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Alex Berenson Permanently Banned from Twitter for Challenging COVID Vaccine Orthodoxy

Alex Berenson Permanently Banned from Twitter for Challenging COVID Vaccine Orthodoxy

The data suggests that Berenson wasn’t spreading “misinformation” and was merely providing context and insight that went against the preferred narrative

Twitter has officially clipped the punditry wings of author and analyst Alex Berenson for challenging the media’s and current administration’s narrative about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Berenson’s account was banned Saturday after “repeated violations” of the rules, a Twitter spokesperson told NBC News in a statement.

Berenson, a one-time New York Times reporter, addressed the suspension in a Saturday night post to his Substack page, blaming his removal from Twitter on a recent post where he was critical of the coronavirus vaccine.

“It doesn’t stop infection. Or transmission. Don’t think of it as a vaccine,” the tweet read.

“Think of it — at best — as a therapeutic with a limited window of efficacy and terrible side effect profile that must be dosed IN ADVANCE OF ILLNESS.”

Berenson briefly discussed the ban on his Substack:

This was the tweet that did it. Entirely accurate. I can’t wait to hear what a jury will make of this.

Meantime, guess you’ll be getting more Substacks.

Let’s unpack the tweet in its entirety to determine whether it is “misleading” as Twitter claims or accurate as Berenson asserts.

1. “It doesn’t stop infection.”

Point – Berenson.

Before the COVID-19 vaccine was distributed, who had ever heard of the term “breakthrough infection”? And while there are many cases to offer as an example, I am going to cite this article from the “respected source” NPR detailing a discussion by vaccinated parents possibly infected by their COVID-infected children.

“We were so careful,” says Alysha Johnson, a resident of Discovery Bay, east of San Francisco. “I’m a germaphobe. When this whole thing happened, we didn’t leave the house for six months.”

Johnson was crushed when her toddler caught COVID-19 at a summer play group recently.

“It was a pretty big deal how sick he got,” says Johnson. “It wasn’t just a little sniffle.”

Her 2-year-old suffered a sore throat, a cough and a 104-degree fever. The bout lasted more than a week and sickened Alysha Johnson, her boyfriend and her sister — all of whom had been vaccinated against COVID-19.

2. “Or transmission.”

Point – Berenson.

Vaccinated people transmit the virus, as the “respected source” CNN reports from the “trusted science” offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Fully vaccinated people who get a Covid-19 breakthrough infection can transmit the virus, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said Thursday.

“Our vaccines are working exceptionally well,” Walensky told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “They continue to work well for Delta, with regard to severe illness and death — they prevent it. But what they can’t do anymore is prevent transmission.”

3. “Don’t think of it as a vaccine. Think of it – at best – as a therapeutic with a limited window of efficacy and terrible side effect profile that must be dosed IN ADVANCE OF ILLNESS.”

3 Points – Berenson.

Point 1: Loss of efficacy The current vaccines appear to decline steadily in efficacy over the course of only a few months. While there are many studies now confirming this fact, following is a recent report from “trusted source” CBS relaying information from the arbiters of “COVID-fact,” the CDC.

…[W]hen it comes to preventing infection from COVID-19, CDC researchers in another study turned up evidence suggesting immunity might be starting to decline among some of the most vulnerable Americans who were vaccinated earliest in the nationwide rollout: nursing home residents.

In nursing homes, the effectiveness of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines dropped to 53.1% during the surge in Delta variant cases this summer, the CDC calculated, down from 74.7%.

Point 2: Terrible side effect profile. The following report is from the “very trusted” source, The New York Times.

The Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine is associated with an increased risk of myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, a large new study from Israel confirms. But the side effect remains rare, and Covid-19 is more likely to cause myocarditis than the vaccine is, scientists reported on Wednesday.

The research, which is based on the electronic health records of about two million people who are 16 or older, provides a comprehensive look at the real-wold incidence of various adverse events after both vaccination and infection with the coronavirus.

Although the study did not break down the myocarditis risks by age or by sex, the median age of people who developed the condition after vaccination was 25, and 19 of the 21 cases were in males, the researchers reported.

Point 3. Therapeutic….dosed IN ADVANCE OF ILLNESS. When the vaccines were distributed, they were touted as preventing COVID. The reality turned out to be less than advertised: The shots reduced symptoms if taken before infection occurred (per “trusted source” The Wall Street Journal).

[Vaccines from Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer approved in the US] were primarily tested in large clinical trials for their efficacy at preventing symptomatic disease, rather than their ability to prevent infection completely. While the vaccines seem to be slightly less effective at preventing symptomatic Covid-19 from the Delta variant, research has shown that they remain highly effective at preventing serious illness and hospitalization.

The data suggesta that Berenson wasn’t spreading “misinformation” and was merely providing context and insight that goes against the preferred narrative.

The trouble is that often reality doesn’t align with narratives, and smearing something as “misinformation” isn’t going to prevent reality from being real.

Here is Berenson on Tucker Calrson’s show discussing the suspension from Twitter he had previously experienced.


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What is the line about how they lie, we know it, they know we know it, but they lie anyways? Seems relevant.

    henrybowman in reply to Dathurtz. | August 30, 2021 at 4:03 pm

    It’s barely even lying. What it is is charlatanry, with a heaping helping of cover-your-ass..

    Who “fact-checks” these tweets? Fauci? The AMA? the NEJM? Not even the Council on Dental Therapeutics of the American Dental Association.

    “Fact-checkers” are script-following cannon-fodder drones — the same sort of “first line defenders of don’t-bother-us” who answer the phones at technical help lines and dispense invaluable advice such as, “You still have a fever? Have you tried turning your vaccine off and then on again?”

    Social media tyrants want to protect the statist narrative, period. So they hire the ignorant to stand guard at every gate and keep out heretics. If the guard takes a bullet, he was practically homeless and therefore expendable anyway. If the guard does something actionable, they throw him under the bus and say “it was yet another mistake.”

I closed my twitter accounts years ago because the normal level of “discussion” disgusted me. At that time, I didn’t think the platform itself was bad, just the way people used it.

Now, I’m glad to have deprived them of the chance to ban me for the unconscionable crime of telling the truth. It would just have made me mad anyway.

Yep, the Communists now have the perfect weapon to use against us.
Will you let it continue?

    henrybowman in reply to scooterjay. | August 30, 2021 at 4:05 pm

    “Doctor, doctor, it hurts when I use Twitter.”
    “Don’t use Twitter.”

    Never used Twitter in the first place, now what else would you have me do?

Suddenly, doctors who were prominent in offering more informed science-based opinions, those who actually read the research and studies, are disappearing. My favorite, Dr, Kelly Liberty, who was on KABC’s John Phillips show almost daily for an hour disappeared soon after being invited by Trump to speak in his Philadelphia event. So were the other doctors who would substitute for her on off days.

Meanwhile, “the Fauch” continues in charge despite his having been outed for being fundamentally involved in creating the corona virus and despite routinely being caught lying to Congress.

Now we know what it’s like to live through a communist takeover like.

You lost me at Twitter did something Soviet-ly awful.

The vaxers are getting very cult like. Looks like mandates for kids is next.

No science, no logic, just cult like behavior which demands compliance and the power of the public school system to enforce that compliance.

We have had vaccine mandates for kids for decades. To me it seems like the left has tricked the right into rejecting Trump’s most significant legacy.

By cleverly casting the vaccines as government intrusion.

    LibraryGryffon in reply to Petrushka. | August 30, 2021 at 1:12 pm

    The difference being that the vaccines currently mandated for attending school actually do prevent infection and the diseases they protect against are all significantly more likely to cause long-term negative effects than WuFlu, even if they don’t kill the patient.

    And most of us who approve of the standard childhood vaccines would find mandating their use in every child, no matter the circumstances and even if they aren’t attending public school, to be wrong.

      Petrushka in reply to LibraryGryffon. | August 30, 2021 at 1:21 pm

      It’s true that school aged kids are at little risk from covid, so the vaccine is not for their benefit. But I have to mention a personal, purely voluntary situation.

      My grandkids will be vaccinated when it becomes available to them, because my kids do not want to risk getting their parents infected. The actual risk is very slight, but they don’t want to take it.

      It’s a bit like seat belts. In my entire 75 years, I only know personally one person saved by a seat belt, but it was my son.

        Dathurtz in reply to Petrushka. | August 30, 2021 at 2:11 pm

        Aren’t vaccinated people just as likely to be able to transmit the virus as nonvaccinated?

          gonzotx in reply to Dathurtz. | August 30, 2021 at 3:20 pm

          They transmit the virus 241% MORE than non vaccinated

          mark311 in reply to Dathurtz. | August 30, 2021 at 3:34 pm


          Absolute bullshit, the vaccine reduces the level of viral load. However given the increased transmittability of the delta variant that overcomes the vaccine in some cases. Given that 95% of hospitalisations are from un vaccinated folks you really can’t make the claim that the virus is transmitted more to vaccinated people. It’s really is a stupid claim

        gonzotx in reply to Petrushka. | August 30, 2021 at 2:23 pm

        And that’s BS. Children have severe cardiac issues with this “vaccine”, that actually is NOT a vaccine..
        So your OK with your children possibly killing your grandchildren so they might not get covid?

        Evil soylent green territory

          mark311 in reply to gonzotx. | August 30, 2021 at 3:41 pm

          Cardiac issues in how many children gonzotx. I’ll tell you the rate 16 cases per million. That’s really rare and lead to no no deaths as far as I’m aware, indeed the majority of those who suffered these side effects make a quick recovery. That vs covid which can and has killed children. If you actually bothered to understand what’s going on around you you’d understand that

        Fully vaccinated have been observed with symptom suppression, elevated viral titers, and excessive adverse events.. Around 80% of cases are in overweight and obese individuals. Viability is correlated with comorbidities and metabolic dysfunctio0n correlated with age. The majority of the population have preexisting or naturally acquired immunity that is more robust and durable than vaccinated immunity. Conventional masks break even on transmission, offer limited source control with droplets, and increase transmission and infection in general use. Weigh the risks and act accordingly.

        randian in reply to Petrushka. | September 1, 2021 at 4:56 am

        “because my kids do not want to risk getting their parents infected”

        That sounds like something they were told by you, and it’s nonsense. Children don’t spread covid to adults or other children.

      Kids are low risk. They get the shits for a day, then they are better.

      This is why the chicken pox vaccine was debated for 15 years before it was approved: it’s not necessary.

      The mandate is not about saving lives- it’s manic behavior.

      There’s a reason this is the hill so many have chosen to fight on, because the next step government takes to control our daily lives will not be disguised as anything- it will be “do it or else.” The purpose of the current activities is to work out the “or else.” part.

    Olinser in reply to Petrushka. | August 30, 2021 at 1:50 pm

    Stop projecting. Leftists are the ones that change their opinions of something’s effectiveness based on what politicians support it.

    I already HAD the ‘rona. Whether Trump or Biden or Fauci is pushing the ‘vaccine’ (it’s NOT a vaccine, it’s gene therapy) is irrelevant, I have zero plans to get it, and all of the CDC bullshit of constantly lying is only making that decision more solidified.

    Ironclaw in reply to Petrushka. | August 31, 2021 at 12:12 am

    There’s a huge difference in what you’re talking about. The vaccines they have mandate, that most children get are stuff that’s actually dangerous to kids. Covid1984 is not, 99.9973% of people under age 20 that contract covid1984 experience a full recovery and then are immune in a way that the mrna vaxes don’t manage, hence the 5-month boosters they’re talking about. In addition those vaccines we routinely give children have been in use for decades and we have a very good idea of side effects, efficacy, durability and their safety profile. All things we have no idea about with the covid vaxes. I have my children up to date on all of the standard vaccinations that children get, they’re not getting shot up with that mrna junk until I see at minimum a decade of safety data.

Just remember that the people who want to control “misinformation” on the Internet also think men can get pregnant.

If twitter doesn’t find an excuse to ban every effective conservative voice by the midterms, then they will certainly achieve that goal before the next presidential election.

It’s their own little version of the long march.

Facebook will do the same.

Have no doubt, this is a coordinated and deliberate long term strategy. And twitter and Facebook are only two of the leviathan-like corporations doing this kind of thing. The goal is to eradicate conservatives from normal every day life in every way possible without resorting to reeducation camps or an American Gulag. The latter will be reserved for the ‘worst of the worst’.

This is precisely what the Nazis did to the Jews during the 1930s in Germany.

This is how today’s neo-Marxists operate.

3 or 4 news articles glanced at today- all saying as fact, not opinion, ivermectin is no good against the dreaded covid. Shouldn’t even be investigated- it doesn’t work,

I will continue to take the useless against dreaded covid supplements I’m taking, continue to not be vaccinated, and expect I’ll continue to not get the dreaded covid. And if I do, c’est la vie. Statistics say I won’t end up in ICU.

Numbers- it’s all about numbers. And the numbers for me say- the vaccine is likely more dangerous for me than the dreaded covid itself.

    Dathurtz in reply to gospace. | August 30, 2021 at 2:17 pm

    Check out the hospitalization/death rates from Africa on ivermectin use. India had wild success using ivermectin. Japan just fully embraced ivermectin for covid. I can’t imagine an honest person disagreeing with its use, considering existing data and its safety.

    We are at truly Idiocracy levels. “What? Ivermectin? Like for the horses?”

      gospace in reply to Dathurtz. | August 30, 2021 at 3:51 pm

      Didn’t mention either because I’ve been reading/commenting here for a while. Possibly 2 or 3 people who read this today might not be aware of ivermectin use elsewhere and it’s success. US standard treatment- do nothing until ready to put patient on ventilator- which probably means death.

        mark311 in reply to gospace. | August 30, 2021 at 3:56 pm

        You realise that the FDA explicitly says it’s a bad idea to use ivermectin. There have been numerous reports of hospitalisations from it’s use.

        You seem to think there has been a lot of data on it’s use, there really hasn’t hence why it’s not an authorized treatment in any respect whatso ever.

        It’s deeply ironic that many anti vaxxers cla a dislike of the vaccine (previously) due to it being only an emergency authorisation but unproven treatments don’t have to have the same standard

      randian in reply to Dathurtz. | September 1, 2021 at 4:59 am

      Yep, CDC is lying about Ivermectin.

I normally do not watch videos, much prefer to read. However, I watched the entire 31 minutes of this video with Dr. Ryan Cole. He’s not a fan of “The Narrative” on covid being spread in the media.

Everything Alex said on Twitter was backed up by facts and data. It takes a special kind of Orwellian logic to say that data-driven facts constitute misinformation. But that’s the Twitterverse.

    randian in reply to billdyszel. | September 1, 2021 at 5:00 am

    “It takes a special kind of Orwellian logic to say that data-driven facts constitute misinformation”

    You can only quote official sources to agree with them, not to disagree with them.

Twitter is looking to shutdown any American voice that doesn’t toe the Dimocratic party line, but the Taliban and ISIS are ok. Makes no logical sense, but it’s the Twitter censors hard at work.

I think he spoke the truth but in the way most designed to get him clicks and cheers from the ones who want to hear it denigrated.

That said, twitter had no right to do this based on their own TOS and they are a POS for it…as par for the course.

Facts are not political. Opinions are political.

    healthguyfsu in reply to lichau. | August 30, 2021 at 10:35 pm

    The context surrounding facts is what makes things political in any statement that contains a mixture of the two. Your logic is the same reason that “fact checker” sites still have people (of the left) that are duped into believing they are unbiased and only bother with “facts”.

Its not a vaccine at all. People should stop calling it that.

What it actually is is gene therapy. Experimental gene therapy. Un-tested, and not FDA approved (because, they did none of the testing that it takes to get that approval).

So, yes, it does not prevent infection or transmission at all. It was never designed to do that. What it actually does, supposedly, is mitigate the effects of the disease if you catch it. And, yes, you must be dosed in advance.

And, the side effects include DEATH – over ten thousand so far just in the US (per the CDC’s own statistics). Heart inflammation seems to be quite the common side effect, with a small % resulting in death.

Post basic scientific facts, which are not in dispute at all, on FB or Twitter or Youtube, and you WILL get suspended, banned, or at a bare minimum have your posts removed. Google (youtube) likes to de-monetize your account as well.

    randian in reply to Aarradin. | September 1, 2021 at 5:05 am

    Yes, and note how the government and their media mouthpieces are downplaying heart inflammation as trivial and not worth worrying about.

    I really wonder about their numbers too. It is incredibly suspect to me that the heart inflammation side effect is concentrated in the young. Drug side effects that affect 25 year olds more than 50 year olds are vanishingly rare. I suspect testing bias. Are they even testing aged 50+ people for it?

Alex Berenson: “It doesn’t stop infection. Or transmission. Don’t think of it as a vaccine,” the tweet read.

That is false. COVID vaccines stop infection and transmission, but they do not offer perfect protection.

Alex Berenson: Think of it — at best — as a therapeutic with a limited window of efficacy and terrible side effect profile that must be dosed IN ADVANCE OF ILLNESS.

That is false. COVID vaccines are vaccines, not therapeutics—by definition. They cause an immune response that primes the body to fight the infection. They are not effective once someone is infected, so they are not therapeutic—by definition.

Leslie Eastman: Before the COVID-19 vaccine was distributed, who had ever heard of the term “breakthrough infection”?

Doctors. Medical researchers. This isn’t new.

One dose of MMR vaccine is 93% effective against measles, 78% effective against mumps, and 97% effective against rubella. Two doses of MMR vaccine are 97% effective against measles and 88% effective against mumps…

About 3 out of 100 people who get two doses of MMR vaccine will get measles if exposed to the virus. However, they are more likely to have a milder illness, and are also less likely to spread the disease to other people.

    Samantha in reply to Zachriel. | September 2, 2021 at 1:05 am

    Finally some truth. Berenson only cites what supports his case–confirmation bias–to read him is to assume the vaccine is worse than COVID, probably reinforcing his followers not to get the vaccine. I’ve gotten shots against pneumonia, shingles, and I get a flu shot every year, and the flu shot is not perfect due to the new strains, but I haven’t gotten the flu. We didn’t have a big anti-flu shot frenzy because mainly at-risk people get it, but people can die from the flu. When I was a kid I was one of the first to get the polio vaccine, but like everybody else at the time I got measles, mumps and chicken pox before we had vaccines for them. Vaccines cause side effects and so do drugs, but preventing is generally better than treating once you have something and vaccines are some of the best prevention tools we have.

    This vaccine hesitancy is more political than health-related. If you are opposing something because it interferes with “freedom” or one political party supports it, it’s not a good reason.