The social justice agenda is coming to the hard sciences. The only question now is how long it will take for the agenda to become the focus.

Campus Reform reports:

UWyoming adds diversity class in….geosciences department?

As universities expand their course offerings, some are offering classes with a specific focus on diversity, including in geosciences departments.

According to a University of Wyoming press release, the university offers a diversity course in its geosciences department, taught by Associate Professor Dario Grana.

According to Grana, the inspiration for offering this course was the result of a diversity survey conducted by the university in which 50 percent of students and 67 percent of faculty responded that diversity, equity, and inclusion classes should be required for all students.

Additionally, Grana was inspired by the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Grana has continued to push the message of systemic racism being prevalent “in our society.” Noting that, “students from underrepresented minorities are often the target of microaggressions on campus,” Grana mentioned a lack of diversity within the geosciences, claiming that it is difficult to recruit a diverse student body because people perceive the field as “less inclusive” than other fields, according to UW.

Grana further stated that since geologists travel to collect data, challenges occur when students travel to “rural areas, where diversity is not valued.”


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