Donald Trump has issued a full pardon to former General Michael Flynn, who was wrongfully targeted by the FBI during the 2016-2017 transition as part of a broader effort to undermine and sabotage the incoming administration.

Based on records recently declassified, it appears that Obama and Biden were in on the targeting, on the pretext of a Logan Act violation. Internal FBI records showed that the FBI agents did not believe Flynn intentionally lied, and Jim Comey, the scummiest FBI Director in 50 years, bragged how Comey arranged for an ambush interview with Flynn because the new administration was disorganized.

Flynn eventually pled guilty to lying to the FBI, after he was heavily in debt from legal fees and his son was threatened with prosecution.

When Flynn sought to withdraw his plea, Judge Emmett Sullivan launched a vindictive judicial torment of Flynn, including bringing in a Flynn-hating ex-judge to advocate that the government not be permitted to drop the case and that Flynn be held in criminal contempt. Sullivan eventually won in the Court of Appeals en banc, which said that an appellate panel decision ordering Sullivan to dismiss the case was premature. After that Sullivan continued for months the judicial torture of Flynn, dragging out proceedings with an apparent intent to keep the case alive until a new administration.

Flynn’s federal ordeal, including Judge Sullivan’s vindictive crusade, now are over.

Trump should line up additional pardons for people targeted because they were associated with Trump. Set them all free.


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