A liberal censorship group that hunts down conservatives wants Apple and Google to remove Parler from their stores.

The group Sleeping Giants is similar to Media Matters. It started in 2016 when it demanded companies remove advertisements from Breitbart, but quickly slithered its way around to eliminate other conservative voices.

They don’t call out hypocrisy or double standards. They want to *litrally* censor and shut down conservatives.

Conservatives have fled Twitter for Parler. Therefore, Sleeping Giants is now targeting Parler.

Because we all know liberals never ever say such horrible things.

From CBS8 (emphasis mine):

“Words have meaning and calls for violence and incitement on these platforms creates real world problems. And that’s what we’re dealing with now,” said Matt Rivitz, Sleeping Giants Co-Founder.

He is part of an organization that helped create the Stop the Hate For Profit campaign persuading companies to stop buying online ads on social media platforms. He says social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube have relied on free speech.

“It brings in more ad dollars for them and more engagement. And what also brings in more engagement is hate and conspiracy theories and disinformation,” said Rivitz.

I am so glad that Rivitz made it clear through actions and words that the only speech he cares about is leftist speech.


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