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Hundreds of UNC Instructors Petition School to Postpone In-Person Classes for a Month

Hundreds of UNC Instructors Petition School to Postpone In-Person Classes for a Month

“the only moral and compassionate path”

Is the situation really going to be any better a month from now? At some point, we have to just live our lives.

Campus Reform reports:

Over 400 UNC instructors tried to delay on-campus classes

University of North Carolina instructors launched a petition asking the university to delay in-person start dates by at least a month prior to the start of classes on Wednesday.

Jay Smith, UNC history professor and author of the petition, told Campus Reform that it currently has 484 faculty signatures. This petition came after the university already implemented a requirement for students to either get the vaccine or complete weekly COVID testing.

“The current plan for UNC—which includes no ‘off-ramp’ for remote learning, unlike last fall, and no vaccine mandate—is for regular classrooms with no physical distancing, near-full dorms, football games with no masks, and full to capacity dining halls,” the petition state. “This is a formula for disaster.”

According to the document, switching to online learning for 4-6 weeks is “the only moral and compassionate path.”

In an email, UNC Media Relations told Campus Reform that “the University has layers of safety precautions in place – primarily focused on vaccines, testing and masks – to limit the spread on our campus.”

Student vaccination rates currently sit at 87%.


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The Friendly Grizzly | August 23, 2021 at 9:11 am

Dear teachers.:

Show up on schedule or look elsewhere for employment. Not being there will constitute abandonment of employment. That includes those with tenure.

The decision is yours.


Dean T. F. Grizzly

I found my wife at Chapel Hill. Everything else about that place is horrid. They and Duke have been pushing the woke agenda for the past thirty years.

I like Dean Grizzly’s response. The other possible response would be, “Sure, we’ll delay the opening of school, but you won’t get paid for that time period.”

I bet they would very quickly change their position on school opening. Just like the teachers’ unions, they would rather not work if they can get paid for doing nothing.