid shaking her ass. It’s about validation from a target audience. A desperate attempt to remain relevant long past their sell by date.

The city of Laredo has agreed to drop its lawsuit against xiden s government and Laredo will dump ALL its covid infected aliens into austin, Dallas and houston

They say now40% are infected with China virus, they will be untreated because if you treat them you assume some God knows liability… is that a joke?
And before you shout with glee, I live outside Austin in a town that once was red as red and now is pale blue and each day I go shopping I see endless illegal aliens and their multitudes of children happiley shopping with OUR money

Amd I mean endless infected illegals aliens
It’s all I can do not to scream in their infected faces..

And Gov Abbott, he’s chicken little , let’s a west Texas judge tell him he can’t do anything amd he cowers in his mansion in Austin
Close the F-King borders inTexas Abbott
Close the F-King borders

They are all killing us

    Ben Kent in reply to gonzotx. | August 14, 2021 at 8:20 am

    Why can’t we send all the illegal aliens to Joe Biden’s neighborhood in Delaware and Kamala Harris neighborhood in California. They want illegals – let’s give it to them.

      Milhouse in reply to Ben Kent. | August 15, 2021 at 12:33 am

      We can’t “send” them anywhere because it’s a free country and we can’t make them go where they don’t want to. We can certainly persuade them to go, e.g. by paying them. Do you want to do that?

    TX-rifraph in reply to gonzotx. | August 14, 2021 at 9:27 am

    Gov Abbott is a fraud. I do not trust him at all. He does a few things right to help maintain his cover.

Gay pedophile organization. The left wing brand allowed them to continue the predatory behavior of the management for near 6 years. Because law enforcement will tolerate any behavior in order to institute union/Federal control over America, including pedophilia.

the only group to ‘sacrifice ‘ senior and children are the democrats/progressives, what is the count of seniors killed by bad democratic policies about 50 thousands, how much damage have they done to children with the school policies, how many with the ‘gender;’ changing policies. I could go on, but digression is the better part of valor.

2smartforlibs | August 14, 2021 at 7:17 am

Anyone that gives these commie a bit of credibility needs to rethink their ability to cast an informed vote.

What we need is for someone to start airing “Typhoid Biden” ads recasting his open borders policy of intentionally infesting inner America with Covid-infected illegals. This is a de facto war against American citizens.

Our government can’t round up citizens and shoot them down like China, Russia, Cambodia, North Korea and other communist governments can. So the purge takes place “on the run” during the takeover rather than after it.

Imagine what they are going to do to the useful idiots AFTER the takeover when they discover they’ve been used and are a bigger threat that the rest of us.

Maybe the Lincoln Project is trying to attract Soros money. That would make them rich and pay their legal bills for fighting the child molesting charges.