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Andrew Cuomo Further Disgraced — 12,000 Deaths Added to State’s COVID Death Count

Andrew Cuomo Further Disgraced — 12,000 Deaths Added to State’s COVID Death Count

“….as of yesterday, we’re using CDC numbers, which will be consistent, and so there’s no opportunity for us to mask those numbers, nor do I want to mask those numbers,” new Governor Kathy Hochul said in an interview.

It’s been a rather remarkable – and long overdue – fall from grace over the past few months for ex-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a former Democrat/media/entertainment industry darling who was once floated as a future presidential contender and celebrity dating/reality show contestant.

He resigned from his coveted job in disgrace earlier this month after being credibly accused of sexually harassing multiple women and retaliating against at least one of them, per New York state Attorney General Tish James, who is also a Democrat.

One of his accusers has filed a criminal complaint against him, alleging that he fondled one of her breasts.

The US Attorney Office’s and FBI’s respective criminal investigations into Cuomo and his senior staff members over the nursing home scandal are still ongoing. The New York State Assembly is still conducting its own investigation into allegations against Cuomo, including looking into his administration’s admitted deliberate hiding of numbers that didn’t reveal the true extent of how many had died in nursing homes and assisted living facilities after he put his deadly nursing home order in place on March 25, 2020, forcing such facilities to accept COVID-positive patients.

On Tuesday, he was stripped of his precious Emmy award, which was given to him for the supposedly magnificent job he did in managing the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak in his state.

But if he was thinking his worst days were over, he was wrong. Very wrong.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul added insult to injury for Cuomo this week by announcing she was adding 12,000 deaths to the COVID death count for the state:

On Monday, his last day in office, outgoing embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) reported about 43,400 COVID-19 deaths across the state.

But late Tuesday, Hochul’s administration said the state reported 55,400 fatalities, based on death certificate data submitted to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Cuomo relied on a reporting system that only collected data for laboratory-confirmed deaths at hospitals, nursing homes and adult care facilities. It did not include people who died at home, in state prisons or in hospice care. It also did not count people with probable cases.

Considering all the COVID lies that stacked up under Cuomo, Hochul talked about the need for transparency with the numbers during an interview she did Wednesday with NPR:

“There are presumed and confirmed deaths. People should know both,” Hochul said. “Also, as of yesterday, we’re using CDC numbers, which will be consistent, and so there’s no opportunity for us to mask those numbers, nor do I want to mask those numbers. The public deserves a clear, honest picture of what’s happening. That’s whether it’s good or bad.”

In a report that described Hochul’s actions as “delivering another blow to what’s left of former Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s legacy,” the Associated Press noted that the higher numbers were previously known but were not acknowledged by Cuomo during his time in office:

The higher number is not entirely new. Federal health officials and some academic institutions tracking COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. have been using the higher tally for many months because of known gaps in the data Cuomo had been choosing to publicize.

While it’s unclear what the future holds for Cuomo, whether it be him sitting in a courtroom or contemplating his past actions while in a prison cell, one thing that is clear is this:


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Capsaicin_Addict | August 26, 2021 at 8:32 am

Considering the anguish this alleged human caused to so many… I really hope he has good personal security.

    His biggest fear should have been prosecution by the Department of “Justice Against The Rest of Us”.

    William Barr was a big enough treasonous rat.

    But Merrick Garland is on the level of State Secretary of the Reich Ministry of Justice Roland Freisler.

2smartforlibs | August 26, 2021 at 8:59 am

According to the New Dork times number that would place New DOrk second behind Liberalfornia in deaths. Far ahead of the “evil” FL

Coumo could do like Clinton did after being impeached for lying under oath. Instead of being ashamed for what he did, for the Clintons know no shame, he said, “I wear it as a badge of honor.”

That is Democrats do. They call black white and white black. After the Afganistan fiasco, or more likely after he resigns in disgrace, Biden will make reference to “all the great things we acheived” and “our victory over the taliban”.

GeorgeCrosley | August 26, 2021 at 9:14 am

Cuomo bamboozled the media and became an idol with his showmanship and style.

It’s striking that we don’t have any comprehensive review of the the numbers. Are there other States who modified their count to make it seem as though their policies were more effective? NJ, PA and Connecticut had similar issues as NY in the first 6-9 months, are their numbers solid?

Same with case numbers. Almost never given the caveat that the total only includes those who sought testing. If we simply double the official count that has large implications for the numbers downstream; deaths/case#, hospitalized/case#. Not to mention simple transmission rates.

The mask data has confirmed what has been known for decades. Masks are irrelevant in the prevention of spread, nothing more than a symbol. The efficacy of the vax is now shown to be ineffective in preventing spread. As more vax people are hospitalized in not trivial numbers the effectiveness in mitigation of outcome is shown to be less than promised.

The d/progressive States and Cities are jumping off the cliff to impose outdoor mask mandates and vax regimes dividing us into separate classifications. Before we join them shouldn’t we ask for and receive better, more complete data? The era of blind trust has passed. IMO.

    DaveGinOly in reply to CommoChief. | August 26, 2021 at 1:18 pm

    Case numbers are totally screwed. We don’t know how many people were tested (and some have tested multiple times), so we can’t now how the number of positive tests compares to the number of total tests. Also, the PCR tests were run in such a manner as to cause many false positives. Even with a very low false positive rate, when you test millions of people you can get a substantial number of “cases” due to the false positives.

    Case numbers, however, are a two-edged sword. More cases, more fear, and possibly more people stampeded into vaccination. OTOH, the more cases there are, the lower the infection fatality rate, driving up survivability/lowering COVID’s apparent lethality.

“But late Tuesday, Hochul’s administration said the state reported 55,400 fatalities, based on death certificate data submitted to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).”

One of the tragedies of getting fired from the Swamp is losing your Party Employee discount card. Now the retail rate applies to everything.

“There are presumed and confirmed deaths. People should know both”

Yes, people should know both, so long as they’re reported separately. I’m sure the official medical stats report them separately, but the media will only report the aggregate, because reportage on COVID is 24/7 fear porn.

“Further disgraced?”

I’m 95% convinced the whole point of releasing the #metoo Kraken on Cuomo was to force him to resign for a reason OTHER than the deaths he created. None of this information was hidden from those in the know. It didn’t matter, though, because granny killer was their guy and being a media darling.

But then veil over the the death rate began to slip and no one wanted Cuomo to go down for being one of the worst govs on COVID deaths. They’d be caught in the storm!

Release the #metoo Kraken.

So yeah, it’s not further disgrace. It’s an attempt to go “Oh No! Anyways.”

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