Every week, a different group at a different school is issuing demands. Know why? Because it works. The schools cave and give them at least part of what they want.

Campus Reform reports:

Tulane students issue COVID-19 demands…but they have nothing to do with COVID-19

A student group at Tulane University in New Orleans is demanding that the school provide a $15 minimum wage, “free” health insurance, reparations, and more as part of its “Spring 2021 Demands,” related to COVID-19.

The Tulane Student Action group released a lengthy list of demands on January 4 and encouraged students to email a scripted message with the demands to administration officials at Tulane University.

In response to COVID-19, they demanded a universal virtual learning option “in every available class at any point in the semester,” pass/fail grading across the board and a last-minute reduction in dorm occupancy. They also pushed for a $15 minimum wage for all Tulane employees, a full divestment from “fossil fuel public equities and corporate bonds,” and abolishing the Tulane University Police Department.

The group claimed that “having a low income is a health concern as individuals may not be able to cover visits to the doctor or other vital medical expenses.”

The Student Action Group also justified the demand to divest from fossil fuels by contending that “the fossil fuel industry is directly to blame for the climate change that makes hurricane season worse every year,” and that “the response to hurricanes — evacuation and sheltering in large groups — is inherently incompatible with the response to COVID-19 — staying at home and social distancing.”


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