This is a recipe for disaster. If the vaccine is required, it should be required for everyone.

Campus Reform reports:

Emory student newspaper: Require COVID-19 vaccine, but not for minority students

Emory University’s student newspaper wrote that though the school should force some students to get the COVID-19 vaccine, Black, Indigenous, People of Color students should be able to receive an exemption.

The editorial board of the Emory Wheel urged the Atlanta university to “mandate all students and staff returning to campus receive a COVID-19 vaccine.”

“If the University mandates vaccinations, some will inevitably object,” asserted the editors. “Those who do so on substantiated medical grounds or on the basis of religion should receive exemptions.”

“Moreover, marginalized communities are rightfully wary of the vaccine due to the medical community’s historical maltreatment of Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) in the U.S.,” they continued. “The University must seriously acknowledge these doubts.”

The authors pointed to a history of medical racism in the United States, as well as “implicit bias” in quality of care: “Emory must remain mindful of this country’s extensive history of medical racism when encouraging others to receive the vaccine. Rather than shaming the wary, we, as a University, must combat misinformation and build trust between communities of color and the medical field.”


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