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World Economic Forum deletes tweet celebrating humanity-crushing silence of pandemic lockdowns

World Economic Forum deletes tweet celebrating humanity-crushing silence of pandemic lockdowns

Earth-shattering in its tone-deafness

Many places around the globe still reel from the fallout of lockdown, including the business-crushing devastation and consequences on mental and physical health of communities around the world.

However, the Work Economic Forum took the opportunity to share its excitement about findings from an international group of seismologists that measured a drop of up to 50% in so-called ambient noise generated by humans travelling and factories humming post-lockdowns.

  • Lockdowns significantly reduced human activity and its impact on the planet’s crust, leading to Earth’s quietest period in decades.
  • Ambient noise generated by travelling and factories dropped by 50% to the lowest levels ever recorded.
  • Lower background noise meant smaller earthquakes that would otherwise not have been observed, were detected.
  • These smaller tremors allow scientists to understand the seismic threat of minor hazards, and help assess the probability of larger earthquakes.

Earth had its quietest period in decades during 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic significantly reduced human activity and its impact on the planet’s crust, according to scientists working on a global study.

And while the geologists were targeting the smaller earthquakes in their research, the Forum’s pre-release tweet summarized the study with a sweeping humanity-hating tweet only a group of global elites could dream up.


As a reminder, the World Economic Forum (WEF), is an international NGO, supposedly “committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas.” It’s the group that holds their annual “Great Reset” meeting at the end of January in Davos, Switzerland.

The response to the tweet likely sent shock-waves among the social media mavens in charge of the Twitter account.

Meanwhile, the WEF elites seem substantially less concerned about the pandemic of long-term mental and physical health problems being created by the response to the pandemic.

Data from the CDC shows about 40% of Californians reported struggling with symptoms of anxiety last month. The state is among the top five worst for anxiety nationwide.

“As we get more people who want the service, it’s getting harder to maintain,” said David Bain, executive director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness Sacramento chapter.

Bain said he’s seen a notable increase over the last year with people turning to the non-profit for help. Psychiatrists say children and seniors are among those who have it the worst.

“It’ll take longer to get out of this pandemic than the COVID pandemic,” Bain said.

Lingering long-term, some dealing with loss and grief while others just re-acclimate to life and get over new anxieties.

The WEF quip was truly earth-shattering in its tone-deafness.


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No surprise. Weird leftist from Gates on down fantasize about a planet without people – except themselves, of course.

The World Economic Forum is comprised of very wealthy people who happily embrace Malthusian theories because they expect themselves and their families to be insulated from the consequences of policies designed to prune the luxuriant growth of the human race.

Also, there is money in building, but the money from chaos is faster.

Restrictive mandates that did not change observable viral contagion and disease progression across borders. Denial and stigmatization of inexpensive, low-risk, effective treatments that have reduced excess deaths and normalized community immunity (i.e. mitigating safe sanctuaries). Planned Parent/hood before, during, and after… and collateral damage on a forward-looking basis.

The masks come off and people are surprised? You have just had a look at the Elite Establishment utopia.

The Establishment elites have been actively attacking the populist middle class by destroying their economic base and society, for decades. Why? Because the establishment does not need them. The Elites only need a few million drones to manufactured the things that the elite needs to be comfortable and to grow enough food to feed them. The rest of the population is nothing more than a nuisance. After all, they clutter up the scenery, need to be taken care of and, if they attempt to rise above their station, they are a potential threat.

The Friendly Grizzly | February 28, 2021 at 10:22 am

Have the ones so many refer to as “the elite” (they aren’t, really) given thought to who will grow their food, repair or build their homes, maintain their (no doubt imported) cars, and keep their electricity on and reliable?

It’s hard for me to understand how such an accompanying photo was selected to run with the message – devoid of life, somber browns and black, shuttered buildings. If I had been tasked with sending this out, I would have selected a photo showing a sunlit street of a modern, vibrant city, with a scattering of (masked) pedestrians and maybe even a vehicle or two. That is, a cityscape without throngs of people and without bumper-to-bumper traffic, but still showing life and, well, evidence of an economy. What was posted looks like a city that’s been deserted due to a nuclear accident.