This is correct. It is clear that the leftward lurch of higher education is not going to stop unless it is stopped. The way to do that is to starve the beast. It’s the only thing that will make them listen.

The College Fix reports:

It’s time to starve colleges of students and money, conservative scholars argue

“When enough parents and students decide that colleges are no longer worth it, campuses will start to fail.”

So said John Ellis, chairman of the California Association of Scholars and distinguished professor emeritus of German literature at UC Santa Cruz.

“The most useful thing that critics of higher education can do is to get the public to understand what’s really happening on the campuses,” Ellis said during a Feb. 11 online Heritage Foundation panel discussion titled “University Indoctrination: How it Started and How to Stop it.”

During the hour-long event, the scholars said to prompt higher education reform, a two-fold approach includes informing the public of the leftist indoctrination on campuses and urging parents, lawmakers and stakeholders not to support such institutions or send their kids there.

They also talked about partnering with sympathetic legislatures, mostly in red states, and calling on them to withhold funding until social justice or critical race theory curriculums and programs are eliminated.

Ellis said college campuses are basically irredeemable in their current form, for one because their leaders and scholars don’t see the need for reform.

“It’s very doubtful that you can regulate them into doing their proper job,” he said, “because that won’t change who they are.”

Fellow panelist Katharine Gorka of the Heritage Foundation said higher education has changed for the worse over the decades.

“Throughout my whole undergraduate and graduate experience,” she said, “I never knew any of my professors’ politics. It was considered unprofessional, even unscholarly, for professors to bring their politics into the classroom.”


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